No Superheros


I’m so down-hearted that so many of my fellow Truth colleagues who are deeply involved in this fight, have fallen for the age-old trap of good cop bad cop routine, with regards to Putin. 


I am dumbfounded why they just cannot see that Putin is the Alex Jones of the political scene.


It’s time to forget the messianic complex – it ain’t going to be Allah who saves us, it ain’t gong to be Krishna that saves us, it ain’t going to be Jesus who saves us and it certainly ain’t going to be Putin that saves us.


It will only be us – we the people. And only when we get off our arses and do something. Become proactive – taking action on a regular basis and stop waiting for these Gods, gurus and non-existent super-heros to save the day for us.




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  1. I can’t agree more. I have many concern where we are being lead here. Also, making the United Nations seem like a good deal is highly suspicious, notwithstanding the Ambassador to Syria definitely struck me as sincere.

  2. I understand the downheartedness Digs, but for me it is those in this movement who are so accustomed to seeing evil as invincible that they castigate those who are on our side as being ‘secret agents’ working against us.

    Putin is no saint. Neither is Assad, Ahmadinejhad, Morales, Chavez (RIP) but to say that they are actually colluding with evil to hand us over is just plain wrong, as wrong as wrong gets.

    Syria would have been a done deal now were it not for Ahmadinejad and Putin. A block of resistance is building against this evil system and we want to make sure that we do not inadvertently assist our enemies by ascribing evil intentions to those who are on our side.

    We had an old saying during WWI–an evil war, but a good saying nonetheless–‘loose lips sink ships’. Let us not make this mistake and play into the hands of our enemies by weakening the growing resistance against them with our own ill-founded suspicions, as well intentioned as we may be.

    • Thank you Mark,

      Well expressed and I see your point. I am always open that I may be wrong. However on this one, I respectfully disagree.

      Just a difference in opinion, just a confusion.

      I think we’ll all agree, time will tell the Truth.

      Thank you kindly for your contribution.

    • crescentandcross, I for one appreciated what you have said here. You have expressed much of what I feel about the political situation right now.

      And I just found a link which seems to express how I see the situation very well:

      I find it interesting that our “esteemed” leaders hate Putin, and so do many people from the other side.

      And I agree with what you say here:

      “Putin is no saint. Neither is Assad, Ahmadinejhad, Morales, Chavez (RIP) but to say that they are actually colluding with evil to hand us over is just plain wrong, as wrong as wrong gets.”

      I find the idea that all leaders are playing in the same team difficult to believe. It was good to read your opinion, with its shades of grey, rather than stark black and white. Thank you.

  3. Nada

     /  September 8, 2013

    Yup, Pootie’s just another yid thug…they never run out of em.

    Might as well disagree with ya now on the Jesus thing Digger.

    Push comes to shove I really think that might the only way they’re going to be stopped.

    But yes, UNTIL THEN everybody should get off they’re lazy asses and do ANYTHING to help.

    • I hope you are right about the Jesus theme….it is not disrespectful to the words of Jesus or any Christians, likewise towards Islam or krishna followers. But I tired of people of those who know what’s going on, who just shrug their shoulders and say their external force is going to get them out of this, whilst they do NOTHING. It’s childishly irresponsible and is exactly what IJ wants. Especially when the essence of all spirituality is esoteric “within’. The kingdom of God is within.

      I could be very wrong in my thoughts on Putin and very much hope I am and have egg on my face, as I did with my thoughts on the London Olympic false flag. But it’s not as if I’m just flippantly throwing this ‘theory’ out there, just for reaction and to be antagonistic. It’s because I care about the Truth and my fellow colleagues. This is an important issue and needs to be openly disgusted in a mature way. It just upsets me to see my fellow truthers and people I respect falling for a trap. I feel I have an obligation to warn them, or at least express it.

      Also it’s not as if I’m saying this without any reason; as I have given 20 reasons on my associated post “Puppet Putin”. But people just get back to me calling me names and saying how wrong I am, without addressing these points. It’s so typical.

      The mere fact Putin is an x KGB agent, billionaire, goes along with the official 9/11 narrative, supports the holofraud, has many many Chabad Jews around him and is pally with them and has holocaust laws in his country – all rings very loud alarm bells to me. It’s screams out to me controlled opposition.

      But as I say, I could very wrong and looking at this from a place of ignorance. I really am hoping to be proved wrong on this one.

      Thank you for your contribution.

      • I hear you in this post Digger. However, I think you probably need to study Russian history, learn how the tsars of the past thought and acted, how the serfs really lived, how their thinking differs from ours, and then read as much as you can of the untold history of the Bolshevic Revolution. We also need to understand the vast differences in Orthodoxy (the first break-away from the Roman Catholic Church) and the religion we in the west have.

        If you have already read all this thoroughly, then I have no problem with saying that we both desire peace on this planet, and that we differ in our approach to some of what we see happening on the political scene.

      • Thank you Daphne,

        I feel have read sufficient amounts on the RR and Russian history. But that still has nothing to do with the present day usurpation in the Kremlin.

        Thank you for contributing.

  4. BMan

     /  September 8, 2013

    My bet is that if that pansy Obama strips off his shirt and jumps on a horse, Americans will have their hero.

  5. Sorry, but I believe you are very wrong here. Putin is a nationalist, just as Obama etc should be. Also, all Jews are not evil. Some are. You can’t judge a whole people. There are plenty of Israelis who are very outspoken in Israel about what their government is doing, just like in America.

    Putin is also a statesman. Now when did we last have one of those???

    Don’t jump on an idea and think you have the answers to the world’s problems. Please.

    • Welcome to DFT Daphne,

      I believe you are very wrong about Putin. I may be wrong; but I think he is just playing the role of a nationalist and a statesmen. It is simply controlled opposition. Please look through these 20 points:

      When did I say “all Jews are evil?”. Please can make reference when I have said that. I repeated refer to the elite, supremacist, organised Jewry, like the Italian mafia. You have not read my site. Hence you would have seen this link, not to mention two of the side links are from Jewish origin.

      As for all these ‘good’ jews in that crime scene in the Middle East (is-ra-HELL), they are not jews, they are pretend jews and they ALL should do what Gilad Atzman should do and get the hell out of the Palestinians land they are squatting on. Silly little protests are meaningless.

      I can assure you Daphne I am not suggesting for one minute that I know it all; but I do indeed think have ‘some’ answers to ‘some’ of the world’s problems, as many of us who have been at this long enough do.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • I hear you regarding Putin. However, I’ve made a huge study of Russia, scrounging out old books to find out the truth of what really happened there. Russians have experienced the horror that, if we’re not careful, the west will also have to go through. And the horror that is happening right now in Syria. However, Putin is the ONLY leader we have at the moment who actually makes sense. If I am wrong, then we’re all on a path that leads to destruction. We may be on that path anyway. I don’t know. I continue to believe that he is a nationalist and a true statesman, and that he is trying to avert the horrific war that the US is bent on bringing upon the middle east. He has to make a stand here. The next stage is Iran. The US has already surrounded Russia and China with bases, and if they control Iran it will be very hard for Russia to contain them.

        Putin does deal with rabbis etc. He also deals with Muslims, many of whom live in Russia. That does not make him pro either.

        Gilad left Israel many years ago, for the same reasons we despise Israel. When he was in the army (all Israelis have to spend time in the army) he saw for himself what was happening and got out. His Book “The Wandering Who” is worth reading.

        I fully understand that the Israelis are mostly NOT semitic at all, but from eastern Europe. I have studied all this. I’m also sorry that I branded you with the “hate all Jews” tag, but unfortunately your writings do give that impression on the whole.

        As for you suggesting they should all “get out”, remember that they have been brainwashed, just as we have. Some of what we see of Israelis on youtube is so disgusting, and for awhile I was finding it very difficult to believe that there were any good Jews. However, I now understand a little differently. After all, because our governments are complicit in the bombing of middle eastern countries (and all around the world) we could all be branded as evil, but we know that we have no say, and many are so brainwashed that they are happy to go along with what is happening. I think the fundamentalist Christians of America have a lot to answer for in that regard.

        Someone who has helped me gain a more universal understanding of what is really happening in the world is Dr Joseph Farrell of I am a member there and have learned a great deal from this brilliant man. And still, I have questions.

        Like you, I have been searching for truth since before 9/11. My first study was finding out what really happened in ex-Yugoslavia… I have about 2000 books, and most of them are not fiction. Quite a few are hard to get.

        It appears to me that we are both part of a huge number of people searching for the truth right now. And that number is growing, for which I am truly thankful.

      • Thank you Daphne for your response.

        I recognise you ‘wanting’ to believe in Putin and your believe in him. There is nothing I can say about that, other than if someone ‘wants’ to believe in the tooth fairy, there is nothing much I can do about that. Belief and reality are separate. I too want to believe Putin is going to save the day, but reality gets in the way.

        The problem is things are so so dire now, that we are becoming desperate and not thinking straight. It is understandable, we all want this external saviour. But the reality is the only saviour is going to be millions and millions of individuals.

        Because Putin deals with Muslims is here nor there. THE JEWS re the problem, he should not have them anywhere near his office. As hitler didn’t.

        I have read The Wondering Who – that was my point in mentioning it to you.

        Yes I accept the israelis have been brainwashed. I perhaps am making it too simplistic. But they have to have ethics and common sense at some point. The film ‘Defamation’ sums up this brain washing. Mind you the whole world seems brainwashed.

        Thank you for the link.

        Yes you are right the waking up is happening, but so many people are being side tracked along the way; plus it may be all too late??

        Thank you for contributing

      • That was a little patronising. You said:

        “I recognise you ‘wanting’ to believe in Putin and your believe in him. There is nothing I can say about that, other than if someone ‘wants’ to believe in the tooth fairy, there is nothing much I can do about that. Belief and reality are separate. I too want to believe Putin is going to save the day, but reality gets in the way.”

        From everything I’ve learned, Putin is unlike our leaders. He has “been there done that”. The “tooth fairy” analogy is not fair. You, then, must believe in the reality of an evil in which there is no light – nothing good. Of course I do not KNOW if Putin is “good” or “bad”. I have just learned enough that I choose to hope.

        You also said:

        “Because Putin deals with Muslims is here nor there. THE JEWS re the problem, he should not have them anywhere near his office. As hitler didn’t.”

        Actually, I think the fact that he deals with both Muslims and Jews is extremely important. Exactly why should he not deal with the Jews, many of whom remain in Russia? That doesn’t say that he does their bidding. One thing he is not, is the idea that he is bought and paid for. And he is extremely popular in Russia. Unlike Obama, Bush, Cameron, Abbott etc.

        And don’t give me the “Hitler is an angel” bit. I know what prompted Hitler to hate the Jews – I have many books on that too.. People also say that Stalin was “good” as he killed a lot of the Jews that had done so much damage in Russia. I say they were both were men of their time. Probably doing what they thought best. No murderer is EVER “good”.

        And of course there will be people who are sidetracked. And I do think those who believe the Jews are the only “bad guys” can be included in that. Perhaps you should read “Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis” by Richard Cottrell (May 5, 2012).

        Wall Street and many of our leaders are fascist, as, I would think, Zionists are. And judging by the crimes committed in that book, we have a great deal to fear should they gain total control. I even think that they have the banksters running scared. But then you would need to read Dr Joseph Farrell’s many books to begin to understand where I am coming from here.

        You said:
        “and they ALL should do what Gilad Atzman should do and get the hell out of the Palestinians land they are squatting on”

        If you had said Gilad Atzmon DID, I would have understood.

        I hope you understand where I am coming from. I believe I do understand your position, as in truth, I have been there… And still am in some respects.

        I thank you for allowing me to speak on your forum.

      • Daphne,

        I’m sorry if my comment came across as patronising, it was not meant to be. But my point was the aspect of ‘belief’. I keep hearing people say belief, well I don’t want to take people’s beliefs away, But the situation we find ourselves in is so so serious and and I can see so many desperate people putting their hopes on nothing other than hope. But I apologise if I offended you, it was made front a place of frustration (and I was rushing my comments because my laptop battery was running low).

        No you’re doing it now 🙂 You are being patronising when you say: “You, then, you must believe in the reality of an evil in which there is no light – nothing good.” Ouch – now come on! You have not read my balanced outlook of hope and my spiritual perspective peppered throughout this site. That comment was unfair and untrue.

        Re the comment about Putin not dealing with the Jews, i think you have misunderstood my comment, or I may not have explained myself. I am pertaining more to my essay “Puppet Putin” outlook in that he has high level chabad Jews all around him in his cabinet. I was not referring to the average low level Jew in his country.

        Hitler topic. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that one. You claim to have 2000 books, but this means nothing, if you are not reading accurate information. [now I’m being patronising again] One cannot claim to know about WW2 and Hitler’s intent and not see him as a the only real hero leader in the war. Hence why he is endlessly demonized. It is blatantly obvious. No one is cussed as much as Hitler 24/7 by the JEWISH main stream media. Hitler was not about ‘hate’ as you claim, he was dealing with the same menace we are having to deal with today. You could not have read Mein Kampf to come out with that statement. You simply could not have studied this subject to have these opinions. P-l-e-a-s-e I urge you to read through the archives of true historians on WW1 and the Nazis. Everything we have been led to believe is upside down.

        Re the Jews only being the ‘bad guys’. Well there are many outlets, but it is always, always, always THE JEWS behind it all. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. There is no debate on this. The Christian crusades, the African slave trade, in fact try and find a significant area in history where the Jews have NOT been behind mass suffering. Sorry but you are very much lacking knowledge on Jewish perfidy. You simply are not Jew-wise, no matter what amount books you have read.

        The mere fact you described our leaders as ‘fascists’ rings alarm bells. Sorry – patronising tone again – but you haven’t got a clue Daphne, if you are using this terminology. This is at David Icke/Alex Jones level.

        Sorry that was a typo regarding my comment about Gilad, I had to rush my comments to you last night as my battery was running low. I meant to say ‘has’ left israel.

        Please Daphne you have to begin to read accurate Truth, not half-Truths. You must have been reading disinformation and there is a plethora of authors out there pushing this dangerous half-Truth. Please invest your time in the comprehensive independent, objective and accurate information on my side bar.

        I apologise again for any tones of being condescending. I’m sure it comes across as this. My intent is not to upset you, or to be rude or arrogant. But we are frustrated with the endless excuses and tiptoeing around this very obvious 800 pound JEWISH gorilla sitting and shitting in the living room. Time is against us, we have no time now for disinformation and jewish distraction.

        I will not be able to engage in back n forth correspondence as much as I would like to. I feel we will just end up in cyclical ego arguments. I don’t have time nor the energy. This is not a full time job, I am only a part-time blogger. The information is out there, it’s all about choice.

        However thank you for your contribution.

        With respect


      • How about exchanging “belief” with “hope”? After all, there’s nothing to hope for from our current batch of leaders.

        And believe me, I have read enough “correct” books to get the picture – maybe in some areas, better than you. I played with the idea that Hitler was some kind of hero, but he’s not. As I said, the best I can give him is that he is a “man of his time”, as is Stalin.

        I have read a great deal of “revisionist” history, and much of it is nearer to the truth by a long shot than the lies we have been given.

        For a long time I thought Jews were the sole perpetrators of horrors. I have book after book on the Jewish question. I’ll actually gather and name them if you dare to think I have not read sufficiently on this subject. At one point I also wondered who came first, the Vatican or the Jews… and who did the most harm.

        I do believe, though, that Hitler actually would have been happy to just kick the Jews out of Germany, but Zionists in England, Chaim Weizmann being one, would not let them come in. I doubt Schiff in the USA would have been happy either, as he was bankrolling the nazis. I know the Jews put an embargo on Germany in the early ’30s, and spoke of the 6 million before WWI. And I do not believe the story we are given about “the holocaust”. There have been other, worse ones – in particular the one in Russia, where Jews were big players in the murder of up to 66 million Russians (as per Solzhenitsyn). I am also gathering the chapters of “200 Years Together”, Solzhenitsyn’s last book, unavailable in English. I have about 3/4 of the book now.

        However, you haven’t given credit to the true Nazis of Germany, many of whom made their way to America and Argentina amongst other places. They, too, have been hard at work creating terror. (I am thinking many Zionists are also fascists and fit in well.)

        A book you really must read is “Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the heart of europe – The Pentagon-Nazi Mafia Terror Axis” by Richard Cottrell. It came out last year, and is well worth the read. You start to try and bring the two “forces of evil” together a bit.

        However, there are still things that puzzle me. I still have questions, and I am sure I will until I die. But I will keep searching for the truth. As I’m sure you will.

      • Thank you Daphne,

        I apologise again; for presuming you have not studied these subjects. It seems i was very wrong.

        I am open to re-thinking this topic on Hitler. I know Eustace Mullins always said Hitler was in bed with the years. And I respect him as a serious researcher.

        I may well have got this wrong. I will always keep an open mind on this. Thank you for your balanced efforts in presenting this to me.

        I have taken note of this book you recommended.

        Thank you again for your contribution. I apologise for any misunderstanding and unintentional condescending tones.

      • You mentioned Eustace Mullins, so I have been googling this man specifically to find what he thought of Hitler. Of course I had seen his name a lot in my studies, but never did buy his books. I’m listening to him on video right now…

        Unfortunately, I can’t find a definitive answer to what he actually thought of Hitler.

        However, going through Amazon’s books I came across a book I’ve been meaning to buy for a long time, and that’s “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” by Antony C Sutton. I do have his book “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists”, but I think maybe I should buy this one. I believe Sutton bases all his work on verifiable sources.

        I would be very interested if you can find out more of what Mullins actually said about Hitler. I don’t believe I can ever think he is a hero, but I do believe that he, like Stalin, saw that the problem was the Jews.

        We hear a lot about Stalin, as if the slaughter began then, but it didn’t. Lenin and Trotsky began the Revolution and started killing Russians immediately.

        There is just so much to study in this search for truth. So many bends in the road. And I do believe that we’re both on the same journey.

        Thank you for responding to my input.

      • It’s somewhere on on Daryl’s reading list within Eustace’s books.

        Thank you for contributing

      • Eustace Mullins: Adolf Hitler and the Central Banks – a ten minute video. Many interesting remarks in the comments section also.

      • Thank you Wanda, very interesting. Always keep an open mind hey.

      • daphneob

         /  September 14, 2013

        I looked as much as I could there… a site I’d been to quite a bit.

    • Putin is a BILLIONAIRE… figure it out. All the world’s a stage.

  6. I agree with you Digger. I don’t expect much from Putin except a few meaningless soundbites that keep people thinking he’s one of the good guys. Like you, I always refer to him as playing the good cop role while the US plays bad cop. He’s actually done very little to help the world out of the surrounding darkness and evil. So suddenly he votes on the side of Syria at the UN while he voted against Iran and abstained on Libya. Nothing more than a clever game. He must keep up the good cop ruse.

    People are so desperate for hope that they deify mortal men. I say, let them have their illusions because it does no real harm and helps them get through another day. You are right that if anything is ever going to change, only WE THE PEOPLE can do it. Unfortunately WE are not organized. We are the roaches scurrying around as the Jew predicted. We are the Tower of Babel, each speaking his own opinions where no two opinions agree. So we do what we can individually and leave it at that, for now.

    What else can we do?

    • Thank you Patty,

      ‘meaningless soundbites’ – ‘nothing more than a clever game’ indeed. I hope I(we) am very wrong. I would happily have egg on my face.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • BMan

         /  September 12, 2013

        Well, for those who suggest Hitler was a Jew and/or subservient to Jewish bankers appear to know very little about the man and the history of Germany in that era. It has been thoroughly debunked and from what I can see of those who continue to push such notions are doing the bidding of the Jewish control. Perhaps not intentionally, but it is the case nonetheless.

        This is a subject that is sore with this alternative movement.

        I suspect it is because they cannot shuck the brainwashing of a lifetime suggesting what a monster Hitler was. If you simple listen or read from those who knew hi best (body guards, etc), one sees a completely different person than the monster Jewry and their disinformationalists keep propagating.

        As for Hitler and Stalin being equivalently “men of their time”: nothing could be further from the truth. These two individuals were quite different in demeanor, purpose and method. Polar opposites, in fact.

      • Thank you B’Man,

        I agree. Everything I have looked at points to Hitler as being one of the good guys.

        One only needs to look at how the mass media keeps pushing the evil nasty Hitler. That says it all to me.

        Thank you for contributing.

      • BMan

         /  September 12, 2013

        Well, Bro. The only ones that profit from such a thing are Jews.

        I believe we may have discussed it, but I am not a Hitler worshiper. There are things about sending kids to camps that bothers the piss out of me.

        But it is obvious that he is lied about, especially by Jews and those who must perpetuate the official storyline. And its too bad.

        So, I leave those reading this with what I ask everyone I can:

        When did the PTB ever tell us the truth? Was it before WWII and they started lying after the war was over? Did they tell us all lies before WWII, tell us the truth during the war, and start lying again afterwards? Have they ALWAYS told us the truth? Or do they ALWAYS lie?

        The answer is that these sorry bastards ALWAYS have lied to us and this is especially so about Hitler and Nazi Germany.

        Later, my Man!

      • For the long time we have been regularly corresponding B’man, I have never known you to be wrong on any subject. You’re accurate and honest take on things always is a source of Truth and stability.

        Your comments all make sense.

      • BMan

         /  September 12, 2013

        Well, Brother, you give me far too much credit. We are both after truth. It is why we are attracted to each other in this medium (and our ditty/video presentations).

        I assure you that if anyone can show me where I am incorrect, I will immediately admit it. When it comes to Hitler and the NSDAP, I have spent a great deal of time studying this. I can, of course, be incorrect, but judging from Hitler’s own words and the words of those surrounding him, he was no menace. And yes, he was a hero to many people.

        Do I call him a hero? Not yet, but I can see that he was no Stalin/Roosevelt. In comparison, he is a hero. Why? Because he was no Jew and did not allow them to run his country into the ground without a fight.

        Neither can be said of Stalin or Roosevelt or any leader of late, with the possible exception of the last president of Iran.

    • We don’t have to be organ-i-ZED… we can get more accomplished if each one of us draws our line in the sand and sticks to it… independently and individually… yet as one… because all truth leads to the same place.

  7. daphneob

     /  September 14, 2013

    I looked up and it appears that Hitler was working with the Nazis — and of course the banksters. I’m sure he also was well aware of the JEwish problem. Beyond that, I can’t say.

    • Deanna Spingola has just e-mailed me rubbishing Eustaces’s viewpoint. She has crushed this argument numeral times on her shows, along with Veronica Clark. Please associated links:

      I think we can put this one to rest now.

      • daphneob

         /  September 16, 2013

        I love the work of Deanna Spingola. I am gradually working my way through her talks on The Byte Show. However, I don’t really think we can put HItler issue this to rest because one person, no matter how highly esteemed, has given us information that leads to the idea that Hitler was “good”.

        I liked Wanda’s para here:
        “Can anyone explain to me why it is necessary to paint Hitler as the diametric opposite to the mainstream media’s and academic portrait? It just seems logical and common sense that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.”

        That’s so much how I feel. You see, I have found that many people genuinely admire Stalin. Knowing he killed a great many people, I have decided he was probably aware of the enormity of Lenin and Trotsky’s mass murdering, and got rid of some of the Jews who had been a problem. That is why he is so admired. I can’t see that I need to admire him for that, just as I can’t see that “lesser” Jews, however small the exact number may be, had to be killed because of the problems the “elite” Jews caused. (This is very simplified, I know.)

        I refer to them as “men of their times” and leave it at that.

        That we need to “hate” or “love” these people is something we need to look at carefully. We don’t need to make saints of people who murder because they appear to have done this for a just cause.

        This doesn’t need a reply. I just feel that this is an important issue.

      • But it’s not that the information has come from one person; Deanna sources her information from having spoken to heaps of eminent historians over many years. There are many people in the movement who respect now realise he was a genuine guy and not the evil dictator the jewish press portray him to be.

        With respect to Wanda, I don’t think the truth necessarily has to fit in between if he was a genuine guy – which I happen to think he was.

        I personally am not making saints of any murderers, I have never lorded Stalin and I believe Hitler was a genuine guy who was not a murderer. Who did he murder? Other than defend his country from Jewish invasion in war time.

      • daphneob

         /  September 16, 2013

        Just one comment here. I have referred to it in a previous post.

        Deanna Spingola’s work is excellent. Her research is excellent. However, I will only listen to / read people whose research is impeccable.

        I just find that people, such as Dr Farrell whom I have mentioned, and Deanna Spingola, have done enormous amount of research and have come up with different viewpoints on certain subjects. I am fine with that. To me that’s two people genuinely learning and thinking.

        One comment I could make. I do believe the Jewish plan is perhaps destructing. And I believe there is a force (group?) on another level who are winning right now. I believe the banksters are “under the gun” at this time. And maybe it’s the Nazis who left Germany and found homes in America and Argentina…

        I would ask that you do read “Gladio…”. You might at least see my point of view a little. And remember that there was a time when I was very sure it was “the Jews”. Now I think it is much, much more…

      • [And remember that there was a time when I was very sure it was “the Jews”. Now I think it is much, much more…]se

        Daphne… i appreciate your input, not to mention your tenacity…. and, i agree with you. Certainly it is the jews, but there is more to this. I can’t say what that is, but if i were a jew, who has profited so handsomely and served so well, i would watch my p’s and q’s… because something’s afoot.

        With their damaged genetics, this air/food/water/medicinal poisoning going on has to be taking a major toll, and the social engineering hurts everyone.

      • daphneob

         /  September 16, 2013

        I just listened to David Livingstone on Red Ice, who spoke on his third book ‘Black Terror White Soldiers: Islam, Fascism & the New Age.” It was a far reaching, excellent discussion. His first two books are “The Dying God” and “Terrorism & the Illuminati”. He goes far deeper into the world’s occult history than most, and I have found him an excellent source of information and understanding. And I do think we need to understand the roots of the chaos we are living in. Just blaming it on “the Jews” is a bit of a cop out. This is my opinion after believing this to be the case for some time.

      • I disagree, we absolutely have to blame all the shenanigans on the Jews. This is not a cop out …..BECAUSE THE JEWS ARE THE ONCES BEHIND ALL OF THIS CARNAGE. This is an undeniable fact. The only element in this is we are all complicit to a degree. Purely because we allow ‘the Jews’ to do what they do. That’s the only reason why I include all of us. But the elite Jews are always always the perpetrators. The evidence is loaded.

        However, I do not rate David Livingstone whatsoever; nor Red Ice Creations. Both of these sources are more “It’s the Illuminati” – more disinfo on a disinfo radio show.

        This was the e-mail comment from Deanna from that previous link:

        “These people are really not doing original research but mouthing myths that we have all heard. The Rothschild, Bush Family myth came from a book written by a Jew in order to discredit Hitler and take the focus off of millions of innocent people that the jews killed. The forums and chat rooms are full of sayanim who disseminate deception to counter the truth. Consider the sources of your information.”

        Thank you for contributing

  8. BMan

     /  September 14, 2013

    A quientessential blogging source for Hitler, the NSDAP and “Nazi” Germany is justiceforgermans

  9. BMan

     /  September 14, 2013

    Eustace Mullins is a pretty good expert on the Fed Reserve and Central banking in general. I do not consider him an expert on Nazi Germany, or especially Hitler.

    Notice that he starts out by suggesting that the war was drug on intentionally to make money. That may be true, to a certain degree, but it suggests that the Germans were really pushovers and that the Allies could have taken them down sooner had they wanted to.

    That is bullshit.

    The German forces were some of the best the wold has ever seen. There was a good reason that the Allies didn’t storm France and Germany. The Germans disallowed it by killing tens of thousands of troops trying to take them.

    Mullins says in the video: “I guess Hitler knew what was going on anyway… because he was financed by the Bank of England”.

    (Well, “guess” again Eustace)

    Keep in mind that Sidney Warburg is the JEW banker that makes the claim that the Bank of England financed Hitler.

    All that about him going to England, about industrialists hating him, etc is all bullshit (and it is this claim that has caused me to question Mullins veracity and purpose). Notice I have never linked to or used anything by him at my blog which started in 2007. There is a reason for that.
    What is never discussed is what was going on at the time. Germany had been a well-to-do, industrial laden country. After the Versailles treaty, the Jews started taking over the high places of government, industry, medicine, arts, etc. The same debauchery we are experiencing today is what the Germans were experiencing, but much worse. Hitler had been fairly well off, as were many Germans until this time, where we see the rich get richer, the middle class (of which Hitler was) erased and the poor, getting even poorer.

    Many of the rich didn’t care… UNTIL the communist insurgency took over. For instance, Fritz Thyssen (one of the richest industrialists of the day) and his family were attacked by three communists, held against their will and terrorized. This inspired Thyssen to give big to the NSDAP, because he then realized what the Communists were going to do: take over his beloved country.

    Most of the money to fund the NSDAP was generated in small donations from regular folks. Some was given by the rich, like Thyssen, saw what would happen if they supported the Communists.

    Hitler was NEVER financed by Jews. He was NO Jew.

    Read justice4germans. Read Veronica Clarke’s tome, ”
    Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP

    That is an eye opener. This is why I point to DeAnna. She and Veronica have addressed this ad nauseum.

    Another key source on Hitler, probably the person who has researched the original documentation the most is Irving.

    People cannot help but submit to the demonization brainwashing that history gives us about Hitler. I don’t agree with every facet of his ideology, but I know for damn sure that I have not been taught the truth and had to truly search this out for myself.

    (Keep in mind that my Mother was born in Germany in 1942 and was raised in the aftermath of the horrors of that war. I have had the luxury of discussing some of this with her, her sisters and a bit with her Mother before she died.

    There are numerous theories that suggest that Hitler was a shill and secretly was in on bringing down Germany for the Jews. But one would have to totally ignore all of his speeches, his books, his orders, EVERYTHING to come to that bogus conclusion.

    Like I said, it is but historical brainwashing that people cannot seem to shirk.

  10. Here’s a conversation on Fakeology with Ab Irato and the guys from Mami’s Shit… scoot up to the 2 hour 9 minute spot for a conversation on Hitler’s funding with Peak Crackers and Ab. He does a good job of explaining the Rothschild, Bush Family and other factions involved… the hows and whys… goes on for a while, but good information.

    [audio src="" /]

    For me, it is excellent information that the Hollow Cost is mainly lies… it does not, however, equate that Hitler’s rise to power was completely holistic and/or altruistic. He employed the tools of empire… conquest, death, destruction… and the people suffer and never the elite.

    Can anyone explain to me why it is necessary to paint Hitler as the diametric opposite to the mainstream media’s and academic portrait? It just seems logical and common sense that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

    • Thank you Wanda. I will look at this. I must keep options open. It’s just I have so much trust in Deanna’s intense research and the plethora of researchers in this area.

      Thank you very much for this contribution.

  11. BMan

     /  September 16, 2013

    It appears to me, Mr Digger, that you have a person that is trying very desperately to convince you that Hitler was as bad, if not worse, than the other leaders they discussed (Stalin, etc). You know, because they are just “men of their time”.

    Its as if this person never once read anything Hitler wrote and said or researched what those close to him wrote or said about him. One could spend some very quality time at justiceforgermans and learn a whole lot of truth about this subject (HINT)

    As I explained about Mick, these people are not necessarily sayanim, but could be nothing more than worthless idiots who cannot understand that the MSM is run and owned by the very people we suggest are the culprits and have used their entire lives to brainwash them into believing Hitler had to be some sort of demon.

    It wouldn’t matter what you use to show them differently, they (like Mick) cannot seem to make the leap in understanding that the MSM DOES lie with virtually everything they write.

    Again, Hitler is demonized by them moreso than any other person that ever lived. I don’t think that it is somewhere in the middle, as Wanda put it (Hi, Wanda!). I believe that Hitler was far more amicable and sensible than any other world leader to ever hit the stage (why would JFK or Gandhi say the kind things he said about him). It is no where near the middle, but I guarantee that he is not even close to the evil side. Nothing like Lenin, Stalin, or even Bush/Obama, for that matter.

    I would also point out that Fakeology, altho an excellent source on 911, is certainly no historical source for Hitler or the NSDAP.

    And as much as I enjoy peak crackers’ videos, he certainly is no replacement in historical accuracy for Veronica or DeAnna.

    It Ain’t…

    The occultists… the Illuminati… the banksters… the masons….

    It IS the Jews

    • Thank you B’Man. I am open for discussion and willing to be proved wrong on this topic (and other topics), but I feel this discussion is going round in circles.

      Thank you for your contribution.

    • daphneob

       /  September 16, 2013

      Hello BMan, I understand you were referring to me. I would have preferred if you had spoken directly to me. I cannot make a call on Hitler. I have studied the issue quite a bit for many years, and will study more. Also I went to the site you suggested. There are always opposite viewpoints about everything under the sun. I will NOT come out and say he was a good man. I also will not say that he was “a monster”. That word has been used by the US against everyone they want to go and assassinate and then move on and destroy their country. Hussein, Gadaffi, and now Assad… all monsters? As bad as “monster” Hitler? This is all crazy talk.

      I am trying to find out how much he was involved in the occult, as that is something the Nazis were known for. I have also bought Wall Street and the Rise of HItler. Might get some facts there. I also went to the site you suggested above, and marked that for further reading… along with the sites Digger was sent from Deanna.

      I am not trying to convince Digger of anything. I am simply questioning some of his stronger beliefs. I also wanted to see if this forum was open for true discussion.

      I think you should all study some of Dr Joseph P Farrell’s books. He has about 17 or 18 out now. He’s specialised in things Nazi, and as his research is extremely thorough, he is a must for me as I try to piece together our true history.

      I would be interested for Deanna Spingola to talk with this man. Both with well studied knowledge and yet coming from a different viewpoint, the talk would be fascinating and I imagine I would learn a lot.

      And I listened right through Wanda’s fakeologist interview too.

      • BMan

         /  September 17, 2013

        You can’t make the call, but insinuate certain aspects.

        I can make the call, for I feel that I have evaluated and researched this topic quite thoroughly. It has been a point of contention on my blog with people I once considered an ally… all over their defense of a Jew woman who started the entire Hitler is a Jew thing and I quickly furnished all the data that proves it wrong.

        Hitler was not Jew. He was not subservient to Jews. He was no Rothschild. He was no occultist, but a Christian who had a deep faith (just another area that Hollywood keeps Americans brainwashed in).

        Hitler did not “hate” Jews, but like me, hated what they are doing to his/my country and instrumental in breaking down my liberties in America (same thing happened in the German era before WWII).

        I call all decent Jews to stand up and hold those in their tribe accountable for what is going on. Until this happens, I really do not see any “decent Jews”.

        After reviewing a few titles of Dr Farrell, I am not so sure that space ships, saucers, etc he attributes to Nazis, or all the power he gives them post war stands up to any accurate study of history. From what I see, I might as well ask David Icke his opinion.

  12. Okay… BMan, i quote you now: It Ain’t… the occultists… the Illuminati… the banksters… the masons….

    It IS the Jews…………..

    And i disagree… it is all of the above. They use their knowledge of the occult to create and control through religion… and they communicate through symbols… and sorcery. The bankers clearly run everything and have the power to print money out of thin air and freemasonry is the network that gets all the assholes in the high positions… it is the network employed to ferret these turds out of the general population, rise them up in the ranks and place them in their various roles… and it is jew run… maybe. Maybe there is more to it than meets the eye.

    When you look at it, the perfect world the Illuminists speak of has no place in it for the jews. Everything the jew has done, does and is now genetically inbred into them and flies in the face of the world they say they want to bring in… a world of balance with nature.

    This is not a definitive statement, this is just a hypothesis and food for thought. We forget sometimes, given the false paradigms of choice that all of the above and/or none are also acceptable answers.

  13. BMan

     /  September 17, 2013

    And who controls all the above? Who uses all the above for their end goals?

    Its the Jews.

    None is not an acceptable answer. To say so is to suggest that Jews have nothing, whatsoever, to do with it.

    • I didn’t mean “none” applied in this particular instance, because i agree with you on that, it does not. I merely meant we don’t always consider all the options… just the ones we are handed… that’s a habit we need to break.

      Just like we all just accept there are two sides to every coin… yet, a coin can and does land on its edge now and then… so arguably, there are more than two sides.

      • BMan

         /  September 17, 2013


        It just so happens that I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to flip a coin and have it land on its side.

        From my experience, it never happened.

        But if you could film yourself doing it, that would be amazing.

        I don’t mean to be contradictory, nor am I saying that anything is either black or white.

        What I am saying is that EVERYTHING our government and other PTB tell us is basically lies or misdirections. I would also say that Jews control those entities, so it is Jews lying.

        There are plenty of people that suggest that Hitler was a Rothschild or a Jew or subservient to Jews or Jewish bankers and from my research it is wholly untrue. This isn’t a black versus white issue. There is no in between regarding those claims. He either was a Jew or he wasn’t. He either was a Rothschild or he wasn’t.

    • I think it more accurate to say if Patton was allowed to have it his way… he was ardently and demonstrably anti communistic… he wanted to march right into Russia.

  14. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog

     /  November 16, 2014

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  15. It’s a shame this video equates Hitler as Putin.

  16. It’s a shame this video equates Hitler as a new Putin.

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