Dodgy Dave

Trust in government


Imagine if there was a guy at work or at your local sports club called Dave who was notorious for being full of s**t. Whatever Dave came out with you could almost guarantee was going to be BS, or embellished half-Truth. He just could not be relied on to give any reliable facts of local events or judgement of character. So much so, he was known as ‘Dodgy Dave’.


Not only was Dave a compulsive liar, but he had a malevolent edge to him too. He would feed off of friction between people around him, somehow managing to create people to argue between themselves. Dividing work colleagues and people at his sports club.


And Dodgy Dave had a reputation for stealing too. It was something he just did, he couldn’t help himself. He was always up to his shenanigans. And so was his entire family, and his ancestors. His brothers, his cousins, all of them; nearly always up to some mischief. Nothing but trouble, nothing but untruths.


Generally only people who did not know him got stung and occasionally one or two people who gave him the benefit of the doubt a second time. But in general, most people steered clear of him as it would have been a point of insanity to associate with this head-case. Only a naive fool would continue to have any more dealings with him.


Dodgy Dave is representative of this demonic system. The joint government and main stream media. Both these elements having being usurped and controlled by International Jewry.


Yet – year after year, decade after decade the sheople STILL go back to this lying, thieving source for their information and what is going on in the world. They still look up to this source for their guidance and authority.


Not only will these stupefied idiots look up to this system which has repeatedly lied to them and fleeced them all their lives, just like Dodgy Dave – THEY WILL ACTUALLY DEFEND THIS FILTHY SYSTEM and target and self-police anyone who dares to expose it for what it truly is.






This is the result of being lazy and caviler about protecting one’s family, nation and humanity. These days with alternative news being so easily available, this willful ignorance and naivety is inexcusable!


If we are looking to point the finger at who is behind all this insanity; we need to look around us. Our next door neighbour, our cousins, our aunts, our nephews, our work colleagues, our partners, our sports companions, our brothers, our uncles, our nieces, our grandparents, our sisters.


The desperately sad reality is that these people are our enslavers. These people make up the majority of humanity and are truly dangerous, because they are the ones who are holding us back from making this world a beautiful existence full of freedoms.



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  1. Steve

     /  August 30, 2013

    As usual, complete resonance here digger. Here we are on the brink of who knows what, and people are talking about the most irrelevent of issues…. and like you say, it is going to get worse for those of us who care to do that tiny bit of research neccesary to find out that it is all a big bunch of lies… as if we didn’t already know. So here we go again, about to begin another slaughterous rampage on behalf of that tiny little psychopathic monster in the center of the ‘nest’ of murder and mayhem, and what are the people I know talking about? ….
    How was shopping at the new big box store?
    How’s the new operating system on you smart phone?
    Have you heard that fish stocks are down?
    “Almost 50% of Canadians are happy to have surveillence on every click they make on their computer, to have someone they don’t know read their emails”…. “Why worry if you’re doing the right thing?”
    It’s all fucked.

    • Yes Steve, but artfully put by you as always do. The problem is we don’t seem to have a choice in all this…….what I mean is, we can’t say, Oh well you choose this insanity, we’re off somewhere else. because we all dragged down with beast. That’s why I put so much effort on this blog focusing on US – the people. Because we are the problem. The morons around us. The selfish, non-caring clowns, prattling on about mammon and gadgets and sense gratification and all their plethora of selfish desires. It’s all insane and no escape from it.

      Yes Steve – it’s all fucked.

      Thank you again for contributing.

  2. Digger, It all depends on where you dig.
    Dave has Christ living within him (however he may not be aware of this).
    Dave has a central nervous system and responds to the same pleasure/pain principle that we all do.
    We need to have more faith in Dave because all
    people tend to live up to the expectations that others have of them.


    • Thank you MG,

      I see your point about Dave. But just so you understand the analogy in this post. The post wasn’t actually about Dave itself, it was about the TRUST people put in Dave year after year; like a dodgy car salesman. It was to highlight the subject of how the sheople keep trusting the media and their lies, how they keep trusting the politicians and voting and how they keep trusting the medical mafia. This insanity cannot be denied.

      But I see your point, we all at one point in our lives have known a dodgy Dave.

      Thank you all the same for contributing.


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