The Energy Beast


I was invited to go to an anti badger-cull demo the other day by a good pal and fellow animal rights activist. I ummed and arrred whether to go or not and I could hear my intuition yelling at me “NO NO NO – do not go!”

It wasn’t until I put the phone down and had a moment of reflection – good ol reflection, that it was so obvious why I clearly should not go.

Now bare in mind I am passionate about the protection of animals (as much as people), and have been involved with all sorts of activism on and off for 30 years. I see caring for the welfare of other sentient beings as important as any of the aspects of this agenda, because it is all destruction. It is all pain and suffering and we are all in this together as one unit.

So to turn down an offer to help in some small way was difficult. I want to do more than mere words on a computer screen. My background before the internet days has always been hands on. Doing in ACTION groups.


I now see this whole agenda for what it truly is.

As we know this beast is not concerned about money, as that is just one of it’s tools. But it’s primary objective is also not about power either, as we often hear people say. But really isn’t.


We are in an energy war, with parasitic energy vampires. Wacky and conspiratorial as this seems, I really see it this crystal clear now.

I have been involved in so many forms of activism and every time it’s the same results. An awful lot of energy gets burnt up, activists go away feeling they have at least done something, and the agenda just marches on.

The activists and demonstrators expend energy, the police expend energy and the force zaps up both their energies. It’s all expenditure of energy for the beast. There is only ever one winner.

Yet at the same time its so difficult for us to not get involved in these events because we feel we just can’t stand back and passively allow this insanity. We want to get involved.

But we have to step back and see all this for what it really is.  We have got to try hard and not keep re-act-ing. This has never brought us long-term results. If it had, we wouldn’t be in this mess. We have got to start to box clever.


We have to be mindful of how we expend our most precious commodity – OUR ENERGY


That’s all they really want —- our energy and therefore our souls. That’s what this insanity is all about. It does not matter how ‘it’ gets it. Through our compliance, through our anger against it at demos, through our grief through their hard kill, through our constant worrying through debt stress and legal stress, through our mass gatherings at music festivals, through our infighting on forums, the strain of just surviving, through slaving for them through usury-based mammon, through their ubiquitous symbology.

This energy vampire just wants our raw energy.

So; if we accept this theory, and we accept we have to be careful not to keep reacting to whatever they throw at us. Then what do we do? How do we fight this age old beast?

My suggestion at this stage in the game is we capitalize on the tools we currently have. The three most affective weapons we have are:

(i) the internet

(ii) technology – CDs, DVDs, ability to make films, etc

(iii) our voice/talking

If we are able to use these three powerful tools effectively as a three-pronged attack, we can access so many more people. Because our main objective should be getting others to migrate to our side.

Years ago before the internet when we were on the streets leafleting, it was a hundred fold harder to get the message across. All we had back then was stacks of badly photocopied A4 sheets, where the ink would come off and smudge and stain all your hands. Now a simple sticker with websites and films can contain vastly more information.

Now thanks to the internet and technology we can get the message out there much more effectively. It’s so much more easier to communicate our message. We have to capitalize on this magic window of time. As I see it, now is the time to be expending our energy propagating accurate information, whilst we can. This means physically getting out there on the streets distributing fliers, stickers, burnt CDs/DVDs, posters, handouts, etc. Accessing as much new blood as we can. Depositing them in cafes, churches, waiting areas, perhaps we may just accidently leave them in washrooms, toilets, public transport, etc.

That’s where our energy should be expended. Propagating propagating propagating. And accurate Truth too on the root cause not the isolated problems such as fracking, or chemtrails, or badger culls, whatever.

We don’t even have to engage in deep conversations and ego battles. We just need to politely listen to these people, throw a few hints and then pass them a leaflet with a good vibe. They can unwind all their cognitive dissonance and deprogram themselves gradually in their own time.

And we don’t have to worry about getting everyone on board with this. I’m guessing we only need to hit a figure of 15%. Once we hit this type of figure, most of the sheople will follow. We know this and so does the beast (International Jewry, who are the physical manifestation of the beast).

It is a hard slog, and it is boring tiresome work. Distributing fliers is not as thrilling and exciting as going to a demo and letting off steam. But many achievements worth aiming for are usually quite incrementally boring. To get a black belt, one has to attend the same old club, with the same old characters, and go through the same old repetitive routines, week in week out for years. It’s hideously boring. And its tiresome, painful and draining. But the rewards are there.

Same for properly learning an instrument, or learning any skill. Most of the time it really isn’t exciting and maybe even unpleasant. But it’s always about the end result. Achieving something worth while. What could be more worth while than defeating this beast once and for all??

From now on any demo we attend, we should be going for one reason and one reason only – TO PHYSICALLY HAND OUT INFORMATION. To those who are not fully awake, those who are angered by a specific single-issue, but haven’t yet seen the bigger picture. We should not be getting embroiled in arrests at demos, with court cases and dangerous covert night operations. Those days are gone, that is all futile.


Because that is all about feeding the energy beast.



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  1. I think by now I should be pretty unshockable – we can read the true message behind all the millions of lies and understand how the jew agenda works. But I am so so angry right now at the deception that’s been sold to so many ‘good’ people who think they are doing their bit to help save our wildlife – the badgers – when in fact they have been abysmally misled and will be innocently persuaded to go out to vaccinate badgers with (surprise) – TB bacteria and goodness knows what other viruses and toxins to sicken and kill these poor badgers and keep TB alive and kicking in the countryside and farming environment. That’s exactly how it works with vaccination – keep the diseases going by putting them into the population. I’ve just received an email invitation from the Green Party asking me to volunteer to be trained to vaccinate badgers at the cost of £375 per person!

    Quote from NFU Cymru TB spokesman Stephen James – “It apparently costs £620 per badger annually – last year they spent a million pounds in less that 300 sq km (115 sq miles).”

    Make money for big pharma who will make millions in this ‘problem, reaction, solution’ deception – and we all know in whose pocket that all goes. And it’s our money, our wildlife, our environment and food chain will be taken from us exactly as the jews desire. TB doesn’t even pass from cattle or milk to humans and it’s pretty well unknown in most of Europe.

    Well, that was No 1 shock – but I’ve had another that has really wound me up. ‘Well-meaning’ idiots thinking they are donating what’s needed for charity zoos. Just get the ignorance in this request – from a Monkey Rescue Centre….
    “We recently started a Shoe Box Appeal, whereby supporters fill a box with treats for the primates…. please see the suggested list of items currently needed: …..
    (some items in the list make sense such as Nuts no shells for the woolly monkeys, nut in shells for the capuchins – but these ones following horrify me)

    Shredded wheat bite size, weetabix, rice krispies, ryvita crisp bread, malt loaf, marmite or bovril, dried semi-skimmed milk. Low sugar jelly, creamed macaroni, rice pudding, ready-made custard, strawberry and banana baby porridge….

    They might as well feed them all on Big Macs – what is going on? What sort of natural monkey diet contains bovril? This guarantees a nice little earner for the vets in the years to come with sick monkeys with digestive problems, joint problems, behavioural problems, dental problems, skin, lowered immunity etc etc. They are no different from us – modern wheat and processed dairy foods damage our health over time and they would do exactly the same for monkeys.

    • Thank you SG, very informative as always. We here your outrage.

      It’s more of the same, 360 degrees insanity. Demonic agenda wherever we shine the light.

      It would seem we are the monkeys in this huge vivisection experiment.

      Thank you again for contributing


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