Money gradients


Seven groupings of people in society, in terms of how they are money-driven.

[green = their timing in terms of need for money]
[brown = means of obtaining money]

The Tramp
Desperate survival needs: food, a bit of tobacco, booze, basic essentials.

Hand outs.


The Traveller
Week to week
Needs of vehicle beyond basic survival. Diesel, repairs, fuel for heating, cooking essentials, clothing, etc.

Wages, casual work, as opposed to salary.


The Working Class
Fortnight to fortnight/week to week
In some cases, the domestic working classes are in a more needy position for money than a traveller, due to domestic bills. Vehicle and general house hold items, such as TV licensee, council tax, water rates, etc.
Generally more regular wages, but sometimes a salary.


The Lower Middle Classes
Month to month
Less panic about money, but always the pressure there to keep the salary. Half the time, they put themselves under financial pressures just because of social pressures to keep up with the Jones’s and to maintain a ‘lifestyle’. New cars, new kitchens, holidays, Gym fees, golfing fees, etc.
Salary based.


The Mid/Upper Middle Classes
Season to season
The pull of mammon is not a survival need, but an ego need. Their pride/kudos and fear of slipping down the social ladder keeps them money-driven. Fear of not having their accustomed ‘lifestyle’. Their costs are the same as the lower middle classes, but more exclusive venues. Yacht club fees, public school fees, gardeners, cleaners, nannies, etc.



The Rich
Year to year/generation to generation
Those who really don’t need to work. They have financial shares here n there, but don’t actually work. They have inherited wealth and interest on their capital to live off. Their drive for mammon is purely driven through generational breeding. The family assets must be maintained. Kudus, public image plays a huge role in their drive for mammon.

Inheritance/shares – generally parasite behaviour



The Super Rich
I don’t think there is any need to comment on these parasites



But all these groupings have one thing in common …………


Either to just survive, or fill a spiritual void (insecurities), or control others. It does not matter, it’s all energy. We are in an energy war. This whole agenda is all about this dark force parasitising our energy. And these (this) energy vampire use money as one of their main tools to obtain this energy.
We have to rid society of this evil/satanic and artificial entity. I used to think it was just usury, and somehow thought money was just an exchange of energy. But its not! I now know it is money itself. Usury is just the worst form of money. It does not matter if it is silver we are dealing in, because any currency gives access for a snatch n grab mindset. Greed can seep into any currency.

Money is the grease that lubricates this evil satanic system.

As idealistic as it sounds, the only way is we rid society of any currency and we learn to JUST GIVE. This can only happen when there is enough consciousness in the world. When we rid ourselves of the social disease – selfishness and the root cause of all our ills – separatism.



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