Truthing Tricks



Neutral card
When handing out a flier, or writing down websites to a potential Truth-seeker, try to pretend you are neutral with the information. Just make out you were given the leaflet by a friend, or happen to pick it up at a seminar and you either haven’t had time to look at the information yourself yet, or that you just don’t know what to think of it.

This technique tends to work every time, for three reasons:
(i) It keeps the ego out of the conversation; therefore prevents any on-the-spot antagonism. You may have a politically correct/misinformed person give you a hard time. Try to leave the emotions out of it.
(ii) It stops awkward people who just love to argue for the sake of arguing from challenging you, because they will pick up that you have feelings either way about the information and want to challenge you.
(iii) It keeps you safe incase they are a Chosenite, or just a stuffy mind-controlled idiot who will snitch on you if you are in a vulnerable position, with regards to your work or college, etc.


Mr or Mrs Awkward
If you sense, or know that the person is going to be damn awkward with you by deliberately choosing not to look at your information. Usually because they know it will wind you up. Play an ego/mind game on them by taunting them by saying “I know you won’t bother looking at this information – I know you.” This will irritate them and they will try and do the opposite of what you think or suggest. And if they say they will; just keep denying they will. “Nonsense – you’re a lazy git. You don’t have an once of curiosity in you about things which are going on in the world. No way will you look it this. I can bet you you won’t look at it.” That’ll get ’em irritated enough and prick their ego to thoroughly look at the info, just to be awkward.



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  1. aj

     /  March 26, 2014

    Digger, you remain your brilliant self. Great to see you back. Had an outing recently. Always feel better for it. Be well.


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