Exemption of Jews from military service

Anger as Germany cuts funding to Orthodox Jews



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     /  September 15, 2013

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  2. anon

     /  September 15, 2013

    they have to do military service in their own country, but i believe the hasidics dont.
    here in britian in W W 2 and probably W W 1 jews would go to the jewish doctor and get given certs to say they had flat feet eyesight probles etc to stay out of the war. The jewish home secretary Herbert Morrison gave out war contracts only to fellow jews, this meant the war materials were solely in the hands of the jews, leading to the term “profiteering”
    because Morrison was home secretary certain sysnagogues would know what was to go up in value in the budget etc, and black marketeering became a jewish pastime, the archtypical spiv, was based on the jews who were involved

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    I would feel safer with a muslim beside me.

  4. Miss March

     /  September 18, 2013

    Digger, I have been pondering my family’s role in the horrors that are going on throughout the world. Individual gentiles who think that they are being patriotic are the saddest case of all. It’s a brilliant plan, actually! When the truth comes to light can you imagine having been a part of massacring innocent people in the name of fighting terrorism? While the puppet masters are sitting back, laughing at the ignorant farm boy who thought he was being a hero.

    This is yet another reason I am not sure we can handle the truth as a whole. It means realizing that we have been playing the sucker and that the world’s backlash will be directed at us for a time. That’s a scary thought for most people and fear will kick in. To me, it is worth it if the real puppets come to light and the strings are cut.

    Due to the marriage customs of certain religious sects, they may not be physically “fit” for service I will agree. Ashkenazi Jews do tend to keep it in the family or at least in the Jewish population. Their physical characteristics as a whole can be recreated by closing a group of people to outside genes for a few generations. I know, my family (not Jewish) practiced similar marriages until two generations ago and most of them were extremely nearsighted with smaller rib cages and flat feet. So, in short, there is truth to the “physical fitness” issues but in my opinion, that means that they should also be removed from the political process. Don’t instigate wars when you don’t have to participate in them and profit financially instead.

    Thanks again, Digger. I tend to browse your website for a few weeks then take a break for my sanity. Insane people are poor truth warriors. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you MM,

      I realise now you are right, unfortunately most people just cannot handle the Truth. And they have CHOSEN the blue pill. Plus most people are insane……in a chemical coma.

      I had to chuckle when you said: “I tend to browse your website for a few weeks then take a break for my sanity” ha ha.

      Thank you for contributing.

  5. Nada

     /  September 19, 2013

    If I remember correctly..a Jew Sec of Int in the 50’s took down all of the
    Christian crosses and replaced em with just headstones.
    No Startanics of David the Serpent tho.

  6. anon

     /  January 27, 2015

    taken from the website ” England is ours”
    The news today on Russia TV. So many people watch RTV now that even the advertisers have moved there.
    They spoke today of a spy ring in the USA,now i used to babysit for a now grown up lady her grandmother was a jewish activist in east london before and during W W II.
    Her husband like most jews got medical exemption from the jewish doctor to avoid conscription, he was in the fire service, the jewish gangs used to rob shops under the blackout then set them alight and say it was a stray German bomb.
    A lot of money was made by these jewish criminal gangs, but a house collapsed beside a shop being robbed and this ladies husband had a large wooden beam land on his hips breaking his thighs
    He could no longer perform the duties of a husband and she divorced him and quickly married a neighbour who was a Christian.
    The rabbi called her into the synagogue and told her, you no longer have the protection of the jewish community and for divorcing a jew and marrying a christian a levy will be required for you to pay this was half what she owned.
    She was shunned by the jewish community and secretly moved to New York who was trying to expand its jewish community, somehow they knew who she was when she arrived and a group of jewish women got her and cut off all her hair for marrying a Christian,they tok the baby from her arms and put him ina nearby litter bin, she was told to go see the rabbi who told her, you will have to pay an acceptance levy, after this you will serve the community, you are a nice looking girl and you can make a start now by sucking my dick.
    She paid the levy which left her almost penniless and was told to go and wait around places where she could pick up information, and get herself in with people to spy for the jewish community against the USA.
    She used the last of her money to come back to England with her new husband in secret and living some way from london now began to tell people of how the jews got us into W W II
    One of the things she said was that Winston Churchill liked to have sex with boys and he was pressured by the jews on this and through large bribes
    to create a war on Germany

  7. Maybe someone with time could check this out. Many years ago I went into the home of an elderly Jew to do a repair. He pointed to a photograph of himself taken during the second-world-war. He was wearing an officers uniform. He struck me more as a money-woshipping businessman and not the kind that joins the army. So I asked “was you a regular soldier”. He replied “No, I was told that I would be made an officer without any real experience due to my education.” I thought Jewish officers is what they would want to keep our lads fighting. Wouldn’t want the British and German troops not wanting to fight each, other as they did in the Christmas truce, in the first world war. Perhaps someone with time on their hands could check out how many Jews, Communists and members of the Fabian society were made officers in the second-world-war. I believe it to be quite a lot.

  1. Exemption of Jews from military service

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