All the lies are really one lie


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All the lies are really one lie. The real problem is not Syria. The real problem is America, and the Jews who have twisted it into a monster. This problem is now one hundred years old, at least.

It’s nice to see an overwhelming majority of Americans pulling together and shouting a definitive “No!” to the prospect of another manufactured war in the Middle East. But even as the clamor for peace spreads across the land, the main point of the problem continues to be overlooked by the vast majority of the people protesting this violent insanity.

In fact, the clamor for peace will once again remain useless the real problem of the Jewish infiltration and perversion of America’s systems is recognized and corrected.

The problem that has plagued the U.S.A. since its founding has been a fifth column of Jewish bankers and politicians who have sabotaged every effort at freedom and liberty, and today eagerly press for World War III to begin. Today, all Jewish groups are united in their rabid enthusiasm for yet another war.

Impeaching Barack Obama — America’s totally fictitious president — or arresting any number of other public officials all insanely preaching for war, are not going to solve the problem. The only remedy for a country being deliberately destroyed by its disingenuous leaders is to recognize the nature of the problem, and act accordingly.

America’s leaders are totally controlled by Jews, who have allegiance to no country except their own perverted criminal state of Israel, which insists it is above the laws that govern everyone else.

If we are ever to have a peaceful world, all Jews must be banned from any responsible occupation, because their goal as stated in their “holy” books is to kill or enslave all the non-Jews of the world, which if you will just open your eyes and look around, you can see happening everywhere.

To think that any lesser measure can solve our problems and restore sanity to world political debate is to both deny reality and guarantee the world will become a giant prison camp in perpetuity.

Subconsciously, people already know. Most people can tell when they’re being lied to. And most people have learned to not let on when they know, especially when letting on jeopardizes their own safety. They think that’s being smart. They know they’re living a lie, but they put it out of their minds, and distract themselves with their personal business.

After all, most Americans are still glued to their TVs and still believe that Osama bin Laden engineered 9/11, was killed by a Seal Team a decade later and secretly buried at sea. Yes, most people believe that, and that’s what they teach kids in school.

Inwardly, we may feel contempt at the talking suits on TV whom we know are lying to us, but on the other hand, we all still live in a real world of security cameras, no-fly zones and police roadblocks, which we can’t ignore. Worst of all, most people want to believe what their president tells them, at least initially.

All these lies that string together in a trail of tears and piles of corpses are really one lie, told over and over, year after year. After this latest Syria lie, that’s the realization congealing like a bleeding scab of guilt in the minds of many Americans, a mind-blowing realization that all the terror tricks since that horrible 2001 day in New York City are all the same lie, happening every day, over and over.

The source of these lies — about our money, about the poison food, about the bad medicine, and about killing people with sophisticated weapons with no trial and no real reason — is unmistakably Jewish.

The latest lie about Syria, in which the U.S. hired the terrorists and supplied them with deadly nerve gas, then flipped the story on its head and blamed the Syrian president for using it, has been exposed by so many sources at this point that the warmongers in Washington are hard-pressed to sustain their hateful fiction, their conscienceless push for yet another war. The hopeful among us hope that this might just be the false maneuver that overturns all the lies, which are that one lie, the same lie, that is told over and over.

It’s time to realize that Barack Obama is responsible for the gassing deaths of all those 416 children in Syria. It’s time to realize that America’s elected officials have been lying to us all along about 9/11, about the needless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, about the need to destroy Libya, Iran and all the other Islamic countries now under siege.

But Barack Obama is not making his own decisions. He is just latest in a series of American puppet presidents controlled by Jews, which is why the U.S. State Department today is comprised exclusively of Jews, why the Department of Treasury is totally staffed by Wall Street Jews who have engineered the theft of all the savings of the American people — for the past hundred years.

It’s time to realize that both World Wars, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 were wholly the work of Jews, and that the continuing degradation of the world and its people are a totally Jewish operation.

It’s time to realize that the American medical profession is totally guided by Frankenstein Jews who administer poisons and call it medicine, how U.S. teachers are trained by Jews to create robots who can’t think, and how our environment has been savaged by deliberate acts of sabotage like the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico on which Jewish stockbrokers made a lot of money by betting the disaster would happen.

To think anything less is to guarantee that all our hopes for peace and sanity are gone, and if we somehow are allowed to continue to live — to not be killed by police goons trained in Israel, or by soldiers taught the Jewish art of torture — we must recognize that all these attacks on civilization are engineered by Jews and reinforced by public media and educational systems that are totally controlled by Jews.

To continue to ignore all these provable realities is to give up your right and your hope to ever live normal lives again.

All Jews and all non-Jews under the control of Jews (which include virtually every public official in America) need to be removed from office and authority by any means possible as soon as possible, with extreme prejudice highly recommended.

After all, we are up against an unfathomable mass murder plot against the population of the world that has been well underway for a long time. How do you respond when you know for sure that one group of people has been trying to kill all the other groups for longer than any of us have been alive?

So, thanks to all who have finally arisen to protest America’s insane Jewish-controlled behavior with regard to the proposed attack on the sabotaged nation of Syria, but I’m telling you now that your sentiments and your efforts mean absolutely nothing unless you take immediate action against the disingenuous people who have deliberately created all these problems out of the sheer sense of insane malice and hatred that is the dominating force in their lives and their Jewish philosophy which commands them to deceive, enslave or kill everyone who does not share their insanity.

And the time to act is now, because tomorrow will be too late. Tomorrow, in fact, may never come because of the perverted insanity they have wreaked and are wreaking on the world.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA

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  1. Rebecca

     /  September 11, 2013

    I believe there was no gas/chemical attack in Syria – no children died – this is all part of the Jewish lie to get the masses to hate Syria, increasing the possibility of a Western invasion. Probably all fake footage once again coming from the Idiot Box inside everyone’s front room.
    Devious, evil lies – hopefully the masses are seeing through these lies spun by these pathological, evil creatures calling themselves Jews..

  2. JFK

     /  September 13, 2013

    Jesse Ventura, Alex Johns … have been doing very honorable works for human.
    But They also have a big, big bad problem. They have been talking about the leaves not the trunk and the root.
    So, no ceasing, miserable works have been happened subsequently like 9.11, syria….
    In that, this writing, All the lies are really one lie, is a great step to reveal the trunk, Israel.
    Nevertheless, It is lack absolutely because this writing don’t reveal the root of the source, Rothchild.
    This time, it is the time that we cut the trunk, dig the root totally.
    Dry them to die under the sun, and fire them with no remain.
    We must concentrate this. We reveal this dark mouse lightly.

  3. Johnny

     /  September 14, 2013

    Great site. Great work. I am constantly learning and your site is an important part of my research. It really is so simple. The Jew matrix is real. The problem is that most don’t know or care that it exists.

  4. Reblogged this on .

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

     /  December 28, 2013

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.


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