It’s as if ….

Line Of Sheep


it’s as if we’re all in line

queuing up like good little sheople

knowing we’re going to be slaughtered

but pretending everything is ok

after all the sun’s out

that’s what it’s like



it’s as if we know but don’t wana know

our intuition has spelled it out to us

plus we’ve overheard the farmer

talking in terms of slaughter and being processed

yet we have slipped into convenient denial mode

we have all just got in line

cos it’s easier 

for the short term benefits



for sure there are a few stragglers 

a few brave wandering sheople

defiant and doing what is natural

for basic survival

but so very few

and most of them get whooshed back in line by the farmer’s dogs

or even self-policed by their fellow sheople



but in the main

it’s as if the sheople don’t really care 

most of them honestly don’t give a fuck

they really don’t

live for the now

after all we can have ice-creams if we stay in line

we can be entertained if we stay in line

endless sense gratifications if we stay in line

it’s comfortable in line

let’s worry about the future when we come to it

when it’s too late



but for now, lets just stay in line



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  1. bigcree1

     /  September 2, 2013

    Lines lead to dead ends. Circles can go in much wider and free flowing patterns. This what being in ones’ right mind (Right Hemisphere) literally can do. It’s very difficult to steer, cajole, manipulate or even intimidate the right dominant person into any kind of line. And as one who is in that frame; I will never be a ‘joiner’, ‘team player’ , or what used to be called during the ‘Counter Culture’ of the 1960’s a ‘square’. Today we see many peole falling into this line and they do it quite willingly. Anyone NOT doing this is immediately attacked and or ridiculed as ‘tin hatter’. What changes’ have occurred in just a few decades! They can have their little uniforms, meaningless tattoos, profuse body piercings, overly baggy trousers, and purple hair. That to me IS quite l 7 : as in square.

  2. bigcree1

     /  September 2, 2013

    Your Essay should be read out loud to many youth attending ‘Schools’ in the many square enclosures around the ‘West’.


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