Pissed off


how about we start getting enraged about this serious situation we find ourselves in

how about we dabble in a bit of righteous indignation

how about we become outraged





how about we truly start to care

how about we start to get pissed off



pissed off that we are being systematically sprayed

pissed off that we are being used as debt slaves

pissed off that our foods are being destroyed

pissed off that our water is being poisoned

pissed off that we all are going to be forced into a war which will end all wars – which will end all life

how about we get pissed off



not just a bit wound up

not just a bit of a moan

not slightly irritated

not just alarmed

not quite frustrated

not just a bit disheartened

not slightly annoyed 

but really really pissed off



because unless we reach this state

unless we become completely and utterly outraged

we will continue to be fleeced, poisoned, mocked, enslaved and murdered

we can’t just keep escaping by getting pissed out of our heads

we gotta get pissed off



pissed off for the sake of humanity

pissed off for the sake of justice

pissed off for all those who have suffered under this beast

pissed off on behalf of our ancestors who have struggled for us

pissed off just for the sake of ethics and morals

pissed off in order to save our little ones

pissed off for our brothers and sisters who are currently suffering under this beast

pissed off for our own self-worth

pissed off for the sake of just being pissed off



my friends



we just gotta get pissed off



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  1. It occurs to me people have the impression they can option for CHAOS or CHAOS LITE… Nobody gets to skate. I have been trying to wake people up for 6+ years now… it is getting old, and now my future is hanging in the balance because of doing what is right. Do these people think that i was born to be their personal savior, that i enjoy the role of martyr? It’s bullsh!t.

    Who is doing this to us now? The elite? I want to know who i’m dealing with at this point. Are these people i’ve been trying to ignite a spark in for years now pretenders (crypto jews) or simply can’t be bothered… or, possibly, they are too mentally feeble to understand? Except for mental inadequacies, it is time to call the game. I’m taking it personal. I was not born into this world to martyr myself for a bunch of slackers or psychopaths.

    • We hear your words Wanda. They resonate. You ask such apt questions. Mentally feeble was an appropriate quote. People are damaged Wanda

      I don’t think you/we were meant to be their personal saviour; but I do think we can be open to the possibility that the Truth found us, rather than we found the Truth. It is a hard hard slog though. A true mission in life.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • You know it is a hard slog (and every time you use the word slog it does something to my head (for personal reasons) that makes me strongly feel there is more to this reality than meets the eye… but it’s not God… at least, NOT THAT GOD… that ONE GOD. It’s much, much deeper than that.

        The worst thing in the world would not be to pull away from it and let the chips fall where they may, because we were never in control in the first place, and neither are the self professed controllers. Every step they take to overcome nature creates another force against what they are doing. They use the credo “do what thou whilst”… but nature saw that coming and has it handled. Maybe humanity does not survive this, but since energy cannot be created or destroyed, and since we have evolved to mind, and are therefore past what preceded us in evolution… what comes next will be truly astounding. And we will be a part of it.

  2. BMan

     /  March 29, 2014

    Re-upped (cleaned up some of the “offensive” references that had the YT sayanim’s panties in a wad).

  3. I liked and shared that Bman.

  1. Pissed Off Yet? | B'Man's Revolt

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