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So here we go again – another controlled demo with comfortable Truth about those nasty “globalists” and “Illuminati” and “Banksters”. Where the half-Truthers can gather to hear polished speeches from ‘selected’ speakers with nice-sounding sound-bites. Lots of feel-good factor and then they all go home satisfied knowing they’ve done their bit and someone else is going to sort it all out for them.
Sorry to sound so dispondent with these demos, but I’ve observed how it all works for the last 30 years of my life. When you see the same patten again and again, it’s difficult to feel optimistic about these ‘organsed’ events.
However, I’m still glad it’s happening. For many reasons. But mainly that it means at least something is stirring. They have been FORCED to organise this event from pressure groups. The purpose of any demo at this level, like the ‘We are the 99%’ events are to allow the goy to throw their toys out of the pram, let off some steam. Which suits these maniacs just fine, because it then allows them to carry on demonic business as usual afterwards.
This event will indirectly get some sleepy sheople to take a look up at their skies. It will get some scientists even to take these conspiracy theories a bit more serious. It is all about getting the numbers on our side. The media will have to report some event, even if it will be garbage they print. But it will get the stupified Daily Mail and New York Times readers to at least look at this subject. The beauty about this subject is people can actually see the chemtrails with their own eyes.
Now perhaps I’m being too optimistic 🙂
But of course the real reason to attend any demo these days is to turn up with stacks of fliers WITH REAL TRUTH. Flood the place with our fliers, stickers, burnt DVDs/CDs and posters. We have to capitalize on these gatherings of half-Truthers. At least they have the oomph in them to get off their arses and attend a demo, at least they care enough. So our job is to nudge them over to the real Truth.
London demo, this Sunday 25th at Trafalgar Sq, Nelson’s Column To Parliment Sq. 12pm meet
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    Chem-trails are the Medium, Frequency is the weapon.


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