if I take my money out of this account

and put it in that account

access my ICA funds

then invest in that finance policy

then set up a a trust fund

take the money from that

and invest it in this

then use the profit from that

for deposits on specular commodity investments 

then in time that will grow

and I can use the dividends 

and make further usury-based investments

and have even more returns

so with my stocks, savings, trust funds, net profits, interest growth, tenancy fee purchases and capital gains 

I’ll hopefully be able to accumulate more mammon with 

more residual income, tax benefits and pension schemes

therefore reap even more wealth



 mammon – you just can’t get enough


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  1. russ hook

     /  August 23, 2013

    The Jews create $$$ out of NOTHING, loan it at usury, and then FORECLOSE to STEAL REAL WEALTH (property, assets, etc.) after they have artificially sucked $$$ out of circulation to create a DEPRESSION. And the SHEEPLE CONtinue to play their MONOPOLY game! Who is sicker, the abuser, or the ones who CONtinue to bend over for them?


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