Dear John


An open and respectful response to my dear colleague John Kaminski, to his excellent latest essay “Nothing ever gets solved” (actual essay at footnote)

Dear John,


Firstly thank you for this great essay. As always you delver a powerful and stimulating read. You always get us to think outside of the box and never make any compromise with the Truth. I often have to defend your writing from people who say “He’s a great writer, but his material is negative” – to which I snap back “Yes, but John is seeped in the realities of this harsh world – he just tells it as it is. It’s not his fault that the Truth can come across negative.” 


So please do not take this response to your latest piece as a criticism in any way, but more as an alliterative view. After all, your views may be more accurate and realistic than mine.


I understand that the tidal wave of BS, misinformation, disinformation, outright lies and media propaganda can sometimes be overwhelming and fatigue us. Something which I often suffer from. This Truth business is hard going. And sometimes when we are immersed in this mass pollution and negative environment; it is difficult to see any signs of headway. But I promise you John, we are making a difference. I accept it is painfully painfully slow.


That is why I always rant n rave about so many people who hang around the Truth but do sod all about it. It would move hundred fold faster if we all just did our bit and stopped just being browsers. And these are usually the same people who just come out with cozy sound bites such as “Ohh well, the Truth will out one day.” Whilst they themselves conveniently do sweet FA about the situation.


But the signs of an awakening are out there John. Please do not give up hope. It’s just that it’s only at first gear level. People at least know the banks are corrupt. They know they are being shafted by the energy companies. Many people know that all governments are corrupt. They know that criminals are in power. And so many people now realise at least there is a global conspiracy. There isn’t a week that goes by now that I don’t meet someone who at least has heard about some aspects of this conspiracy and know the governments were behind 9/11.


It is frustrating that these people can’t see that all this is connected and more importantly connected to International Jewry. But at least my friend they are at first and even second gear.  With our collective continual work, we now have to get them onto the next gears. Slowly slowly.


I know it seems we’re out of time, and it is hard to be patient with the stupefied comatised masses, but we have no other options. We have to just hang on in there. Knowing that we tried, that we did our best to stand up to evil with the limited abilities we had. That we showed some degree of courage.


You have done all of that John and more. You have laid the foundation for newcomers like myself. People like you have had the courage to fully come out with your full name and details unlike myself. You have provided and continue to provide us with your wealth of literacy, excellent writing skills and sharp cognitive incites.


And it is party because of all your strenuous, relentless tenacity and effort that we are making headway. It is because of your doggedness in regards to no compromise in delivery of the Truth, that the Truth is sneaking through.


One thing the Jews are nifty at …….. is perception. It’s a huge part of their clever deception. They are excellent at giving us the perception that we are always losing and can never ever win. This is just like a boxer fronting an opponent with mind games. It often works. But it is just perception.


It is just because the Truth is murky at present. But each day, the Truth’s present is becoming clearer and clearer. It will be shining in our faces one day soon John – just you wait.


Please don’t give up hope ol bean. The Truth is indeed coming out and the Truth will indeed fully come out.


……..and don’t they know it 🙂


In support, your friend and colleague




John’s essay

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  1. I share all of Kaminski’s works and i catch every interview. Thanks Digger.

  2. galen

     /  April 9, 2014

    Beautiful inspirational letter, Digger. Seems every day I have to wake up and ask myself what I can do to face down my fear. I see the hope residing deep in the hearts of all people, Jews and gentiles alike. For only from there can the spring of decency we desperately need flow out and cleanse us from the muck. Can conscience awaken heart? That’s what I appeal to. Quite a tall order. Who knew we’d be this overwhelmed? And undoing the programming is a life’s work. But on we go, knowing that baby steps are better than no steps.

  3. The works of John Kaminski–and his strong urgings got me to come out of the closet and criticize Jews. I held on to the politically correct “zionists” term until shown that “zionism” is the smokescreen keeping people from seeing and saying that Jews are at the root of the psychopathy.

  4. aj

     /  April 10, 2014

    Digger, wise as always. So good to have you back. JK is very worried about climate change and I think he’s mistaken on that. The list of experts of the highest caliber from around the world who don’t buy “climate change” mirrors the architects/engineers who know the truth about 9/11. Hopefully they are learning about each other.

    • Thanks aj.

      I can’t really speak for John, but I don’t think John believes the ‘official’ narrative of the g-warming BS. I think his takes stems from the thunderbolt project, where they focus more on natural methane levels.

      But this is way above me.

      I think we have enough to concern ourselves immediately, both with these pesky Jews creating a WW3, as well as the levels of unconsciousness in society.

      Thanks again aj for contributing

  5. Dagaz

     /  April 11, 2014

    A compliment with your website. Like reading it and I am a huge fan of John Kaminski an DBS from

    Greetings from Holland. Yeah, over the pond!!

    • Greeting Dagaz, welcome to DFT.

      Many thanks. Yes Daryl too has some amazing levels of tenacity. He like JK stuck his head above the parfait way before the rest of us. To which we are very grateful.

      Thank you for contributing.


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