The Switch


The Switch is when we as a collective, move our body consciousness into soul consciousness on a global scale. When I say as a collective, I mean us as individuals changing, then affecting and influencing those around us to make The Switch.

So what on earth is consciousness? What could it possibly mean to become conscious? Perhaps we can never answer this cognitively. Perhaps at the level most of us are at, we can only surmise, through fantasy, spiritual reference and snippets of intuitive spiritual moments.

But true consciousness has to be the ultimate WOW. The complete. The answer to all answers.  Pure Truth.

Consciousness has to be having no fear whatsoever. Consciousness has to be having no ego whatsoever. Consciousness has to be having no desire whatsoever.  Consciousness surely must be to be immersed in the purest unconditional love. Consciousness is about oneness and zero separatism.

Is this achievable in our mortal states? Look at the state of the world out there – with us lot. Is this really possible?? Well, perhaps there are conscious souls present in the world. Perhaps these individuals do actual exist and are patiently waiting for The Switch. 

But I sense The Switch can only be born with an element of timing. When the time and need is right. And I believe that time is now. I believe the slow switchover is happening. Difficult as it is to see most days, but it is happened on a subtle level. It may only be apparent on a political-type level at present with regards to more and more people moving to the Truth movement. But soon this awareness through a political slant, the nuts n bolts of global events, will gradually shift to a spiritual awareness towards a consciousness awareness.


If consciousness awakening is the solution, how can we bring it on? 

How can we enhance this phenomenon? Can we indeed enhance it? I would suggest we can. Obviously we start with ourselves. This has to be the starting and finishing point. Then we influence others – subtly. Then they slowly change and go on to influence others. Altruistic positive influences.

Like any change within ourselves, it always starts with recognition that something is wrong. Thankfully most people reading this and in the Truth movement are at this stage. Then we have to have intent to change – and really mean it. Our desire for cleansing, self-development, purification of body and mind, inner peace and complete spiritual fulfilment most be so overwhelming that it nags away at us each day and constantly throughout the day.

I suppose for us to speed up this process, starting from ourselves; it has to be a combination of daily effort, with a strong desire and good intent. But I know in my heart, that when the world is hurting so much and in such desperate need of change – The Switch will be inevitable and unstoppable.


Like heated water compelled to transform to steam; one day, we as body conscious individuals, will be compelled to become soul conscious. 



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  1. Beautiful imagery. Nice to see you back, if only for a short while.


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