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Well, well, well. How about that. Would we have ever expected this type of collective revolt from the American people against the government? Or more importantly would the American government have ever expected a revolt against the people? This is truly interesting and although lets say 95% of the people haven’t got a clue their government is controlled by International Jewry – at least it’s a sniff.

It is a tiny drop of hope that the sheople may be slightly waking up. That apathy may not have ruled the day after all. We have to look for snippets of hope and this is a positive sign we should capitalize on.

If we think back to our stages of awakening, we too started off at this stage, just being pissed off with our government. This is a vital stage. This is the all important spark we needed and we need before a global awakening. I heard it was only 9% of the American people wanted to go to war and 11% of the British people. Probably even those figures have been tampered with in their favor.

So this is good news to a degree. Yes we have a long way to go yet, but it is very good news. And don’t we need good news these days. So whatever happens in regards to Syria, if they go ahead with an attack – this will outrage the American people and the world and this will jolt even more people to the next stage of their awakening. And if they don’t attack, it will give more us more time now that the awakening seeds have been set to wake up even more souls. It’s a win win for us. A lose lose for them. And if they dare to do a false flag in American or Europe, they will of course wake up a huge amount of people, just as they did with 9/11. They are stuffed whichever way they take it. And they know it. They are now in panic mode, this was not part of the plan. A consciousness awakening.

We often talk in terms of ‘a tipping point’. Well I realise we have a long way to go yet before that happens. As the problem is although the masses have worked out things are very wrong and their ‘government’ is fleecing them, they haven’t yet sussed out it’s Organised Jewry.


But the wonderful thing about this revolt is how easy a tipping point can occur once a momentum is set in place. 


This is the important aspect we need to grasp in this unique event. It is the microcosm of the potential macrocosm. A sniff of the how easily the tide could turn in our favor.

Let’s say 90% of people are against this proposed Syrian war. I would hazard a guess the initial momentum against the war only started off with 20% of people, then with a bit of noise another 20% and then those undecided sheople kind of just went with the momentum. That’s what sheople do, they just follow trends. Most people are scared of thinking differently, so they just follow the crowd.

This is what I have been expressing for a long time. We don’t ever have to fret about trying to wake up everybody. That thought understandably overwhelms so many of us, but we shouldn’t think this way. We just need to aim for about 15% of people, then the herd will follow. It’s happened before in history. For good and bad. But we have to make this momentum happen for the good, for us our side.

So now my friends more than ever is the time to capitalize on this inertia, on this movement of energy, this spark of awakening. The ground has never been more fertile to nudge our brothers and sisters that much further towards the Truth and to get those sparks alight. This is an unprecedented time in world history. We must not let this opportunity slip through our fingers.




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  1. Miss March

     /  September 12, 2013

    As a citizen of the former republic and now terrorist rogue state, I would like to think that my fellow citizens are wakening up. But unfortunately, as long as they are listening to mainstream news they are still manipulated. It’s psychological warfare for us to consume and for the Syrians to fear. Can you imagine being an average citizen in Syria wondering if you’ll be the next Iraq? One day we will wake up from the matrix but for now we’re too self involved to see the real truth.
    I have read journals written by my ancestors who came to this land to escape warmongering. Their hope and optimism for this land was palpable before the mass mind control of the media giant.
    Thank you for the spark of hope, Digger.

    • Thank you MM, you may well be right. I flip flop from day to day with my levels of optimism and lack of hope in humanity. I must have been in an optimistic mood when I wrote it :-). I do believe something is stirring though, it’s just it’s painfully slow. I really do think there is some level of spiritual/consciousness awakening happening out there.

      Thank you for contributing


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