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“It’s as if most of the people I physically meet who are aware of the agenda, seem to only focus 10% of their energy on it. The root of their attention seems to be on selfish desires: fun, comforts, sense gratification, addictions, pleasure-seeking, consuming, mammon/careers and stimulation of all sorts.


It seems they have chosen short-term comforts over their very survival.


Until this ratio completely flips 180 degrees and enough of us who are awake show tangible efforts that we really care; beyond pretending to care; and we are willing to make noticeable changes with our attitude to this war; willing to have inconvenience, and engage in real activism – I cannot see us even scratching the surface of this beast.”



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  1. Nada

     /  September 4, 2013

    We’re gettin there Digger…patience.
    It took THEM 7000+ years to create this nightmare.
    Imagine how hard it was to convince ANYBODY back
    in Ezra Pound’s time.
    With NO internet.

    Its hard, and it looks like it’s going to get harder..
    but as DBS said to me many years ago..

    “We must try”


  2. You’re right, there’s nothing you can do, to change how others do review,
    The way things are, once they’ve been told, if they maintain the lies they’re sold.
    Lies, out of reach, far distant, cold. Hot truth, up close, so hard to hold.
    The truth to them so crystal clear, they see right through it everywhere.
    Some know, and still will not admit, to hard for them to swallow it.
    It’s up to us who can’t resist, to stand against lies that persist.
    Let go a truth majority, the truth is the priority.
    Harder than you thought it was, when it grabbed you just because.
    Steady, slow, rest here and there, the truth’s not going anywhere.
    It waits for you to take a break, and start again, renewed awake.
    Follow through, keep up the fight, truth spreads itself, the truth is light.

    • Thank you C,

      I would only disagree on one area – when you said the Truth spreads itself – NO!! We have to physically spread the Truth. We have to do. Take action. Be proactive. We can’t just passively sit back and let the Truth spread itself.

      Sorry if I have not read your message correctly; but this is a strong theme of this site.

      Thank you for contributing all the same.

      • Point taken. I see your point. That is how it reads. I guess I was aiming at an idea that we’re more dependent on Truth than it is on us. It does read as passive at that point. Thanks. I appreciate your passion.

      • Yes C I see your point.

        Thank you for contributing

      • Hey Digger,

        I revised my poem for clarity. Ego must capitulate to the Truth. Thanks brother.

        “Follow through, keep up the fight, it spreads itself through us, it’s light.”

      • Nice one! You too C

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