thats what I’m going to call them


those on the other side

them lot who STILL believe the illusion

those who have chosen to remain inside the matrix

the blue pills

the number 5s*

the sheople

those who enjoy their chemical coma



because that is where we’re at

anyone who gets their reality from that gogglebox

anyone who has easy access to the internet –

yet still choses to believe the talking heads

has got to be an idiot, a zombie

a tellyzombie



they accept that a car salesman may lie to them

they accept their own brother would lie to them

they accept their insurance rep would lie to them

even their local politician would lie to them

but NEVER the talking heads

especially not the BBC



what are we to do with these idiots?

these myopic trusting clowns

seeped in their naivety and willful ignorance

dangerous members of society

repeaters of the matrix

what on earth are we to do with them?



how much more tolerance 

how much more patience must we have with these people?

after all, they are the ones holding us back

getting in the way of our freedom

keeping the suffering going for all of us

the tellyzombies content with relentless lies

content with the insulting belittling rhetoric  

happy with their deception and illusion

what will these TV addicts not absorb?

how far does the insanity have to go

before they twig

before they sit up and say – no more(?)



but the sad Truth is we know 

that these box-heads will swallow anything

really anything

matters not how many times they are lied to

by the one-eyed screaming rabbi 

in the corner of their living rooms 

and it matters not how lazy the lies are becoming

it’s like the Jews don’t care 

just feed the goy anything – they’ll buy it

and they do

and these tellyzombies repeat it – AS IF IT IS REALITY

because it is real, very real – to them

it is their reality



it’s tellyzombie reality


* 2 + 2 = 5

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