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“If you are not outraged with this filthy, demonic system and equally, if you are not repelled and saddened by the unconscious mindset and behaviour of your fellow mankind …………….
then I’m afraid you have become judaified. Damaged by the system – perhaps beyond repair.
~ Digger



“Those of us who are outraged by this outrageous system, are equally outraged by the lack of social outrage.”
~ Digger


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  1. Long before I had this article published http://www.henrymakow.com/who-titanium-dioxide-in-our.html I had been sharing this thesis with many doctors and scientists.
    I have been trying to gain attention to the immense toxicity of titanium dioxide in food as currently insists. Over 100 major diseases are attributed in the scientific literature as caused by titanium dioxide.
    Search titanium dioxide and your particular health issue. Please keep reading until you find some answers. I promise you will become concerned.

    “Nano-Blenders Thesis”

    An investigation into the possibility that Nano-fibres behave as “Nano-Blenders” within plant & animal structures due to the effects of electromagnetic radiation (both abundant in the modern environment.) This idea was drawn from the experience of a long deceased uncle, an engineer who built crystal radios, early TVs, cars and trains. He was a much loved mentor.
    Please note because this is a work in progress, additional links & images are used to support the ideas I express.


    Fibres of fibre glass, asbestos, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide or similar vibrate in situ, when subjected to various frequencies of EM radiation, causing them to behave as “Nano-Blenders”. The injury to the surrounding cell structures by this homogenizing of their material provides a medium for overgrowth of various pre-curser elements of cancers and other diseases.

    The speculated sensitivity of the fibres to vibration/spin/rotation induced by electromagnetic fields seems to induce a polarity along the fibre.
    This seems to be evident when one examines some classical images for partial or complete farraginous bodies.

    1. Where it is possible to imagine the homogenization of cells at either end of the asbestos fibre False-col SEM of lung macrophages in asbestosis (this image is recent 7/11/2012. It supports my original idea). When the macrophages rush to protect the body from the asbestos fibre, they are preoccupied with this task, leaving the body relatively under protected from candida.

    2. The ferruginous bodies which forms around asbestos fibres would seem visually this support this theory along with the possibility that a polarization seems to develop attracting the homogenized particulate of shredded cellular material to the opposite poles of each asbestos fibre.(proviso: that the particulate is magnetic).

    3. Resulting in the classical image of a farraginous body. (ie. from the shredding of hemoglobin). A Ferruginous Body — NEJM (this image is a recent addition 7/11/2012)
    Further the image seem to suggest the possibility a mathematical polar reversal at regular
    intervals along the length of the fibre.

    4. Other homogenized cells may contain other non-magnetic material, and may behave differently resulting in the banding seen in various positions along the length of farraginous bodies.

    5. Further the spin I am postulating seems to be evident in the image from Dr. Ed Friedlander’s website. http://www.pathguy.com/sol/09834.jpg this is the original image I found that seemed to support my thesis. The needle in the hay stack so to speak.

    6. Where the ends of the asbestos fibre would seem to be cutting holes in the adjoining material or cell structure. The rings or hoops around the fibre, in the above example would suggest the homogenizing of macrophages. (as seen in fig 1. but sometime later in the process)
    As opposed to the shredding of hemoglobin which would leave ferritin particles to be attracted to the polar opposites of the fibre as in traditional dumb bell style of farraginous bodies.

    A suggested test of my “Nano-Blenders” proposition may be as follows

    1. Various fibers are suspended in gelatin/agar (density to replicate various organs within the body)

    2. These samples are subjected to various electromagnetic fields and viewed with a video recording microscope.

    3. Any spin, rotation or induced deformation may be noted and assessed for the potential to homogenize surrounding material.


    Since I started my research into this subject, I found additional information which has a bearing on my proposition.
    Further as there is a growing concern among researchers that NP’s of Titanium dioxide may be the cause of many diseases.

    Is Titanium dioxide implicated in precursor elements of stomach cancer?

    Nano-particles implicated in the rise of childhood asthma.

    Thermal vibration on carbon Nano-tubes (fig 6)

    Nano- Particles cause brain injury in Fish

    Are Nano-particles responsible for stimulating auditory nerves resulting in Tinnitus?
    As NPs are implicated as causative agents in many cancers and many cancer patients suffer from Tinnitus.

    These two examples of Nano Movement of Titanium dioxide seem to support my thesis
    Titanium dioxide powers light-driven micro- and nanomotors

    Thank you for taking the time in reviewing this material.

    Please share it freely with your colleagues if you feel it is of value.

    Kind regards

    Rob Watson

  2. BMan

     /  March 26, 2014

    See if this will work, Digs:

    Don’t know why it won’t allow you to add it to your post. Did it give you a reason or just a generic error code? (Please edit out my commentary here if this works)

    • Thank you B’man. I just can’t seem to upload it. I think it’s just me being IT thick. Thanks for sending.

  3. Dates Dancing with Death
    Coles Smart Buy the 1kg Pack of Dates
    Values as stated on the pack untested
    Pitted dates 99.5%the
    Vegetable Soy Bean Cotton Seed Sunflower
    Caution may Peanuts and Tree Nuts
    Not stated aromatic hydrocarbons in particular Benzene which is a sweet poison
    Where else to hide it, but in a sweet fruit. It is a dark concept my brother
    But time will prove, from the child that resides within my heart has perceived this truth
    This Toxic item I believe has been added to dates in this packaging
    Expressly to undermine human health and the well-being of mankind
    This is coming to each and every family member who consumes this product.
    Essentially Every Man and his Dog,
    For the writer of this article for it comes from personal experience having consumed Coles Smart Buy the 1kg pack by himself and with his spiritual friend his dog.
    Both suffering the toxic effects of this poisonous product, producing Myasthenia gravis
    in the writer and the death of sentient being a dog called Zeus.
    This is absolute bloody injustice! For he was hound from heaven
    For the people of this earth shall again know that they are now set free, free from the land of bondage to share as equals the fruits of this planet.
    The writer of this article is known by many names. It is Alzheimer’s Moment in the medical and scientific areas, where he has drawn attention of brothers to the addition of the poison Titanium dioxide in Food which produces more than 100 humanities diseases. To this alarming system being developed by governments and ignored by the Zionist controlled the media alike and by members of church and state who knowingly did ignore for more than two years the ongoing email notices to multiple members within those organisations controlled by them. None of which any of recipients had the decency to make reply, most were automated. Some were acknowledged but then silence
    The Zionist Kowtow directive was used
    Gentleman you are the servants of Zion you have sat on your fat wallets while you schemed the demise of your fellow man. Who you have falsely assumed they were your property. They are not they are my brothers and they have been set free.
    The writer is also known as The Prophet of Los, Brother, the Liberian from the Great Library of Alexandra. Rob Watson who is known by his friends and who is not afraid.
    The Writer will expose the crimes of Zion, War, Famine, Disease, Hunger, and Child Abuse Genocide Human trafficking, Slavery Usury that were used by the false princes of Zion,
    Who did move against his brothers with abject greed in their hearts.
    Enslaving the minds of Men by knowingly using the natural properties of elements to create:

    Tobacco Products with designed properties to expressly induce Cancer
    Alcohol Products to induce Addiction,
    Neuro-linguistic developed E products to introduce the next level of mind slavery
    Which will have the inbuilt capacity, to terminate the human life electronically.
    Fog machines in youngsters Discos which use the Toxic substance Ethylene glycol
    Drug delivery systems Hypodermic needles which come with preloaded containing
    RFID’s, Cancer Seeds, Depleted Uranium, Q dots that are being developed by the
    Dark forces to terminate the lives of his brothers.
    Or the promise from the heart of a child to reveal all knowledge pertaining to the
    Following the untimely deaths of the following individuals, These events were not as explained by media of Australia. They were contract hits
    Dr Andrew McNaughton, Greg Wilton MP and Gavin Mooney and his partner Dale
    And how the Bali bombing was an act of war by the forces of darkness against the peoples of the gulag of Zion known as Australia to make their minds fearful believing the lies of Zion in order to make war against his brothers in the lands called Iraq.
    And how the sinking HMAS Sydney a deliberate act of war by the forces of Zion against
    the people of the Gulag of Zion known as Australia to make them kowtow, inviting them them again play the secret depopulation game known as WAR.
    Similar, to the false flag attack on the USS Liberty.
    For my brothers shall see the current boat people issue as a smoke screen by the forces of Zion who are planning to steal the resources of the fledgling Nation of Timor Leste as the real reason why no human is required to cross the region of sea which is over the sunrise oil fields. They simply want the oil without paying for it
    Thou shall never ever again steal thy brother’s portion but he shall share it with you freely
    There is time for every for every reason under heaven, brothers it is time
    A time to unlock, a time to make free, a time sit, a time to play, a time break down the artificial constraints which through time has been used to divide the brotherhood of man
    And the false rulers of this world shall be left wondering how they shall deal with the voice of this Child/Madman which has brought the house of Zion to the end of its time
    How may they end this Childs voice and make it seem natural unto his brothers
    They cannot, so their puzzle is great and throughout history crazies have beset the house of Zion
    This is the time of the return to the natural order of things

    When constructs shall change, we will carry no cards, there will be no borders to knowledge and each shall have sufficient unto his needs for we brothers will share the fruits of planet freely without charge

    Alzheimer’s Moment, The Prophet of Los, Brother, the Liberian from the Great Library of Alexandra, Rob Watson, the little child that resides in his heart, one insane human being and a hound from heaven, a dog called Zeus

  1. Outrage | B'Man's Revolt

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