False Flags for Israel

Flight 175 just before impacting the South Tower


Winston Churchill, a Rothschild minion, referred to the Americans traveling on the ill-fatedLusitania as “live bait,” just one of his tactics for involving America in World War I, which started the flow of money from the pockets of US citizens upwards into the vaults of the ruling elite and their banking partners. They had successfully used the “live bait” tactic with the deaths of American sailors aboard the USS Maine. Banker-backed corporate moguls, via their political puppets then ordered the military to invade the resource-rich Philippines. Meanwhile, the media vilified and dehumanized the innocent Filipinos so that the invaders could rationalize killing them. Industrial interests then exploited cheap labor in the islands to extract resources while the government seized land to build military bases to manage the population and protect those resources. While under US military occupation, American doctors and drug companies used the Filipinos as guinea pigs for their experimental vaccines and drugs.

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