Is America ‘finally’ waking up?

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 10, 2013

    Here in the U S of A we have numerous traitors. Hundreds upon hundreds of our
    “leaders” spending their work week advancing themselves, building up their campaign
    treasure chests, multiplying their bank accounts through the job perk of insider trading
    (that a layman would be prosucuted and jailed for), turning down trequests for help by needy constituents, but most of all, licking the smelly feet of Netanyahu and his American spies, subversives, and lobbyists over at AIPAC: America’s biggest nest of Fifth Column traitors looking to advance Israel at any cost whatsoever to America and her people.

  2. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 10, 2013

    America’s two biggest traitors are Senator’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They
    appear to be vying for the title “Israel’s Biggest and Best American Politician Ass Licker.”
    They trip over each other trying to get in front of Netanyahu and on their knees to massage
    his dirty feet. They just can’t serve that psychopath quick enough or hard enough. American’s
    are confounded by these two! Folks even speculate that the Jews have pictures or videos of these two sexually molesting little boys as a tool of extortion. It’s that bad! American’s are trying to understand why these two are nothing other than abject slaves to the Zionist Jews.

  3. Matthew/Boston

     /  September 10, 2013

    It gives me an idea. I’ll collect videos from all over the web of Senator McCain and Senator Graham be scolded, yelled at, and rightfully verbally assaulted by their enraged constituents, make a compilation, and sell the DVD’s online. That should make-up for the lost income having had all the jobs shipped overseas by our “leaders.”


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