Tea up – again



I have to press on with this thing called life. So please excuse me whilst I have a another break. Hopefully I won’t be too long this time.

I apologies in advance that I will not be unable to return e-mails or answer any comments. 

Please keep up the fight. Please keep doing your bit to get the word out there. Please stop conforming to this nonsense. 

Thank you for your readership and support.




Science and spirituality reforming.

I’m don’t usually like these types of presentations, I find them a bit gushy and new-age/alternative. They never mention who is behind the shenanigans of what is going on in the world. However, I do recognise that consciousness is the solution to our ills. Hopefully this may sow a seed for some people who have never considered the concept of consciousness. This isn’t new; consciousness is spoken about all the time in the Eastern scriptures.

The video promotes Einstein as a genius. He wasn’t, he has just been promoted as a genius by you know who.

Please note – I am not promoting the link to this video. I know nothing about it.

Science and spirituality has been divided. It it is now re-joining that’s all.


The paparazzi have got me again. I’m just glad I was wearing matching colours that day. 

“So Man’s passion for Truth is such that he will welcome the bitterest of all postulates so long as it strikes him as true.”
~ Antonio Machado (1943)

We are all consenting to this evil


Every time we buy a product, without thought (unconsciousness) of what process it has gone through and how it affects others and our environment – we ultimately affect ourselves.


For those new to the subject of vivisection, please be brave and research into it. Learn about the futility of it. What it supports – the evil war industry, the evil pharmaceutical industry, etc. Vivisection never benefits humans – it only destroys our souls. Exactly what this demonic force wants.


We cannot tacitly accept this evil.


Respect and thanks to Jon White the producer of this short but powerful video.


Here is an alternative to this nonsense:





More kosher hubris – more chutzpah from these creatures


As we say a million times in this Jew-wise movement……Could you just imagine, had someone said that about one of their precious buildings.


The Great Polarisation


That’s where we’re at now.


Those that are truly awake – and actively fighting back. And those who have chosen to either remain asleep, or make no real effort to defend themselves and their families.



New page – Amended History




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Silent Kill

Offer and Acceptance


“Just like in any contractual arrangement, it’s all about offer and acceptance. 

They have offered us their poisons, pollution, mind-control, wars, Orwellian control grid, perversions, de-natured foods & lifestyles, insane unlawful legislation and corruption – and we have collectively accepted it all. 

So who’s fault is it really? 

Perhaps things aren’t so unfair after all(?)

This is all a spiritual opportunity. Until we learn to have some self worth; brave up and stand up for ourselves by stop tacitly accepting and conforming to this nonsense – we really are not in any position to complain.”

~ Digger






be a naughty little slave

say “NO” loudly, defiantly – and really mean it

start being bloody awkward

makes things difficult for these bastards

be defiant in any way you can

stop making things so easy for them

rebel against your oppression for God’s sake

encourage others to stop being so con-formative too

become an activist

p-le-a-s-e stop acquiescing to tyranny






“The bully can only bully, so long as we allow the bully to bully.”

~ Digger