Still Skint



Well here I am a few months gone by and in the exact same financial position I was when I hang up my gloves. But then how could it be otherwise in this usury-based system(?) That’s how it’s been designed to be. That most of us these days can barely get by without falling into the red. They want us in perpetual debt – and to feel guilty, almost ashamed about it. That’s why it its essential to have knowledge, the Truth behind us, in order to know the mechanics of what really is going on.

But all the same, I’m glad I stepped back from blogging. It was needed time off. The dark side was pulling me and I didn’t like what was happening to me. It was a sane sensible decision to step out of the ring for a while. A luxury I appreciate many people in the world who are directly under the beast, just cannot possibly do.

Of course those of us who are awake and care enough, can’t help ourselves from sharing the Truth. So I was pretty much Truthing on a small scale most days, on a 1-2-1. I do get much more satisfaction communicating with people eye to eye. Even if it’s just scribbling websites and films down for them. I’ve got much more skilled at passing on the Truth over the years and have built up an arsenal of tricks and techniques (please see Truthing page at the top of the site), which on the main do work. But it is still hard. We have a huge task ahead of us.

I apologise for not answering e-mails. But I did say I would not be able correspondence for some while. I think I only briefly went on line twice over the three months.

I tend to steer towards an all-or-nothing personality type. And have to watch balance in my life. So I intend to pace my posts much more in the future.

I haven’t been very prolific with my posts whilst being away. I have only scribbled about a dozen posts in all (of a mixed bag). Some of which I intend to upload immediately. They’re much of the same really. More moaning :-), but my focus at present is on us lot the masses. In particularly those who are entranced by the money drug, the middle classes, my horrible snotty clients and the unconsciousness of the masses. I still prefer to step aside to let some of the excellent people in the Jew-wise movement highlight the global dramas and political arena. My role is to concentrate more on the day-to-day insanity of the slow kill and the psychological damage which has been inflicted on us.

So I hope I am able to contribute at some level towards bringing down this judaic/satanic tyranny; even if to just keep nibbling away. And I hope some people are able to gain from my future posts.


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  1. Whitewraithe

     /  January 19, 2014

    Good to see you, friend. It’s been a while. I know exactly how you feel and it’s just about as bad for me. Hope to have some personal mail from you when convenient. Take care.


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