Rotten Onion

Some of the layers of the insanity within this agenda.

All those people who have CHOSEN directly or indirectly to assist the beast.

 t t

[Many of these categories overlap]



Sellout Criminal Traitors

Police, bailiffs/debt collectors, community support officers, social workers (those snatching children from loving parents), corporate security guards, CCTV operators/installers, traffic wardens, etc.

Criminals protecting criminals. All of these roles are unlawful -therefore criminal! They are all ACTing against the goodness of nature and humanity – because ultimately they are all enslaving us within a jewelian nightmare and assisting the beast’s agenda.

These are the true traitors in this society; those corporate (private) members who are directly enforcing this tyrannical JWO onto us. Those doing the dirty work on behalf of the elite Jews. All of them individuals working for private companies (yet pretending to be a public service); ACTing out their roles as Satan’s little assistants, dressed in their black occult costumes, with nothing but assumed authority. Zero excuse at this level for their wilful ignorance. What price will these traitors pay for selling out their souls?



Evil Pedlars 

The mammon-driven: pornographers, abortionists, vivisectionists, drug pushers, gambling agents, etc.

Self explanatory.



Watered-down Parasites 

Estate agents, loan sharks, solicitors, lawyers, auction agents, etc.

In some cases there are some good souls working within this capacity. They do have levels of altruism and compassion for their clients and aren’t necessarily out to fleece people. But in my experience; in the main, these deeply insecure people are all caught up in the snatch n grab mindset of this judaic system. F’ you, I’m all about making lots of money to appease my materialistic lifestyle, to feed my insecurities. I don’t care who I tread on to achieve this.


The Comatised

Our loved ones and family members, neighbours, work colleagues, sport team mates, and most people we interact with on day-to-day level.

This term really applies to 98% of the damaged populace of this filthy system; because almost all of us have been polluted and damaged by this system to some degree. This category is more about the people around us in our lives. The wilfully ignorant mentality, the blue pills who have CHOSEN to ignore what is going on. Because at this stage it is a spiritual choice. I know we have been blasted with mind-altering poisons and propaganda; but I still say there is no excuse for this level of mass ignorance when the Truth has never been so easily available. No excuse whatsoever, other than pure unadulterated selfishness.


Box Truthers

White nationalists, religious truthers, animal rights truthers, political heads, war movement truthers.

I will go along with the Truth movement – so long as it fits neatly into my little box, my club. As long as they can squeeze the version of the Truth into their personal agenda and beiefs. Often they will try and draw you into their little association; providing you fit in of course.


The Apathetics

Those that know, but will not do

I do have understanding with people who are locked in fear. Especially if they have children. But I do think there is also a laziness/apathetic streak about most people who have discovered the Truth. It’s like we’re conditioned to sit back and see how things will pan out. Waiting waiting waiting – for someone else to do the fixing for us, whilst we just get on with our humdrum lives, or carry on endlessly browsing the Truth.

Surely if one has children, they would not be so myopic, adopting a short-term mindset by doing NOTHING. How on earth are they going to look at their children in the eyes in the future, when their children ask them “Mum/Dad, what did you actually do to stop this tyranny we’re living in?”(?)

Playing the passive neutral card, year after year is simply assisting the beast.

It’s sad and pathetic. Especially when we know we have this golden opportunity of time right now. Never before have we had the tools to fight this beast and probably never will again. It has to be NOW that we act. Not just doing lightweight activism against any one of the plethora of problems (demos, etc); but at the root cause. Exposing and resisting the beast itself.


So who is left?

Just a handful of us lonely voices who are willing to squeak up and say that things are not right out there. Just a handful of ethical souls, out of the billions of people with access to the Truth. A handful of us who are able to resist the pull of mammon, the kudos/ego, the sweet poisons, stimulants and social comforts – out of the millions who are aware of the agenda, or had an opportunity when presented with the Truth.



Doesn’t it make ya wana weep!?



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  1. WIDE (easy and inviting) is the path to destruction (Spiritual ruin) and MANY there be that find it.

    NARROW or straight (tough, hard and difficult) is the gate and only a FEW there be that find it.

    MANY are called, FEW are chosen.

  2. Johnny

     /  January 20, 2014

    Look around…the door is closing. Gun control creeping forward, militarized police, poison food, vaccines, air, water. NSA 24/7 surveillance. 2 Billion rounds of ammunition. False flags averaging about 1 every month. Constant talk of more war in the middle East. 100% control of ALL media including so called “alternative media”. Resist? Sure you can be the next Ruby Ridge or Waco. The USA is finished. In fact it was finished back in 1913. Nothing but a corrupt, diseased, Jew owned and controlled failed state in it’s last days of planned collapse. What to do…….move away? Dig in? Bug out?

    Look around…..the masses seem not to notice. “Things will get better when Obama is gone”. As long as the bread and Circuses are available, the sheep will sleep in their cells. Perhaps one day it will be too much to bear. But by then a disarmed, tracked, controlled and monitored public will have little means to resist. The USA is going the way of Russia during the Jew created “Revolution”. The so called US government is completely Jew owned and controlled. The same can be said of most countries. The matrix is here. The only real difference between the awake and the asleep is awareness. Make no mistake…..we are all enslaved. Absolute violence directed at the source is the only way out of this hell on earth Gulag that the Jews have created for humanity.

  3. Wow… excellent article and comment from Johnny. Glad to see you again Digger, in what ever capacity you are able… i know, all too well, how it is not possible to separate ones self from trying to wake our other selves up… nothing has any meaning if we can’t accomplish this. Godspeed my friend.

  4. dianrazak

     /  February 15, 2014

    It DOES make me wanna weep Digger!

    IT FEELS EXHAUSTING! Good to see you again Sir!


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