Respect to the Syrian People

Flag of Syria


For those who are aware of the type of themes I cover on diggerfortruth, they will know that I tend not to focus on political events pertaining to the hard kill aspects of this agenda. Of course I care very much about these important issues, but I deliberate choose to step aside and allow others who are able to cover these issues in far better detail than I ever could.

These topics are not my forte as I am not really a political head. For sure I have a full understanding of the fundamentals of this Syrian crisis and would be able to explain them to somebody who is not aware of the agenda, but for the finite details, it is best to simply refer to other sites I have on my sidebar.

The elementary areas I have grasped are:

  • The chemical attacks are probably ‘another’ manufactured media hoax, just like Sandy Hook, Boston, Woolwich beheading, etc. Propaganda in order to whip up the sheople’s consent to implement further attacks on the so-called ‘rebels’ – who are Jewish-owned paid mercenary foreign gangs.
  • The sheople as always through their laziness, apathy and naive trust in the JMSM still swallow this nonsense – and regurgitate it as if they are well informed.
  • They have attacked Syria under a falsehood, when it has been part of their Jewish NWO plan for a long time. Mainly because Syria was not part of their Jewish-owned IMF usury-based global currency [banking power to gain global power in order to gain their satanic power]. And these insecure control freaks need to control the world.
  • Syria is just another country in a list of their countries who these monsters needed to demonize and control – such as: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.
  • Putin is certainly not the superhero in all this, as some people in this movement claim he is. He is nothing but a puppet for the Jews. Just like Obama and Cameron and the rest of them. His job is to ‘appear’ to be the good guy, just like Alex Jones and Icke, to say all the nice-sounding sound-bites to give the impression he is opposition. But he is not. He is just full of rhetoric. The Jews play both sides of both teams. If Putin really was on the side of good, he would have done something substantial by now. Not wait and wait and wait and just give nice-sounding speeches so RT and Press TV can put out there we have some opposition. The only opposition is going to come from ‘we the people’. (please see link below Puppet Putin)

That’s pretty much the basics I am aware of. However the details are very important and I am very grateful for the excellent coverage of events through the various independent networks and alternative media sites.

My thoughts go out to the Syrian people. I hope they are able to receive international solidarity in every way possible. I hope they are able to get the much-needed support from ally countries and enough international pressure is put on Jewish control, shining the spotlight on their criminality.

Wishing the Syrian people all the strength, direction and support from all of us in the alternative media who are trying to expose and fight International Jewry.



Syrian info  

Lasha Darkmoon


Puppet Putin

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