Traitor’s gate in London

“Every single ‘in-betweener’ – those weak, mind-controlled individuals who are directly serving this beast, should be arrested and sectioned for anti-social behaviour!


They should remain in a mental asylum until they deprogram and authentically come to the realization that they have sold out; that they have been a traitor to their brothers and sisters. 


It is not only that they have CHOSEN to ignore the Truth and instead be part of the corruption for their self-serving Pavlovian rewards; or that they pretend to themselves and others that they have chosen a vocational career to serve society; but more that they think they have authority over another human being simply because they are wearing a costume, or that they have a badge and title. This alone means they are clearly not in their right minds and that they need to be removed from society for public safety.


For the rest of their lives these malleable, insecure, mentally unstable characters must be permanently psychologically monitored and never ever given social trust with any position of authority or public responsibility. They must be socially shamed for the traitors that they are; and made to make amends to society for their insane anti-social behaviour.”


~ Digger


Homeland Security Is Moving Into an Abandoned Insane Asylum



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