The Last Person



The last person you ought to take advice for treating your cancer is a cancer specialist who works inside ‘the system’.

The last person you would want to ask for legal advice are the lawyers and solicitors inside the legal system.

The last person you would want to take advice about vaccines are the doctors administering vaccines.

The last people to ask about levels of air pollution are those working in the environmental agencies.

The last people to receive accurate information on international political events are the main stream political journalists.

The last people to have an understanding about what really happened in the world wars are the people working in the war archives.

The last person you should ask about general areas of law is a policeman. 

The last person to ask about food safety is someone who works within the food safety lobby.

The last person one should ask for spiritual advice are the priests in usurped main stream churches.  

The last people to gain honest unbiased information about international criminality are the intelligent services. 

The last person you would contact for help with a child safety issue, is someone who works with child safety issues within social services.



In this perverse, upside down, inside out world; the very people we should be able to turn to for guidance are the most misinformed, incompetent and corrupt.



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  1. Nada

     /  August 30, 2013

    Inspired Digger…Thanks.

  2. Marayah

     /  August 31, 2013

    Good one, Digger, thank you. Shall share this. Like you I was quite alert from an early age, fighting Big Brother Matrix most of my life, though like most, lots of trial&error on the way to be overcome. Still, here we are in these most glorious of times on this planet! Joy, Light and Truth to you and all 😀

    • Thank you Marayah – I don’t know if many people will agree with your ‘glorious times” take. But thank you for contributing all the same.

  3. Sadly I have been witnessing another one for your list –

    The last person to raise a baby is a sheople mother.

    I have been very reluctantly observing at close quarters distant family members who have raised more sheople offspring to be junior corporate slaves who have had their own brainwashed children. I am fed up from speaking out to them and being totally ignored as ‘the nutter’ of the family. Can you believe several grown women in their early twenties who have never been taught or learned to use a knife and fork to cut up their food!!! But of course, all the food they’ve ever been given has been microwaved processed mush – so you only need a spoon for that.

    I just watched a woman in her forties give her little children chocolate biscuits for breakfast. When I commented I was sharply told it was what they asked for. The same children who can barely ever raise their eyes from their iPads. The same children who are so fussy their mother thinks chips (fries) or processed pasta is an adequate meal for them – because that was what they wanted.

    One young woman was slightly sunburned and was told by her aunt to take a painkiller ibuprofen for it because that’s what the doctor had told her – ignoring my offers of aloe vera gel.

    And the chemist’s shop of toxic chemicals they rub all over their bodies and their children’s… the fluoride they unwittingly eat in their toothpastes even though I give them the non-poisonous stuff and an explanation that gets back blank stares… the carcinogenic aspartame they shove down their kids throats – I’m getting really upset here. Why the f**k are young mothers giving their little kids Diet Coke??? I see it all the time, they are so stupid, they feed tons of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup to them in biscuits and sweets and then somehow think they are giving them something healthy in an artificial sweetener for Christ’s sake.

    The list just goes on and on of how they are so programmed to churn out senseless toxic kids. I really am so thankful I never had kids of my own to beat myself up about.

    • We hear you SG. These people have taken on the most challenging life task of all with zero training. They can’t even look after themselves. They have no self worth. These poor souls being brought up like this – what chance have they got.

      The only nitty comment i’d make is the term “Kids” 🙂 this is another one of their newspeak terms they want us to use to describe our children as goy cattle goats.

      Thank you for expressing your unfortunate observations – so sad.

  4. Nothing to disagree with in that list. The only thing I would have added is that the last person you should ask about what really happened in WWII is a Jew.


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