What on earth must they think of us?

Slaughterhouse cruelty


from the minute they are born

their first encounter with us

that strange species called human beings

we interfere in their lives

we tamper with their natural spirit

all for our benefits

for mammon

for our self interests

for sense gratification

for tradition, habit, ego – social conditioning

take take take

what on earth must they think of us? 




so-called ‘experts’ inform us animals don’t possess conscious thought


but those of us who care 

who bother to comprehend our fellow beings

who understand universal compassion 

we say otherwise

we question – what goes through these sentient beings minds?

we ask ourselves

what on earth must they think of us? 




what must they think of our actions towards them?

monsters perhaps?

unconscious cruel evil aliens?

throughout their shortened lives they are mere products to us

organic products to be used and consumed

injected with toxins, sprayed, poisoned, drugged, branded, clipped, fleeced, used as entertainment, gassed, skinned alive, hunted for ‘sport’, trapped, caged, prodded, boiled alive, electrocuted

abuse abuse abuse

who do we think we are?

how dare we

what on earth must they think of us?


kDogs Crate 9 Face Shot


us humans the supposed superior race

us humans the supposed intelligent race

us humans with supposed wisdom

us humans who are supposed spiritual souls

us who apparently possess consciousness

inflicting UNNECESSARY fear

inflicting UNNECESSARY pain 

inflicting UNNECESSARY suffering

on the innocents 

on the weaker 

on the vulnerable 

on those who cannot object nor defend themselves

what makes us think we have the right 

to abuse another living sentient being?

what on earth must they think of us? 



using animals for our selfish desires is wrong

using animals for our selfish desires is unethical

using animals for our selfish desires is immoral

using animals for our selfish desires is unspiritual

using animals for our selfish desires is not acting from a place of consciousness



using animals for our selfish desires is nothing more than supremacism, speciesism, and separatism



“He who for the sake of their own desires, hurts others; shall not hereafter find happiness.”

~ The Buddha (Dhammapada)



Dogfight aftermath: Notice the right front leg has been ripped off.   Photo by: Unknown

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  1. Thank you for your efforts… i hope they will not be in vain.

  2. Man’s inhumanity to man is only an extension of his inhumanity to the rest of the sentient beings. May God grant us eventual understanding of our purpose in life. Thanks Digger for assisting in that process.

    • Thank you Webmin,

      You too for all the grief you have and are taking on behalf of the BIG T

      Thank you for contributing

  3. russ hook

     /  August 22, 2013

    This is so sick digger! This New Ager bitch I met on-line has no problem with her CONsumption /ADDiction either. Stop this POS Planet, I want to get off!

  4. My nerves are shot.I am in a constant state of deep depression.I cant take it anymore….

    • Yes we hear you. These are most definitely testing times. But ……..we are stronger than we think. This is our spiritual quest.

      I agree, it all seems so cruel. Unnecessarily cruel.

      Hang on in there, go within.

  5. Jc

     /  August 23, 2013

    Words can’t explain how much animal cruelty angers me, especially those sick feckers that make dogs fight.

    • Quite. However my purpose in putting up these veggie/animal rights type posts is not to irritate people and create divisions. It’s to snap many Truthers out of this mindset that it’s always someone else’s fault that we have this evil in the world. That it’s always some external problem and we are saints. We all have to look at our lives, our role in all of this. That our daily choices through sense gratifications and habits are affecting others – other’s suffering. Hope that makes sense.

      Thank you for contributing.


    • I wouldn’t know why “especially” the dog fighters… that happens, but, in my opinion, the harsher reality is what happens daily in the meat industry… and it churns on day after day, cheeseburger after cheeseburger… i cannot pass a meat section without my heart sinking in sorrow for the willful ignorance that keeps this practice going.


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