my dear friends

my fellow Truth activists 

please take on board this simple message

that it’s an impossibility

if we think we can carry on being complicit

in the murder of trillions of innocent lives

both human and non-human

and think we can have peace in our lives




my fellow spiritual activists

pause for a moment

and think about it

who are we serving when we participate in this darkness?

yes I know this is not a scientific argument

but it’s common sense based

how could things be otherwise(?)



Fat man eating


we have to stop pretending to ourselves

that this agenda is all about politics

ignoring the fact that …

this is a spiritual war

this is an energy war

about the dark energy vs consciousness

tis that simple

it’s just we like to complicate things




try hard to acknowledge these facts

what we all know deep down

what we knew early on in our childhood

when we felt very uncomfortable ….

with animals being slaughtered

before the social conditioning ….

smothered our natural instinct

before cognitive dissonance ….

masked our innate compassion

before the programming allowed us to accept ….

that this barbarity is just ‘normal’ behaviour

that this is just what we humans do – kill sentient beings



slaughter house


try to see

how obvious this is

when we just stop and think

if we murder en mass = we get murdered en mass

we create unnecessary suffering = we receive unnecessary suffering

it’s not rocket science

it’s just plain ol logic

common sense



This dog was used in a burn test and was later burned to death. (All Creatures)


start to listen to your inner voice

hear it scream out to you

“how dare we”

how dare we think we have the right

how dare we think we are somehow better

above – superior – enlightened

when most of the time we are nothing more than


operating on a low frequency


self-serving – thoughtless

without mindfulness

how dare we




consider this Truth

that it just can’t be done

carrying on this unconscious existence

through habit, custom, tradition

the non-thinking

the non-caring

the non-compassion

the mass superiority complex

the deep-rooted separatism




think my friends

think about your daily participation

in the enormous levels of collective pain and suffering

each day you are partaking

associated with

contributing towards

the unnecessary suffering

you do not need to consume dead corpses for your survival!

you do not need flesh for your sustenance!

we have thousands of years of evidence to prove this!




stop this insanity

stop the cognitive dissonance 

the programming

the conditioning

the selfishness

please stop the participation in this unnecessary cruelty

please think about the products you consume




we have to stop the pretense

that we can just carry on

carrying on the unnecessary killing – as usual

of others who share our existence

all sentient beings – two legs and four legs 

those who just want the fundament things you want

to be left alone in their natural environment

to be pain free – without suffering





return to that natural state of consciousness

that state you once had as a child

when you were sensitive to all suffering

of others

when you felt their hurting

when you contained mindfulness

you know

you know deep down that state






embrace the message of your inner wisdom 



that we simply cannot expect peace in our lives

if we are content with the suffering of others


Dog's Face Ripped Off, Exposing Skull, Caused In A Dog Fight



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  1. Egeria

     /  September 8, 2013

    Digger – we deserve what is going to come to us.
    We deserve it collectively.
    And then we will say:
    What have I done to deserve this …
    I couldn’t kill a fly!

    We deserve it collectively
    We were even indifferent to the suffering of our brothers and sisters
    And we think we deserve to be spared … ???

    • Thank you Egeria,

      We hear your words.

      I’m sure you are aware, this post and similar ones on this ‘awkward’ theme is not about inducing a guilt trip, or even being harshly judgmental; it’s purely just to invite us to look at the products we consume, what is on our plate, our habits, our actions and non-actions.

      It’s all part of this energy war.

      Thank you kindly for this great contribution.

  2. russ hook

     /  September 8, 2013

    Thanx Digger, this is just so much common sense that is NOT very common today! I have been trying to get this same message for over 20 years to the DEAF, DUMB AND ST000PID savages. I feel I am from a DIFFERENT PLANET b/c of this BRUTALITY that lowers the human cattle to less than animals. And I never APOLOGIZE for being compassionate when most are uncaring brutes either! I am NOT the problem here! I am 35 years vegetarian, and 8 years vegan, so I WALK the talk when others just follow their addictions mindlessly.

    • Thank you Russ. Savages is an apt word. No should never apologise for being compassionate – why should you!? Thank you for walking the talk.

      Thank you for contributing.

  3. I find it extraordinary that parents can happily take their little children to trips out to the farms and petting zoos but those families can’t put two and two together to work out the rest of the story of how the meat gets on their plate. Whenever I’ve told them I don’t want to eat meat because of the cruelty and disgusting habits of the meat industry, I am looked at in disbelief and comments of ‘It’s best not to know’!!!

    Their brains and morals have been anaesthetised by the jew-owned food industry, jew-owned supermarkets and the jew-owned media promoting celebrity chefs most who choose to be ignorant of the vile scandal they are party to.


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