Lunatic laws


How far do we take this lunacy? I mean how ridiculous does things have to become, before people choose to wake up, or do something?

Just look at where we’re at. We are living in an open-air judaified nuthouse. How many times throughout the week do we catch ourselves saying “You couldn’t make this stuff up.” It is madness madness, madness – everywhere.


If we just look at these insane new so-called laws. Sometimes I catch myself responding by laughing out loud. Simply because I don’t know how to express my bewilderment. To laugh seems the only initial outlet of expression. But of course these Orwellian laws are certainly not funny for the people who are directly suffering under them.


I think it was in Kansas that a law was passed to make it illegal to file a complaint about the police. Isn’t that called tyranny?


An organic farmer in France was sent to jail for NOT putting poisons on his crops which are being sold for public consumption. Isn’t that inciting murder?


Other examples:


Its almost like these maniacs are in these think tanks having the best laugh of their lives. Like they’re on class A drugs and champaign, trying to see who can come up with and get away with the most ludicrous new legislation. Asking themselves “When will these idiots say enough is enough?” 


Then I thought up a few lunatic laws myself …………


How about making a sunshine tax and licence. So that we’ll have to buy sunshine tax vouchers in order to enjoy in the sun. Also having to register for a licence in order to go outside under the sun. Because they’ll own the sun too. It will be sold off for shares to rich greedy materialistic oligarchs.


Then people won’t even be allowed to sit outside in their garden, or by the window to enjoy the benefits of the sun, unless they’ve first pre-paid to these private corporations. They’ll be ‘easy-pay’ options via our mobile/cell phones. Or monthly direct debit. Both locked into a binding contract. With fines and imprisonment for non payment. AND THE SHEOPLE WILL ACCEPT THIS. And not only accept it, but help regulate this insanity themselves.


You’ll get groups of traitorous people who will take on government roles to be Sunshine Tax Officers (STOs). They’ll have uniforms, with a little yellow sunshine badge, issuing on-the-spot fines for people seen out without displaying their appropriate sunshine licences and up-to-date sunshine tax.


And it won’t even matter if it’s grey skies and we rarely experience the sun, because they will say daylight is the same thing and we have the potential of accessing the sun.


And then of course you’ll have the social snitchers as always. Those traitors who will snitch on others who sneak out into their back gardens for a five minute glimpse of the sun without having paid. Their own neighbours, looking out their windows will be on the phone to their local Sunshine tax office to ensure some STO come around and fine them. These snitches will receive a snitching reward from these private corporations. A certificate of some sort. Maybe even an offer to attend one of their STO training days.


I know what your thinking when you read this. That this is probably already being planned. I bet they are planning to set this up to come into place in the next 20 years, if not before. Sadly many of us now realise, that as comical as this may seem, we know in our hearts that this insanity is indeed beyond satire for these control freaks.


Then because we accepted that lot, they’ll bring in a breeze tax and licensing. So anyone who enjoys the benefits of the wind will have to pay – all wind-based sports will need to registered and of course pay a breeze tax. Obviously sailors, hang gliders, windsurfers, etc. Then extended to anyone who is deemed to enjoy a summer breeze. This of course will be socially accepted by the sheople, despite them suffering under it. Anything goes if the authorities tell them it does.


Later on they will introduce a package deal called the outbound tax; which will be an all-in-one sunshine, breeze and outdoor activity tax. Offered in either ‘easy pay’ instalments or top up card.


I shouldn’t give these maniacs ideas.



What next? 

I suppose we could have a sneezing in public areas offence Act.


Farting in public places Act, with penalties to suit.


Moon and star-gazing tax……associated fines for non-payment.


Coughing in a public space Act.


Itching in a public space Act.


Looking confused or concerned in a public place Act.


Public Laughing out loud Act.


A strange walking gait Act.


Accidentally nodding off in a public place Act. With heavy fines for snoring in a public space.


Sniffing in a public place Act.


Eating in a public space tax.


Waving in public places Act (as in waving to a friend to say hello or get their attention)


Scruffy clothes Act.


Looking at beautiful scenery tax. (which the government deem as beautiful)


Public talking above certain decibels Act.


Dog stroking tax. Pay per stroke system. Associated fines for non-payments.


Walking bare-footed on the beach tax……with associated penalties.


Bicycle regulations and tax…..penalties to suit………associated fines.


Skateboard and similar items of enjoyment tax…….associated fines.


Biting one’s lip in a public space Act.


I think also we should have a ‘Packed lunch’ tax. Anyone making a packed lunch, must first register on a government course to have a food healthy licence. Even if there packed lunch is GM and junk food. On the spot fines should be in place to both the eater of the packed lunch and packed lunch maker; if the lunch hasn’t been made by a licensed packed lunch maker. Of course these packed lunch makers will have to wear appropriate food safety equipment: disposable gloves, hair nets, sealed overalls and neon jacket with PACKED LUNCH MAKER written on the back.



Hiking of course will definitely need to be licensed. Especially if inferior people are to be walking near the grounds of better people’s properties. Us inferior people will have to be issued with neon jackets with HIKER written on the back. And we’ll only be allowed out on organised government walking routes. We will have to electronically tagged, in order not to stray off the official routes and each hiker will need to be fitted with tazers which automatically trigger if people walk off the beaten path.


All hikers will be expected to be registered hikers, having done a government health n safety course on how to walk, and only people with an official government hiker certificate and registered can be insured and allowed to hike. Naturally, any dissidents are automatically disqualified from applying for a hiker’s registration certificate.


Each hiker will also be fitted with a tax pedometer, which ensures they pay for their hike fairly. Payments to be made with their ‘easy-pay’ top up voucher scheme. This allows hikers to pay for a thousand footsteps at a time. As they approach their paid limit an alarm will trigger on their pedometer. And if they dare to breach their overhike limit, the taser will automatically kick in, until they pay.


All in all, a fair system.




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