Anything goes vaccines

They seem to conveniently have a vaccine for almost anything these days.


I heard that they now have a vaccine for alcoholism. Work that one out???


So here’s some more suggestions for their anything goes vaccine:


  • Chocolate addiction vaccine


  • Breaking wind vaccine


  • Can’t keep up a job vaccine


  • Argumentative vaccine


  • Habit of critical thinking vaccine (disgusting social habit)


  • No-longer wanting to watch TV vaccine (dangerous people)


  • Keep missing the train to work vaccine (bad slave)


  • Talking to yourself vaccine


  • Turning up late for appointments vaccine


  • Interrupting in a conversation vaccine


  • Keep losing your keys vaccine


  • Getting blind drunk and waking up in builders’ skip vaccine


  • Masterbating vaccine


  • Forgetting what you were about to say in a sentence vaccine


  • Not enjoying Christmas celebrations vaccine


  • Impatience with loved ones who won’t wake up vaccine


  • Late making payments vaccine


  • Keep burning the toast vaccine


  • Believing conspiracy théories vaccine


  • Filthy anti-semite vaccine – hopefully they have a very special one for these filthy scum





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  1. aj

     /  April 16, 2014

    LOL, Digger. Thanks for the laughs. Always appreciated. Out here, the public reception continues to be positive. Almost no opposition and many, many curious and supportive of the No More Wars for Israel etc signs.


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