a fun day out

distraction distraction distraction

Here we go again, more trickery from the kings of deception and look at all the sheople flock.

This weekend here in England, yet more naive fools were tricked into attending this ‘potentially’ well-meaning anti-fracking demonstration. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be like all the other controlled descent events – a fun day out.

It’s a simple formula; all you need is a bunch of new-agers (crusties) with some bongos, and a digereedoo, lots of tasty food, a few poets, and alternative stalls.

Ensure the event has a ‘selected’ posh main speaker who was brought up in a nice public school to do all the talking, about ‘the globalists’ and ‘the government’ and ‘the system’, with lots of powerful sound-bites to gear up the sheople. Enough for them to think something is getting done, when nothing could be further from the Truth.

Plus add an MP getting arrested for good measure [Caroline Lucas who was one of the organizers of the ‘We are the 99%’ sham with all the tents (more distraction)]. Make sure all this commotion is on kosher main stream media, for the other sheople watching at home and bobs your uncle – you have a nice controlled demo in a self-contained package.

Then the sheople all go home nice n happy, having had a fun day of entertainment with lots of comfortable Truth; kidding themselves they have been rebellious slaves for the day. Allowing themselves to think they’ve done something righteous to fight against social injustice.

The reality of course is the fracking will probably be going on elsewhere, or they will have zero effect towards the end result.

But the main point of all this drama and entertainment – (because that’s all it is); is it will distract the sheople from the real issues of what’s going on in the world: the gearing up for WW3 with Egypt and Syria as well as the Jewelian police state being set up right under their noses.

What tune will these people not dance to?


Unfortunately like many demos, there are many well intentioned individuals, who passionately care about this important issue. After all it is another attack on mother nature. Poisoning the water is very serious. My point in this essay is really only to highlight the way people are so easily manipulated to react to various issues, rather than look at the bigger picture.


Whilst these people are dancing to their bongos, there were 1000 people slaughtered in Egypt and more war in Syria.


2000 people apparently attended the Balcombe anti-fracking demo this weekend……99% NOT HAVING A CLUE THAT IT IS INTERNATIONAL JEWRY BEHIND IT ALL…….as well as being aware IJ is behind all the other carnage in their lives.

If you mentioned to them it was IJ behind it all, they would either scoff at you in a condescending manner; or spit venom at you, accusing you of being a filthy racist anti-semite nazi bigot. And would do all they could to protect the poor victim Jew.

Plus near on every one of these ‘rebels’ will go home to their cozy TV sets and watch themselves on kosher news. All of them will pay their taxes, and their unlawful fines and penalties and food shop at the major supermarkets chains.

Good old distraction – works a treat every single time. The non-thinking sheople fall for it year after year, generation after generation.



distraction distraction distraction




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