Unfortunately I’m going to have to hang up my gloves for a while. I am so skint (broke) and need to concentrate on simply surviving. I’m sure I’ll still keep scribbling away as things crop up, to post on my return; but for the time being I need to focus my attention on trying to source the ugly entity called mammon.
Those of us in the fight against this beast have to find finances, whereas our adversaries just have to concentrate on their agenda, It’s all wrong.
I don’t know how long I’ll be away; maybe a couple months??
I will still be trying to do as much personal truthing in the real world.
Fortunately my posts are not really time-related, so my site will still be appropriate. Please feel free to visit the various pages at the top of the page.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to respond to e-mails and comments. So there will be no point in contacting me.
Best of wishes to all those fighting the good fight. We are making progress – the awakening is happening. We just need to keep trying to get new blood to migrate to our side.
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  1. Digger… i will miss your input… but you have posted much of value that i can review and share.

    Here’s something i learned from the Celtic Rebel recently… on the Law Of Attraction. He said this: It isn’t called the Theory Of Attraction… but LAW. The other Laws of Nature, like the Law of Gravity, we understand and obey, because these laws cannot be broken and the consequences of disregarding these laws can be tragic. Yet, the Law of Attraction is not widely understood and largely ignored in the main. Not only that, but there is much disinformation on how this Law works and should be applied in our lives. Here is a video i recommend that everyone watch… it relates to using the Law of Attraction to conjure up a mate, and it is a tad archaic, but it makes it’s point on how to work with this law. I think any creative individual would be able to see how this law would apply across the spectrum.

    I strongly suspect you are one who gets his cues directly from the universe and are in tune with these Universal Laws – be bold and might forces will come to your aid… and i am in league with you… i am sending out waves for you. You are a good man… be well, and return when you may.

    Here’s that video i refer to:

    • Thank you Wanda.

      See you when I get back – when the universal has provided 😉

      Be well and thanks for contributing

  2. Steve

     /  September 19, 2013

    It isn’t easy mate – I know exactly where you are coming from. Things are oh so easy if you ‘tow th party line’, but us stragglers and strugglers must DIG. I hope things work out for you and that you are back soon! We will keep your cyberspace a regular visiting place so we can welcome you back on your return.

  3. Thanks for all you do my friend.

    • No Daryl THANK YOU my friend.

      Thank you for originally sticking your neck out and taking a huge risk in the early days when nobody else was. Setting the groundwork for newcomers like me to build on.

      Thank you for your comprehensiveness in covering all the necessary ground.

      Thank you for being so humble when you have guests on which our beyond your forte. And for admitting when you make the odd mistake and trip up with predictions (as we all do from time to time).

      Thank you for posting all my quirky posts and putting up with my dodgy grammar and spelling 🙂

      Thank you for the compendium of a library you offer on http://www.iamthewitness.

      Thank you for being one of those rare Americans who has snapped themselves out of just focusing on purely American issues – you are more of an internationalist with a European mind, and acknowledge this is a new WORLD order.

      Thank you for all your tenacity after all the knocks and attacks you have had over the years.

      Thanks for being on our side.

      As I often say Daryl, twas you and John Kaminski I did my initial Truthing apprenticeship under.

      However ……thank you anyway.

      Be well


  4. Hope your back soon digger, great website you’ll be missed but not forgotten; all the best

  5. knowtoomuch

     /  September 23, 2013

    A LOT of thanks from me as well, Digger !

    I’m convinced you’ll be back, because the War you’re fighting is The Holy One ..!

    Too bad for the ‘spiritual orphans’ you’re leaving (temporarely) behind, because of the ongoing ‘jewish’ influence in this (f*cked up) world …

    And please, make sure you always have some pieces of paper and a pencil on you, so NONE of your thoughts will be ‘lost’ for ever.

    Just take a good rest before the Final Battle begins ..!

    So farewell, but not goodbye 😉

  6. Have a nice break

  7. dianrazak

     /  October 10, 2013

    oohhh so that’s why i haven’t seen you so long Digger Sir…

  8. aj

     /  October 19, 2013

    Hoping all’s going ok over there, Digger. Thinking of you and look forward to your return. Keep the faith.

  9. Digger, hoping that things are well for you. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Be well friend.

    • Thanks aj. Still kicking, but out of the blogging game for a while yet mate. Thanks for enquiry though.

  10. Steve

     /  December 19, 2013

    Hey Digger, hope you are ok. Just wanted to stop by and let you know we all miss your thoughtful contributions to a saner world.
    Take care mate!

  11. Merry Christmas, Digger. Hoping that you are well and close to friends. Be well, AJ

  1. Jewish Watch Australia » Skint
  2. Skint

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