“For us to begin the process of becoming spiritual activists; we first need to embrace self disciple. We absolutely have to clean up and pure up before we can even begin to take on this beast. Only then can we become true spiritual warriors of the Light and defenders of the Truth.”

~ Digger

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  1. Johnny

     /  September 17, 2013

    Still browsing through your outstanding site and all the great links. Recently I found the big Ghost after chasing the “others” endlessly. Much thanks to you and others that bring out the truth. “Close the door” was key in the closing of my door. I sometimes feel like I am pissing into hurricane winds but I still like to drop comments like this on youtube videos:

    The first Rule of Jew club is there is no Jew club. Jew club does not own Amerika. Jew club does not own all central banks, media, politicians, Hollywood, etc. Jew club does not enslave humanity, start all wars or create false flag terror. Jew club does not indoctrinate all goyim into slavery. Jew club did not invent shills or controlled opposition. Jew club does not claim the motto “By deception thou shall do war”. Jew club did not write THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION. There is no Jew club.

    I want to do more. Sometimes little victories are nice. My brother and I recently helped recall Senator John Morse in my state. He was recalled by only 343 votes. (Morse was a Jew puppet that voted on gun control measures)

    Too bad there is no money in the truth. The Jews would end up exposing themselves if there was.

    Blue skies Digger.

  2. Nada

     /  September 19, 2013

    Off topic Digger…
    Obamacare 3.2% medical usage tax…..


    Just the start.


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