twelve years on


twelve years on

and most people out there STILL haven’t the foggiest

they STILL think it was 19 Muslim fundamentalists

with box cutters – ha

ohh, if it wasn’t so serious

if this catalytic event hadn’t been so important

the trigger towards the Jew’s NWO

and most of the lemmings haven’t got a clue

ohh, if it wasn’t so serious



twelve years on

we can reflect back how –

this pinnacle event was our golden opportunity 

our chance to jump on this beast

to call it out there and then

but we missed our chance 

when the iron was hot – if you excuse the pun

but back then, most of us were fast asleep

now all we have is anniversary events

and pathetic Jew organised controlled opposition demos



twelve years on

that term “9/11 was an inside job” 

seems almost crass these days

almost laughable and lost in the hype and illusion 

after all – who cares now?

that was then

we have been trained to forget 

important significant events and timelines

live in the now

Al Queda = bad guy ~ Al Queda = good guy

what does it matter?

it’s all part of the illusion

all transient flowing lies

endless lies which we have been trained to accept



twelve years on

even most of the troofers haven’t got a clue

who the real perpetrators were

or they’ve opted for nice-Truth instead

comfortable Truth – compromised Truth

the endless neutral amorphous terms

it was the Illuminati – the globalists – the banksters

the Rothschild zionists – the global power elite

that three letter word – just too difficult to say

and that’s why we’re still where we’re at

twelve years on

cos most are too scared to say Jew



twelve years on 

plus we have more important things to worry about

our precious jobs – clinging to our slavery

the gas bill

how are we going to pay the rent?

and now we have more world stage events

another war

maybe WW3

endless toil and worry

no time to consider 9/11



twelve years on

things have happened to us

apart from the consecutive wars – over there

we’ve had shifts in our society

Orwell’s jack boot in the face

the surveillance – constant surveillance

big brother doesn’t trust us 

we don’t trust big brother

we don’t even trust our neighbours

influx of strange foreigners in our communities

paranoia has set in



twelve years on

some of us speak up about this second Pearl Harbor 

a few squeaky voices protest for the Truth

but the chemical onslaught has worked

apathy has set in

both the blue pills and red pills

most people are too far gone

comatised and lost in the mass illusion

locked in the day-to-day fear of survival to really care

Truth – illusion – Truth – illusion

all just a mishmash of subjectivity

who really cares?

switch on the ball game

trust the talking heads

comfortableness reigns the day

none of it matters now



because we’re twelve years on 



Film on 9/11

I accept there are numerable theories on ‘how’ the towers came down; but I think we have to be mindful of not being distracted. THE most important aspect is WHO carried this attack out. This classic film although dated, covers this area well.

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  1. amerikagulag

     /  September 11, 2013

    We only have to ask QUI BONO to know the Israeli’s are deeply involved.

  2. This elegiac poem accurately describes the state of play 12 years on from 911. Public apathy reigns.

    They don’t know. They don’t want to know.

    However the picture that accompanies the piece tells the true story.

    The Towers were reduced to dust before they hit the ground. Heat directed energy covert technology brought them down. There was no registration on the Richter Scale because the buildings fell to the ground as dust. The basin in which the Towers stood insulated from the Hudson river remained undamaged. Hence a massive rescue operation that saved 1000s of lives that day but wasn’t reported in the official media was possible.

    A controlled demolition of the Towers would have cracked the basin and caused a flood from the river. It never happened.

    Read Judy Wood’s Where Did the Towers Go? Preview here:

    • Thank you for this Guy, I have seen Dr Judy Wood’s material; but it always gets back to this vitally important point. We should not focus our attention on HOW we should put all our attention on WHO. These types of 9/11 videos and sites are just more distraction from what we should be putting our undivided attention on. The WHO is far far more important. The how can really get distractive. It takes us off the ball from the JEWISH involvement. If we do not focus on the perpetrators we will be forever chasing our tails. This is not a NWO it is a Jew World Order.

      Thank all the same for your contribution.

  3. Steve

     /  September 14, 2013

    Yes, and isn’t it interesting how, even though we are expected to forget 911 as history now, we are reminded every day about the holocaust…
    Makes me think of a game of darts – what chance do you have of hitting the bull’s eye if you don’t aim for the centre?
    Thanks again Digger.

  4. Johnny

     /  September 14, 2013

    I work at a small military outpost. I have about 30 some coworkers all military or former military. One day I asked quite a few of them at random if they believed the “Official story” about 9/11. Not one of them doubted the story. Not one. In fact a few looked confused and told me that they had not ever even considered it. WTF? Now consider that these drones are Military, and completely indoctrinated since birth. But still. My faith in humanity here in the USA is at an all time low.
    I sometimes call into “alternative radio” shows and drop questions about Israel, Jews and Zionists. I usually get told off, hung up on or lectured about how Israel is the USA’s best friend and ally. (So much for beyond the mainstream cutting edge alternative media- Gatekeepers indeed) I also comment on youtube videos suggesting folks read The Protocols of Zion and discover who it is that owns and controls media, banking, Hollywood, politicians, etc. My comments are usually bombarded by an Army of shills calling me Hitler, Nutter, wack job and worse.

    Perhaps it is time soon to look for a new Country to live. This Jew owned and controlled puppet state is losing it’s appeal everyday.

    • Thanks Johnny, however do not give up hope. The examples you gave are not the average Joe. The shows you rang in to were controlled opposition and Youtube is all controlled. The awakening IS happening. Don’t run – stay and fight. There is nowhere to run anyway – this is a new WORLD order. There is a sea change, it’s just an undercurrent.

      Thank you for contributing.

  1. Twelve Years On | The Ugly Truth

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