Demonic slaughter



Badger slaughter supposedly this Monday.


Some of these sets are over 500 years old. This is more BS, packaged for our protection. And the sheople will buy whatever story the JMSM sells them. This is more satanic/demonic destruction. More suffering, more pain,  desolation of nature. Whilst claiming to care about precious nature with all their endless global warming themed nature programmes. The duplicity is sickening.

Please do your bit to protest this culling.

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  1. anon

     /  August 23, 2013

    When east londons connaught hospital which was bought with public subscription and private legacies, not government money which is ours anyway, closed and the land stolen and then sold off for private building, an ex intel man known to us broke into the building and took out a load of medical files looking for two famous people and a pair of east end criminal twins mental health records. What he found was the real cause of the TB outbreak across Britian, it was not badgers as cattle where no badgers have existed for almost 100 years have been among those affected, the caause of the TB was from immigrants allowed in with no health checks, Russian Tb is a killer and it has no cure.
    The government lies on this and much else ona regular basis, trust nothing they say

    • WOW – and probably the virus was artificially manufactured too??

      Thank you for contributing


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