What on earth are we to do with them?


The Jewish Question bubbles up again.



Many people throughout the ages, and nowadays in the Jew-wise movement advocate killing the Jews for their global crimes.


Well for starters, we have to presume that we are indeed going to have some level of justice. That that day will come. I cannot really say if we will ever see it. I hope so, but I do not see it in my lifetime. I think things have to get really, really bad, before there will be any change. And will the bastards have sown up all the lose ends with regards to rebelling, due to their technology??


But presuming we do have a speedy global awakening and the world does become Jew-conscious and there is a mass global rebelling against their evil ways. Here are some suggestions which have been bantered about, on what we are to do with these people:



Kill em off

For the reasons I have stated in my essay ‘10 Reasons NOT to Kill Jews‘ (see below), I maintain my stance on this one. After all, it is us who are the real problem. We are our own worse enemy.  WE have accepted all of their poisons. WE have chosen to take the blue bill, by believing and conforming to their mafia rules. WE allowed ourselves to be deceived time and time again, due to our myopic self-interests. So who is the worst enemy – clearly us. There has always been evil and always will will be, providing enough of us stand back and allow it and conform to it. It’s collectively our fault.


So who are we to start advocating the killing of others?



So if we are to take killing the Jews out of the equation; what alternatives do we have?



Next on the list, which we often hear is “Throw the bastards in jail”. Well, I personally have issues with the penal system. I say prisons do not work in the main. The judaic system (sounds like judism) is of course judaic. Therefore it stinks to high heaven. It is based on talmudic and admiralty/contract law. This is not real law. These statutes, acts and legislation are made up from a family cult mafia. Their rules, not ours. Nothing to do with natural laws. So millions of people have gone to prison just because they do not conform to these corrupt unnatural mafia rules.


And what good is slinging them in prison going to do us, apart from self-satisfaction? I agree this cult needs containing and ultimately eliminating from our society. I said THIS CULT, meaning the ideology of Judaism, not any human beings. But if we just sling them in prison to rot; are we any better spiritually? Isn’t that their game – revenge(?)


Surely we can do better than that.



So, what other options do we have?



Put them all in a nuthouse.

This is something I have advocated before. But again, although this gets them out of society. And they are insane after all. I don’t think any level of psychoanalysis will treat this inbred disease on society. What are we going to do with millions of these tribal self-serving lunatics in a mental asylum? Give them drugs? Talk to them? Those of us who are truly Jew-wise, know their masterful deception. Within months they will have talked their way out, initially through day trips; then extended weekend trips and the next thing we will be in a worse state than before.



So, killing them – no good, imprisoning them – no good, sectioning them – no good. What’s left?


How I finally see this situation is that we are in an energy war. The two opposing forces of good and evil. I see the Jewish collective/judaism more as a demonic entity which is driven through judaism. Judaism is a conduit for evil and satanic ways.


Therefore, I can see the only way of dealing with this demonic cult is rounding up every Gentile and Jew who is directly pushing this evil on society and put them in exorcist centres. I kid you not. I think it is the only solution to the Jewish problem. The demon must be driven out of society.


Multiple mass exorcist centres must be build in order to contain these people and have regular exorcism carried out on them. They are insane, but more importantly they are demonically insane. There could be levels of intensity of the exorcisms and spiritual healing carried out. So for example the warmongers are at the peak intensity of spiritual treatment and lower level criminals such as police inspectors, politicians, mad scientists, etc; all who have deliberately gone along with the agenda for personal gain and kudos, receiving lower intensity exorcism and psychotherapy.


I also advocate that they are NEVER to be let out in society under any circumstances whatsoever. They should never be allowed to reproduce either. They should also be tagged and intensely monitored (as they do us). For the safety of humanity.


However, I strongly feel that no matter what evil the collective Jews have perpetrated on us, we should never take revenge. We must objectively look at these people as being demonically infected and be treated accordingly. They have a cultural and genetic sickness which needs treating. Therefore they also should be treated humanely with the compassion that a sane compassionate society represents. So future generations will look back and observe how we dealt with this social disease – in a sane and compassionate manner.


Alongside the treatment of these perpetrators of evil. We should also insure that every element of judaism is eliminated from society. It is judaism the cult which has infected society, not necessary ‘the Jews’. Of course evil is evil and the dark energy will just use another conduit to manifest its evil. It could be through any other group of people. So society must be vigilant for any signs of evil. It has always been our fault for allowing evil to flourish in the first place.


These people are diseased in mind and damaged by evil. They need spiritually cleansing/healing, as most of us do. I can see this as the only spiritual solution to evil.



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  1. dianrazak

     /  April 9, 2014

    You do not see it in your lifetime??? ARE YOU KIDDING??!…. :O

  2. There are no easy answers are there?

  3. I don’t think we have to do anything at all. Their own blinkered destruction of us is also the self-destruction of the jews. Exactly the same as any parasitic organism. It only thrives while its host survives. If they take us down, they follow and rapidly too.

    They are as ruthless to their own ‘tribe’ anyway and don’t appear to have any loyalty. They will waste their own whenever it suits their overall game plan.

    Their idiotic rabid poisoning of us and toxic warmongering will be their undoing as they have destroyed so much of this once-perfect planet to rid themselves of us and all other species that what’s left of earth won’t be able to support life in any of its present forms. The ozone layer is so disastrously wrecked now by their perpetual geo-engineering that they dare not stop spraying chemtrails on us to dim the sun or the sun’s rays will fry us rapidly. We are at the tipping point. The good news is that the earth is capable of healing itself when left to its own devices and given time.

    I can only assume the clones of the Rothschilds et al will be strapping themselves into Richard Branson’s space rocket very shortly to go and shit on some other planetary system.

    The only way to rid parasites is to make oneself stronger and healthier and a place that is inhospitable to these pathogens so they cannot survive. But beware as if you don’t kill them off, they can go dormant waiting for appropriate conditions to revive themselves. That’s the theory, but I agree Digger, who are we, to act as they do – an impossible conundrum.

  4. Jews remain Jewish because there are benefits that the tribe gives to other Jews. I would recommend we have Voter ID cards that are interactive to prevent vote theft. I would use Voter ID cards to keep Jews from voting and donating to campaigns. There are more than 20 million Jews in America. I would only let a few Jews vote. If they admitted there was no Holocaust and that Israel killed JFK and took down WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001, I would let them vote. I would not let them protect themselves from prosecution as they did since 2007 with the sacking and looting of the world economy.


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