Five Pillars


Behind all the finger-pointing of it’s the government, it’s the system, or even it’s IJ International Jewry. All of us at some point come to the realization that we are in a spiritual battle and it doesn’t matter what era we refer to, what specific historical time period; each and every time we are simply dealing with a dark/negative force. Essentially evil. With all our petty egotistical varying takes on this agenda, hopefully we can all put our differences aside and agree that this tyranny is simply about malevolence vs benevolence, darkness vs Light, goodness vs evil.

In light of this (if you excuse the pun), I’ve tried to specifically look at what is keeping this Tyranny, this evil alive. The evil which is potentially within all of us. I recognise that IJ is/are the main antagonists in this drama. They are the ones physically instigating the evil, effectively the bullies, the trouble makers; so I will continue to highlight their crimes.

But this is too simplistic. We Gentiles do not have halos on our heads. We are allowing the bully to bully us. We have accepted and implemented every aspect of their shenanigans. We do the physical warmonger for their wars, we arrest each other under their laws, we slave ourselves for their construct call usury. So how can we entirely blame the Jews, when it is us who are complying every single day of our lives(?)


The bully can only bully if we allow the bully to bully



So here is my take on the fundamental elements which are holding up this tryanny/evil.


The five interdependent pillars

1/. False identities

IAMism. How we identify with ourselves through our conditioned and sometimes chosen labels. Because that’s all they are – labels. I AM a this or I AM a that. Oh no you’re not …….you are a beautiful soul, a spark of light having an experience as this label at this time. You’re specific label is just the space suit (soul suit) you happen to be wearing right now. Enjoy your soul suit, but be mindful that that’s all it is. A temporary, transient, superficial vehicle you’re using to transport the spark within.

Truly acknowledging this is the first step in helping to dissolve the deadly social cancer of SEPARATISM



2/. Naive Trust and Willful Ignorance

This is in reference to those in society who CHOOSE not to wake up. These days there really is no excuse for anyone who has easy access to the internet for alternative information not be at least aware that we’ve been had. That there is a plan, an agenda, which is not in our best interest.

But the sheople have chosen the blue pill. It really is that simple. They generally trust their governments, they trust their poling stations for the voting scams, they trust the white coats and associated big pharma, they trust their media, they trust their supermarkets, they trust their indoctrination sold as education, and they ultimately trust authority. Naive gullible trust. The farmer cares about us, he does what he does for our best interests.



3/. Apathy

Can’t be bovvered. This applies to the red pills as much as the blue pills in society. Blue pill apathy is simply at a level of not even caring to find out why things are so messed up in our world. They’re just trundling along doing their thing. Relying through trust that the JMSM will tell them all they need to know and they can’t be bothered to do all that researching stuff. No, just head down and get on in life.

But even though the red pills have bothered to find out what’s going on and who’s behind all this insanity, they too have levels of apathy when it comes to acting on all this information. The seasons go by, the years go by and all they do is amass heaps and heaps of data. Data collection.  Truthing to them is just their new hobby. Another fascinating interest to pass their time. It’s their Truth porn. They’re content as comfortable browsers without doing anything about the situation. After all, someone else is going to sort it out for them.



4/. Selfish Desires

A bit obvious this one. But go into any busy high street in the center of town, sit on the wall and just observe – just look at the me me me madness. I’ve gotta get, I’ve gotta have. Try and walk from one end of the high street to the other in an objective mindful state and just observe the amount of people who will cut across you in order to get where they want to go…….to have their selfish desires.

So greed comes under this pillar, at varying levels. Because with many people, there is never a cut off point with their desires. Always just a bit more and more, another and maybe just another. And at who’s expense? Who really is paying for all this snatch n grab mentality? Always someone else.

But selfish desires goes beyond the obvious materialistic gain. It can also be just simple sense gratification. The most common is sexual lust in every form. But it’s still just another I want mentality. I gotta have.

Then with all these things and all these sensual experiences, along comes attachment. Good ol attachment. This allows us to have more cravings, but this time a craving to own, to possess so no one else can have. These are mine. These are ours. Now I need to protect these things. And I will be distraught if these things are taken from me, or even borrowed for an extended time……because they’re my things.



5/. Non-compassion

A society with lack of compassion threaded through it is a doomed society. How can we begin to even talk about social justice and rights for ourselves, if we do not as individuals have compassion at our core(?) Compassion for those who are suffering around us, compassion for those in far off lands who we will never see, compassion for those who are superficially very different from us in looks and culture, compassion for different species than us. If we don’t care about others and try to serve others; then how can we expect others to serve us when we are in need(?). This is not allowing others to trample all over us, it is coming from a place of self-respect and compassion for ourselves too. It is just plain logic. This is pragmatic spirituality. We’re all in this together. So lets pull together and help and serve others – simple.



Fear-based insecurities 

These five pillars are sitting on a floor area. Our deep-rooted fears, our insecurities. The reason we are entrenched in selfishness, greed, attachment, lust, false identities, etc is because we do not love and respect ourselves at a fundamental level. We have been trained to look for external pleasures for our happiness. Something outside of me will bring me my joy. This is not where we are going to obtain our true security – through things, even through external experiences. It’s always an inside job. Within. The kingdom of God is within. Every spiritual belief system has said the same – even if the usurped version of the spiritual practice does not practice this principle.

This means making the effort to take time out. Time for reflection, time to be intraspective. A paced walk in the woods, a quiet sit down on a bench for a moment of contemplation, a simple prayer, regular meditation, allowance for the time to go within. Your time.




Beneath the floor area of fear-based insecurities is a foundational base known as separatism. This is the basis of this whole tyranny/evil. That fundamentally we all see others as separate and different to us. When at a deeper spiritual level nothing could be further than the Truth. This is a ridiculous notion, it is another false doctrine and THE major element in this whole illusion. We are most definitely not separate. Crass and new-age as it sounds – we are all one. We are all sharing the same air, we are sharing the same water, we are all sharing the same energy, we are all sharing the same planet. We are operating as a single unit on this tiny spec in the universe.

It’s just a choice, every single day of our lives whether we continue to keep these conditioned divisions, Pavlovian trained habits, programmed reactions; and whether we embrace the dark energy or the light energy.



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  1. And unless we’re domesticated (taken away from nature) the earth provides our every need… in abundance and without a hook it in it. Think about it… a wild animals live a life we can only envy… they are birthed right onto the earth, oh and look… everything you need to sustain your life is right there, on the ground too… it doesn’t need to be, it shouldn’t be complicated. Humanity… come back down to earth.

  2. anon

     /  August 22, 2013

    we each need a thought for the day, and digger so often gives me mine, something to ponder on as we struggle through the day. Remember the powers that be PTB will try to sidetrack us with TV bulshit, big brother nonsense , football porn, homosexual perversion fast cars etc, when all we need is to talk to one another.

    • Thank you anon for your positivity.

      Yes we do have to turn our back on what the beast is presenting us each day of our lives.

      Thank you for contributing.

  3. Steve

     /  August 22, 2013

    This is it Digger. The only solution is to end the self imposed tyranny of separation. Now, however, it seems humanity is testing the limits of separate-ness. We definately concur – it cannot last like this. Thank you. I hope enough people take heed. The good news is that the power is within each of us so we don’t need to look anywhere else but there.

  4. neal

     /  August 22, 2013

    Everyone is way too practical. The original instructions are really simple, any child is born with it. There is something about security, so many will trade anything for cash. I do not understand. Trade your soul, your sense of humor, and youth, for rolling papers?

    I do not know, I come from a background of those who lived like animals, and kings. Most of them have traded praying for good weather, and crops, for a monthly check, like that is something. They can have the south of France, these mountains in this place do pretty well without the tourists.

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