Our guilt for their criminality



Their two main objectives in bringing us into their Orwellian control grid is to:
1/. get us all indebted to them
2/. to get as many of us criminalised.

Once these two objectives are achieved, they have full control over us.

But if that wasn’t bad enough – they have mind controlled most of us …….. TO FEEL GUILTY ABOUT THEIR CRIMINALITY.

Most of us feel guilty if we get into debt. A debt which actually doesn’t exist. Debt is just theft through deception. And people feel guilty about this. If that is not mind control, I don’t know what is.

This usury-based debt is an artificial entity built on compound interest created by these parasites in order to enslave us. The unnatural monetary system which we are forced to trade in has debt specifically built into it. Yet we feel guilty because we can’t play their evil talmudic/satanic game of monopoly, where the game is rigged and the bankers always always win.

Plus we feel guilty for being made criminals under their unnatural unlawful mafia rules.

Then Groupthink comes into play and conditioned repeaters look down on their brothers and sisters for not complying to these unlawful judaic mafia laws. “Well he doesn’t pay his council tax, so he deserves to be arrested. After all I pay mine. Why should he get away with it” And people even snitch on each other, for their personal benefit, or spite.

What will people not be mind controlled into believing and doing??


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  1. It’s the old blame the victim mentality… so old, it’s biblical. Really, the level of cognitive dissonance among dumb asses is becoming an embarrassment. Cheers Digger.

  2. The is a federal law that says if you accept mail in someone else’s name it is a crime. So what about the fiction strawman trust name? Who does that belong to?

    • Ha ha – good one :-).

      Apologies for belated reply.

    • It is a federal law to take mail out of your box if it is not yours. Your name in caps is not you. How it works it it makes you complicit in the crime and liable for damages… i.e., you have to pay the bill. I have been listening to Tami Pepperman of leaving the PFarm and Bo of the Bo and Rocko show… these people know things we ought to know, Tami defines the law in biblical terms… to the scriptures, ecclesiastic law sound familiar?

      The old testament’s pentateuch, which is the first five books of the bible and is also the jewish torah, is about the laws of Moses. The Lord referred in there is the Land Lord. Remember, in the new testicle, Jesus says he came to free us from the laws of Moses? Moses laws were laws to rule they goyem to gain the first fruits of their labor.

      Latin for father is patri. Hmmm… you call priests father. Jesus also said call no one father. All governments are the same religion… think about it… patri… patriotism. That’s been in our face all this time.

      She does a show with Clint Richardson dated March 28… it’s very good. Here’s a link to Clint’s Radio Show Archives: http://corporationnationradioarchives.wordpress.com/

      • Thanks Wanda. here’s my effort in trying to explain share info on this kind of subject.


        However, I have to warn people, don’t play with fire if your not willing to get your fingers burnt. Know your stuff before dabbling with this stuff. There are so many pitfalls and disinformation.

        Thanks for your contribution. I’ll try and check out the link.

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