Apathy--deadliest tool of mass destruction


Feedback from the Sunday’s chemtrail demo.


One word PATH-ET-IC

That is my honest evaluation of the day, of the movement and where we’ve at in this agenda.

I spent Friday morning texting about 17 people back n forth informing them about the demo and even the importance of chemtrails. I spent about £12 on phone credit.

Those that even bothered to get back to me, to let me know either way; pretty much all said something to the effect of “I wud go – BUT ………”

One claimed he had a wedding to go to. Whaa – on a Sunday?? Surely he could make a better excuse than that.

These same people will be texting me next week about how the skies are a mess of trails. Moan moan moan.

If I had invited them to a music festival or food festival, I bet half of them, if not all of them would have turned up. Anything pertaining to fun, with sense gratification they somehow would have time for.

These same people are obsessional about their special health diets and cleansing foods and natural health products. They will go into great detail and are quite anal about whether one should eat a biodynamic diet, or a raw vegan diet; yet they are casual about breathing in toxic barium and aluminum wastes every day of their lives. They can’t seem to prioritize that being deliberately systematically sprayed by poisons as a major part of a depopulation programme has got to be a detrimental factor in poor health. I find their logic so bizarre. And half of them of these people have got children too.

So I went on my own, fortunately a friend was joining me there at the event.

Then when I got there, my heart nearly sank. There must have been a grand total of about 100 of us (probably 20 of them were operatives). They have been spraying us now with deadly poisons for ten years, and all we can muster up in defiance of this atrocity in central London on a nice day is a 100 people!! That works out to be 10 people for every year of spraying.

I’m sure if there had been a demo to protest about banning polystyrene cups, twice as many people would have attended this demo. Or if the government wanted to ban their precious tellys (TVs) the streets of Westminster would be flooded with protestors.

And if that wasn’t bad enough. What a pathetic bunch of conspiracy theorists half of these people were. Everything goes with them – UFOs, aliens, reptilians the lot. Many of them having attended the Bilderberg event (their fun day out). Icke’s fan club. One guy I chatted with claimed to be a Truth-seeker for 15 years and has proudly read all of Icke’s books. When I inquired what other authors he had read, he curiously implied “What was the point?” He thought Icke was the main man and referred to him in reverence as ‘the governor’.

One woman I spoke to boasted to me that she had attended the Billderberg meeting event – with Icke and Jones. She was actually preening as if she had accomplished some heroic feat…..just by turning up and having a fund day out. She described Icke and Jones as “Amazing bastions of Truth.” I kid you not.  She said those two (meaning Icke and Jones) were the ‘Dynamic Duo’. At this point I just had to walk away.

These are the type of mind controlled non-thinking idiots who we currently have representing most of these Truth meet ups. i.e. non-discerning NWO conspiracy theorists – nutters.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, a lot of them drown their sorrows afterwards in the pub. Thirsty work this Truthing. So they down the pints and end up slurring and talking pub talk. Even more gibberish than they normally do. Icke said this and Icke said that. Plus they’re full of broken promises of what they intend to do and ‘what we ought to do’. Ill-disciplined individuals who just cannot go without their alcohol fix.

Why I left so utterly disheartened was because this is what I have experienced when I first started attending Truth meet ups and here I am again several years on whist the agenda has progressed – and nothing has changed in these meet ups.

What hope have we got?? Really; what chance have we got to stop this beast?? The situation sometimes seems quite pathetic. At times like this I ask myself What movement have we really got? I thought to myself on the way home, the only movement is in their direction. It all boils down to the fact that most people don’t really care.

I couldn’t help think of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World scenario, where we accept our subservience. And we accept our masters murdering us. If they can spray us like bugs nearly every single day for ten friggin years in every major city and that’s all the resistance we can put up – then a part of me wonders what hope we have of not entering WW3 and the complete destruction of the world.


But hey chin up.



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  1. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAthiest and commented:
    Chem-trails, Geo-Engineering, Strategic Aerosol Management, What ever you want to call it” Is a deadly and costly intervention, that is causing more damage than good. Stop Chemtrails!!!

  2. Steve

     /  August 28, 2013

    Digger, I enjoy reading your posts and thought the same way you do, until I realized that there is no hope in this world. That’s when i realized that my only hope is in God. I hope you find peace.

    • Thanks Steve, welcome to DFT

      You may well be right.

      Thanks for contributing

      • Me, i am placing my faith in this small bell i got on my window sill. I made a comparison and, turns out, the bell has a better track record of answered prayers than God… plus it doesn’t judge me… and i have proof of its existence.

      • 🙂

        You may find this amusing

  3. Love it. It’s a veritable recipe for a well adjusted society -NOT. One good turn, deserves another…

    Revelation revealed in Lego-like toys… hilarious, and it makes its point… very well…

  4. How silly to hold a demo on the same day as the Notting Hill Carnival – more than a million people went to that – and only a few miles away. You forgot there was an important Grand Prix to watch too. Always something…. what a waste – so sorry. The half awake truthers are so dangerous as their arguments just don’t have any appeal to the sheople. They just turn them off. It seems harder to wake them up and communicate with them than a blank canvas.

    • Yes this all makes sense SG. Plus they changed the demo location ‘at the last minute’ – surprise surprise. An old displacement tactic.

      Yes you are right, half-Truthers are the worst. One almost has better luck with newbies.

      Thanks for commenting

  5. Your chem-trail protest that few attended is exactly like all the anti-war rallies I’ve gone to. About 100 people show up. I finally decided not to waste my time anymore.

    But the real revelation came when the so-called Arab Spring began in Egypt and there was a rally in support of the Egyptian people. About 1000 Arabs came out, perhaps many were from Egypt. At the pro-Palestinian rallies there was also a huge crowd of Arab Muslims but at the rally against any war with Iran, the only Arabs that attended were from the subversive Green movement who wanted regime change (Ahmadinejad out ) but no war as a means to this end. I finally realized the reason no Muslims showed up to support the sovereignty of Iran is because Iran is Shiite and obviously most of the Muslims in New York City are Sunni. So after all the death, suffering, and carnage inflicted on the Muslim world since 9/11, the average Muslim is still so full of his/her petty internal hatreds and divisions, that this is all that matters to them. If these people don’t know who the enemy is at this late date, then nothing can save them.

    You really have to wonder whether the concept of Karma is at work here. Are the Arabs and Muslims receiving the hatred that they themselves are consumed by?

    • Thank you Patty. Yet again we have separatism. I’m in the blue you’re in the red team. When will we ever overcome this illusion??

      Thank you for contributing


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