Sparks of Consciousness


To watch this video gives me some hope. It really touched me, because as a child I used to visualize this image of a lit up globe; with each cluster of lights representing all the people in the various nations of the globe caring about animals.


Then as a teenager, becoming a vegetarian, I also visualized the dots of light on the globe representing the regions of the world where individuals were increasingly adopting a plant-based diet, then imagining and willing these dots to increase over the years (which they have).


Then later on when I began to wake up to this agenda, yet again this global imagine came into my imagination with the specs of light representing the amount of people increasingly awakening.


But more specifically, as I’ve gradually woken up to the spiritual aspects of this agenda, or should I say realizing that this agenda is completely spiritual; I now see these lights as sparks of consciousness.


Perhaps this short, insignificant video really could be a physical hint that In general terms, people truly are waking up; beyond the politics, beyond the details of 9/11, beyond the financial crashes and even beyond these fake wars. But more of a spiritual awakening – that people are really getting it. Caring for others beyond their own species, creed, colours, lands and dissolving separatism. Just becoming conscious.



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