In through the back door


All this evil in the world is OUR collective fault!

All of it. We have brought all this pain and suffering on ourselves. We have to acknowledge this. We allowed ourselves to be duped and easily duped at that. Repeatedly duped by the same tactics by the same people – again and again and again – and we still fall this trickery hook line and sinker to this day. Idiots. Gullible goy that we are.


We allowed ourselves to be dazzled by their entertainment to create social engineering.


We allowed our sons and daughters to be murderers by letting them play these evil computer games and sending them off to murder.


We allowed Gentiles in white coats to kill us under the guise of health care.


We allowed ourselves and our children to be duped by the nonsense peraded as academia.


We happily munch away on our poisoned foods, most of the time knowing that they are poisonous.


And on and on and on we could go with examples of how we allowed ourselves to be screwed over and allowed this demon to quietly sneak in through the back door. Totally our fault for being so weak and non-vigilant.



So what specifically were/are our points of weakness?


Selfishness – me me me society. Screw anyone else, so long as I have what I want mindset. This insular attitude is diametrically opposed to looking out for each other as a society. Hence why we’re now paying the collective price. Everyone suffers in the end for selfishness. Yet everyone gains with altruism. Because ultimately we are all one unit.



These days that’s what most people are in society. Born about by being spiritually void. Hence they have to compensate with this emptiness by having lots of things. Plastic things, shiny things, noisy things, stimulating things, fast things and pretty things. Relentless materialism. And this void NEVER ever gets filled. Because the more they have, the more they crave. And like any addiction they need to get hold of money in any way possible, in order to pay for their materialist drugs. It doesn’t matter about using and parasitising off of their brothers and sisters to do it – they just gotta fill that insecurity void.


Insecurity is also why thugs resonate to uniform type careers and become traitors to their society. Pretending to themselves that to put on a uniform is to be something, to gain social recognition. Many of these people don’t even go into these traitorous roles for the money. It’s to fill a deep-rooted insecurity by belonging to a gang. Safe in the group mentality. And because these people are so weak and insecure, they then are able to bully their brothers and sisters. Legal bullying.


Greed – self explanatory. Directly linked with insecurity and selfishness.


Lust – self explainatory. But in essence, because we are so spiritually void; we are locked in body consciousness and not soul consciousness.


Apathy – This is equal to any of the deadly sins. It is through apathy that shit happens in the world. And obviously it is directly linked to selfishness.


Myopic – This could also be interpreted as stupidity too. But short-sighted thinking is so prevalent in society. What suits ME now. Not the bigger picture. Obviously directly linked with selfishness. A clear example of this is the debt collectors who steal possessions from people who are unable to pay the artificial debts of the thieving jewish banks. These myopic idiots just cannot see the damage they are doing to their society and to their souls by their traitorous actions.


Fear – or more specifically lack of backbone. Again it is because we are spiritually void that we are locked into body conscious fear. All of these points are linked, but it is apathy and cowardliness that allows our brothers and sisters to suffer. And ultimately us all in the end.


In conclusion

The key points are that society has been conditioned to lack true self worth, as well as become entrenched in body consciousness ……..all because we are spiritually void – unconscious. Therefore the only way we can get ourselves out of this mess, is to fully embrace spirituality (without any boxes or labels).



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