“The difference between the conditioning in the mainstream education system and that in private schools, apart from the obvious perks – is one main aspect …….that private school students are conditioned to be assertive – to have SELF WORTH.

To truly believe in themselves, and to assert that self worth. 

It is not until we learn to get a taste of this assertive self worth, without the arrogance, using it spiritually, in a non-supremacist way; will we begin to get ourselves out of serfdom.” 

~ Digger

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  1. Interesting article underneath the picture. My X had a private school, Catholic, education… he’s as thick as a brick, nice guy, but just won’t get it.

    • 🙂 🙂 Where have I heard that before(?). Most of the clients I work for are middle-class educated twits – with lots n lots of money. They just have posh accents which makes them sound intelligent. The more of an idiot you are in this inverted corrupt system, the more you get rewarded. It’s all insane.

      Thanks for your contribution

  2. Salvatore

     /  April 12, 2014

    Off-topic : I’m just curious, but is that a Labradoodle you got as your pic, Digger? Very cute. Plus they don’t shed and get dog hair all over your clothes and all over the place. Very cute doodle you got there.

    • Salvatore, No, this image is me. Digger the dog. I am the official Troofer dog. Dog hairs all over the place.

    • Salvatore, No, this image is me. Digger the dog. I am the official Troofer dog. Dog hairs all over the place.

  3. 666CannaboidReceptorsInBManHeaven

     /  April 12, 2014

    @ wanda

    The most efficacious way to undo the catlick propaganda/catlick education your X suffers from so horrifically is to get lots of pics of their catlick icons and then photo-shop cannaboid leaves on top of their catlick icons. Then use all your feminine charms on him and make your X take a good long look at the photo-shopped pics. It’s very effective and IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT THE JOOS!!!! Usurp catlick icons for our 420 religion given to us from the joo kabala-sufi -jajouka gurus of Tavistock!!! That’s THE TICKET To Defeating The Joo New World Order!


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