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  1. Israel believes that Israel is Superior to all Men. Their God, the one they created…. Believes that all other men are Goyim.. excrement to be used by the Jew, as the Jew sees fit. You can not change the mind of a admitted parasite, known serial killer, enemy to humanity. We can however, Stop all Aid to the Beast, and call the Beast a Beast.

  2. Thanks for sharing. My channel still has me locked out and the Jews are going rampant, telling me how they are sorry that my Dad fucked me in the ass and how my mother is a lowlife, etc. And I cannot have access to delete such things.

    And my video is the problem???

    • You’re welcome B’man. Thank you for all your efforts.

      Those bastards!! I wonder why these poor victims got booted out of over a hundred countries. always the victim.

      Thanks for contributing


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