Twin Earths



Imagine if there were two earths – earth a and earth b.


And those of us who are awake lived on earth a; and we were able to fly across to earth b, just like hoping on a plane or ferry. Yet those who lived on earth b for some reason were unable to visit earth a.


And every day enough of us would hop across to earth b to try to wake our brothers and sisters, to worn them that their earth had been totally usurped by a plague of parasites.


We tried and tried with every trick in the book to awaken these poor souls. But near on all of them chose to remain asleep. Deep down they sensed waking up was just too much hassle. They didn’t like change, couldn’t be bothered with inconvenience – they were happy slaves, happy in their chemical coma.


But although this scenario would be frustrating to observe and saddening to us – at least we could just pop home again of an evening, back to our save sane earth a …..UNAFFECTED.


But that’s the point.


We can’t just say Ohh well, it’s up to them. We tried; let’em get on with it.


Because we all have to get on with it on this only earth.


We are all affected; very much affected by these people’s apathy, their selfishness. Their passiveness and subservience to all this insanity is helping to murder us too. These people’s willful ignorance is dangerous for our own survival.


Your nice friendly neighbour is dangerous to society. Your kind sweet aunt is dangerous to society. That gentlemanly old guy up the road to you is dangerous to society. So are your friends, your partners, your parents, your brothers and sisters.


The people who are the most closest to us, are indirectly killing us with their apathy, willful ignorance and subservience to this judaic beast. 



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  1. A member of my extended family just said to me “Oh you don’t want to get involved in all of that (referring to my comments on chemtrails and aluminium, fluoride in chemical weapons used in Syria and supplied to rebel forces by britain etc) you can’t do anything about any of that, these things just happen and there’s nothing you can do”!!! This was followed by a ‘pass the butter’ type of remark. This particular person is a corporate slave who wouldn’t dream of anything interfering with their status quo.

    You have to try but it’s such hard work, but maybe it all sows a seed. Sad.

  2. Generally people won’t do anything unless it directly affects them. They have been conditioned that way by ancient mind control (religion). It numbs the brain in much the same way as modern mind control via Tavistock/Frankfurt school is designed to make the populous passive.

    Both control systems (I believe they are linked) are the brainchild of psychopaths that have the uncanny ability to tap into susceptible peoples’ subconscious and manipulate it. Sadly around 90% of the population are susceptible. It’s how psychopaths such as Stalin were able to get ordinary non-psychopaths to carry out mass killings. Our media is obsessed with violence, designed to register on the subconscious. It’s not broadcast by accident but as a direct result of social engineering. Psycho’s thrive upon creating tension and aggression amongst the masses, whilst they remain aloof.

    Psychos have that unique skill. Thousands of years ago they realized the majority of people are dumb and will believe almost anything provided it is presented in a certain way. They skillfully figured out that creating a belief system (religion) whereby everyone is led to believe an invisible man is watching them, its a brilliant method of control. As people have started to question that belief system, psychos have now introduced another level of control. They have made everyone suspicious of each other and they are now using high tech surveillance methods to keep everyone in order.

    Psychos are obsessed with dictating how you live and spying on you as their biggest fear is being found out. They live a lie and create an illusion, always preaching the opposite to what they do; Jimmy Savile is a perfect example. Governments endeavor to give the impression they are squeaky clean honest; the reality is very different. Even though we can see through their illusion, the majority of the population can’t. It’s not that they are dumb its simply their brain is unable to accept it due to generations of brainwashing.

    Changing the subject, there is a theory there is another earth the far side of the sun. It’s the same distance away as we are. We can’t see it as the sun is in the way. Occasionally though we are able to briefly see it every couple of hundred years or so. It was noted by an astronomer in the seventeenth century and also I think it was briefly seen by astronomers around the turn of the last century. A couple of years ago there was a full article about this in Nexus Magazine.

    • Thank you Chris,

      You may well be right with some aspects regarding religion. However I feel so many people automatically throw religion out as a knee-jerk reaction to control in their lives. I’m not religious, but I am careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. I have a huge respect for the Vedic teachings and much of Sufism for example, as I find these historical doctrines and guide books on social cohesiveness. There were elements in Christ’s teaching which are very Truthful. I feel we just need to be selective, comprehensive and discerning. Most people (and I’m not saying this is the case with you Chris) who dismiss religion, when questioned on elements in religion, have no idea of the true esoteric (inner) meaning.

      I know for sure most religions have been usurped, like everything else. I feel we have to be discerning between the core message and the usurped (exoteric) package we have today for religion.

      Most of the Eastern religions are certainly not about an illusory man in the sky, they all are about ‘within’ and focusing on qualitative elements which are necessary in society, such as self-discipline/controlling the senses, ego check, our true identities, nature over materialism, etc. Had society adhered to these elements; i feel we wouldn’t have fallen individually and collectively to the depravity we are in today.

      Perhaps I’m wrong on this.

      Thank you for the note on the second earth. Yes I heard a rumor about this.

      Thank you for your contribution.

      • Many thanks for your very interesting reply. Psychopaths are parasites. Parasites eventually destroy their host when it no longer serves a purpose. Psychopaths will corrupt almost anything, they have corrupted religion for their own purposes. Even so, most religious origins are to do with sun worship.

        It is said Constantine in the fourth century amalgamated various beliefs and changed Christianity to the one we have today. To me, worshiping an idol instead of looking inward to yourself is how people get brainwashed. People have the capacity to worship almost anything whilst ignoring the obvious – their inner self. That’s humanities downfall and self destruct button. Mix with that a psychopath and you have the recipe for mass inhalation. Communism was a religion. That’s how Stalin wiped out between sixty to one hundred million of his own people! It’s strange we hear nothing about that on remembrance days? The reason why is we are enveloped in selective manipulated political history.

        Official interpretation of history isn’t necessarily what happened but usually what a minority in power want you to believe. Religion and political history have all been manipulated by the powers that be to enable them to control us. Truth is dangerous and lethal to the psycho illusionists that control us. That is why they are so terrified of us discovering the truth. They have corrupted history, areas of entertainment and spirituality. State and religion go hand in hand. Forced organized religion is like rat poison – 90% sweetener and 10% lethal!

        Looking at the freak show in Westminster, I guess the majority of MP’s would say they are religious. With the exception of a few the majority of MP’s are psycho’s with no empathy whatsoever. Religion is used as a facade; Tony Blair is a typical example – he is as spiritual as a teapot! The only thing he worships is his own ego and wealth. The same can be said for every treasonous government and the remaining parasites, with the exception of a few, in the back benches.

        Mad Lizzy, the Queen, is said to be head of the Church. Her blood thirsty family tree of predecessors became wealthy due to their ruthlessness. All psycho’s look upon non-psycho’s as dirt beneath them. The Queen is a perfect example. Everyone has to bow and grovel to a wicked traitor (she has gone back on her coronation oath), who couldn’t give a damn for anyone. No sane person could go about their life surrounded by people bowing and groveling to them. Neither could a person with such wealth not feel a twinge of guilt when seeing poverty. I’m convinced the queen and most of her freaky family of inbreeds are insane. Genetically they are inferior as their gene pool is so limited due to their obsession with breeding psychopaths, which has served them well over the centuries. Their survival relies upon a constant PR machine that pumps out a never ending supply of fantasy. Again, people worship it as a religion. We are supposed to aspire to a bunch of genetic deformities that make up the royal family.

        The Royals, the City of London (the Crown that’s separate from the Queen) and a bunch of banker lap dogs that consist of parliament continue to pump out the myth of democracy. People will continue to believe the myth as, similar to organized religion, the masses are conditioned to follow like sheep.

      • Beautifully put Chris,

        Such accuracy. It made me chuckle here n there with such quaint terms such a Blair having as much spirituality as a teapot.

        Thank you very much for this fine contribution

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