“When I rule the world 🙂 …………

the first rule I will put in place, will be an immediate, but temporary ban on:

all cosmetic gardening, unnecessary domestic DIY, hobbies/pastimes, sports and entertainment.

This ban will be held in place until such time

 as all societies address the root cause/s of global suffering and elevates this suffering. 

Only until this has happened; and a regular plan is set in place to ensure unnecessary global suffering never flourishes again – only then, would people be allowed to get back to limited levels of these selfish activities.”  

~ Digger the dictator

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  1. Just get rid of usury and there will be no more suffering anywhere. Usury is a WMD. I agree with your comment on football unless it was made amateur only – no money involved at all.

    • I understand you suggesting that having no usury there will be no suffering. But I have to respectfully disagree. Usury is definitely evil. But our issues go deeper than usury. Our real issues are because we are spiritual void/unconscious.

      Also even if there was no money innvolved in football. It would still be destructive. Because it is all about separatism and selfishness and not caring about others. Another distraction.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • I was only mentioning things that mankind can change, i.e. bringing an end to usury which causes ALL financial suffering, hardship and deprivation, and of course teaching men and women to be good sports, instead of worshipping victory.

        Only God can change the Spiritual dimension which He is not doing on a grand scale at present but will be in the future. Not long now.

      • Yes, I see your point. However, again I must respectfully disagree. It is entirely up to us to change things spiritually in the world. We absolutely must not sit back and say ‘It’s up to God to change things’ This is more of the messiah complex which gets us in trouble; as we do not take individual responsibility for our collective responsibility. It is us who have allowed ourselves to become spiritually void – only us. And it is only us who must repair this damage.

        But you are right. Usury must go, as part of the breakdown of this unconsciousness in the world.

        Thank you again for contributing

  2. I agree man SHOULD obey Yahweh and he has no real excuses for not doing so. However he’s been disobeying for 6,000 years, so what makes you think he will change now after all this time?

    If we then add in those evil ones who are leading him astray with their media and politics what chance has man got other than a Messiah to rescue him from his wretchedness and lostness?

    • Yahweh is a Jewish word. Christianity is a Jewish narrative.

      • Yahweh is a Hebrew word and Eber from whence Hebrew originates was not a Jew. The Jews are Canaanites and, in turn, are not Hebrews. OK, they speak the modern version of the language but modern Hebrew has more in common with Babylon than Israel hence the Babylonian Talmud.

        The British Gaelic and Old English have more in common with ancient Hebrew than the language of The Jews.

      • Agree the jews are of Babylonian heritage. But I still believe Christianity is a jewish construct. It’s like ancient predictive programming. So people can say: You see it says in the bible. Same for the Quran. But to a degree that is my subjective opinion.

      • The Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion is the construct – a counterfeit.

        Following Yashua Messiah – The Way, is nothing to do with that and there are only few of us.

  3. Billy

     /  April 16, 2014

    If I was the universal Dictator I would end TV, sports, religion, and all other silly, shallow, self centered nonsense until such time that 100% of all humanity was awakened to how the world really operates. Everything stops until everyone knows, understands and changes this sick paradigm that enslaves us all. Then and only them will I allow some foolishness at my discretion.

    • Nice one Billy, you get my vote. We’re conditioned never to grow up. Most adults are just large-sized children, with more conditioning. In fact I have more respect for children.

      Thanks for contributing.


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