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Just look at the grin on this heinous character. Satan’s little worker. Truly incredible. Sorry to state the overly used quote, but you really couldn’t make it up. It is like a fictional drama, but a very poorly put together drama. It’s almost an illusory dream – which I suppose it is. But it’s like we ask ourselves “What could they possibly think up next?”. And how much more are they going to push us, test our patience, tease us and prod us into revolting against them(?)

These days when I observe this insanity, I can’t help thinking to myself – it’s double insanity. One that this is happening and two we are all accepting it. We may moan and throw our hands up in the air for a while, but that’s all that really happens if we’re really honest. There is so much coming at us now, it’s hard n fast with so much distraction, that we don’t have time to deal with any one item conclusively.

They know this too and it’s all part of their attack technique. Not only are we are dazzled with so much global events these days, but we are immersed in just surviving day-to-day, which is also part of their tactic. No time to stop, no time to contemplate this madness. But most of all we are gobsmacked by their hubris, their overt arrogance.

It’s like when you get mugged in the street. Afterwards you have to deal with two things…..first the loss of one’s possessions and two dealing with the indignity of the event. As the term implies you literally ‘have been made a mug of’. That’s what these thieving murdering parasites are doing to us.

They are mugging us with such overt, blatancy ……and they are laughing at us whilst they do it. 

This is what is happening to us as individuals and collectively. We are the muggins. Whilst of course they portray themselves as the eternal victims. Sorry to have to use the quote again ‘you just couldn’t make it up’.

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