The Banker’s War


Essay by Legoman – with much thanks

Something happened nearly 100 years ago, something that ignited in Europe and went on to burn almost the entire globe.


I cannot even begin to explain or comprehend the magnitude of this event and its effect on the world stage even today 99 years later.

For me the biggest question is how it happened, because nothing that big could ever happen by chance.

During the 1870 unification under Bismarck Germany`s industrial capacity took a great leap forwards, this generated such profit, that they no longer needed to rely on investment banks to fund business or government.

Germany was also competing with England and other European countries for the export market. Russia was also a threat to the bankers with its claim to the Middle East, (Middle East oil) after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire.

Between 1870 and 1914 the banking elite put pressure on western governments (by controlling their money supply and foreign exchange) to form a series of complicated alliances, so that when conflicts in unstable regions formally controlled by Turkey escalated, a full scale war would be almost unavoidable. The assassination of the Arch duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by Gavrilo Princip of the black hand gang, was the event that set the ball rolling. I have read that he was funded by the Rothschild’s through the young Turks a mainly Jewish organisation that took control of the Armenian region in the 1908. It makes sense that once you have engineered a climate for a massive war through alliances, you wouldn`t just walk away and leave it up to chance.

As the war raged on it was clear that the regular army was not enough – and as trench warfare is a horrible and costly affair, so in 1916 conscription was introduced which was a bill that forced able-bodied men within a certain age to join up and fight.


The trenches spread across France and Belgium and became a giant alter for these psychopaths to sacrifice millions of sons, brothers and fathers.


They died in the most horrific ways; I have heard veterans speak of meeting fallen soldiers begging to be shot because their bodies had been torn open by burning shrapnel while they were advancing across no man’s land. Others spoke of gas victims having opened their own throat to relieve the torment. I have seen photographs in Cloth Hall a museum in Ypres of soldiers so horribly disfigured they had to spend the rest of their lives behind a mask. Not to mention those who had their sanity ripped from them by their emotional experiences; these poor souls survived the war only to spend the rest of their lives as ghosts locked away in asylums.

Although it was hailed as a great victory for the allies, we have to ask what the allies really won……..


What were they fighting for?

The allies lost approximately 6 million soldiers, the central powers lost approximately 4 million soldiers. 6 million went missing presumed dead and 2 million died of disease. With the wounded the total casualties is in the region of 37 million. All for what? All so the banking elite could tighten their grip on Europe, every bullet has to be paid for every shell, every gas mask, every tin of bully beef, if you understand me, war is about two things human sacrifice and profit nothing more nothing less. The irony is that when the war is over the countries involved become even more enslaved to the banking cartel that manipulated them into war in the first place.

There was however an opportunity for peace in 1916. The German U boats were cutting edge technology and had swept the allied ships away, this left the allied troops with only 2 weeks supplies. The Germans offered the allies a way out, they came to London with a peace deal and no reparations. Basically they were saying this is madness lets just stop the war and go back to how we were. That sent the banksters in to panic they hadn’t made nearly enough profit from this war yet. So a group of Zionists from America met up with European Zionists and they went to London and told the prime minister that they could get America into this war, but if they do this they want something in return, and that something was Palestine. The Zionists wanted it in writing to show that they could lay claim to Palestine. The Balfour Declaration was drawn up, written by Sir Arthur Balfour and addressed to Lord Rothschild. After the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 which some say was a false flag, the tide started to turn against Germany in America this made it easier to manipulate them into war. Now you can see why world war one is so relevant today because Israel was set up on the blood of the sons of Europe. If you live in England you only have to make the short trip across the channel and within a few hours you are in Belgium and you can see for yourself the cost of that banker’s war. I have seen the Tyne Cot cemetery and the vast amount of graves, the sheer size of the graveyard overwhelms you, but Tyne cot is only one of many grave yards, and all the graveyards are outweighed by the names of the missing on the vast monuments like Menin gate.



All these soldiers with their lives cut short for four main reasons:

1/. Get Germany reliant on corrupt international banks again.

2/. Create vast profits for the elite banking families like the Rothschild’s as their private banks funded both sides of the war.

3/. Claim Palestine for the Zionists through the Balfour declaration.

4/. Weaken the state of Russia sufficiently for the Bolshevik revolution (Bolshevik revolution was also funded by the Zionist Jewish owned banks)


In my mind every Palestinian man woman or child killed, every soldier murdered on the USS Liberty, every Russian civilian slaughtered and so on are all connected to world war one.

When the guns fell silent finally in 1918 many Germans felt they had been stabbed in the back by the Zionists, it was the Germans who welcomed them with open arms after the 1st Russian revolution failed to topple the Tsar. And they allowed them to hold prominent positions within the German society, so when the Zionist Jews sold Germany down the river to get their hands on Palestine, many Germans felt betrayed.

The treaty of Versailles in 1919 was very bad for Germany they lost land to Poland France and Czechoslovakia and had to pay crippling reparations. The international banking cartel drew up the treaty and thus put in place a climate for another world war and another opportunity for vast profits.

I believe world war 1 should be remembered every day, it is a stark reminder of what can happen when the psychopath maniacs that run the world are given free reign. Europe was never the same after world war one.


“Those poisonous lies falling from treacherous mouths, put the light out in Europe from the north to the south”

(~ unknown author)


kbankers' wars


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  1. Probably one of the most sensible syntheses of 20th century history I have ever read. If you are interested in the advance of German industry in the 19th Century and its broader relation to usury, “capitalism,” overproduction and the disastrous effects of “free trade,” read Frederick List’s “National System of Political Economy.” List organized the Zoll-Verein, the German Customs Union, that prefigured German political unification in 1871. List was the philosopher most responsible for the German break-away from international finance. Also, you would probably be very interested in the commercial theories of Arthur J. Penty, who elaborated upon the social and moral corollaries of List’s commercial theory. Fantastic write up here, kudos Digger.

    • Thank you Epg,

      Just to let you know that this fine piece was written by ‘Legoman’ not myself.

      I will pass your comments onto him.

      Thank you for contributing, appreciated all the same.

  2. Thank you for the information, but for me to be able to present it to other people I need documents, links to history books. How is it possible for me to retransmitt this history without a single refernce to a newspaper, historic documnet etc.

    • I didn’t write this essay, so I cannot speak for the writer.

      All I can say is the subject is so deep and comprehensive, that there would need a huge listing of supportive documents. The evidence is all out there and these days relatively easy to obtain. I have an enormous amount of historical history within the side links of my site; both in historical documents and links to historians.

      It’s a shame you were not able to make any positive comments on this piece.

  3. SPatrick

     /  August 18, 2013

    thank you for the article. My personal investigation into WWI helped down the path that I see now concerning zionism, the bankers, etc. It was a senseless war and at least in the USA, it is at best a footnote with most Americans. That bothers me much.

  4. bigkoala

     /  August 18, 2013

    Some will insist WW I was because of rising nationalism sweeping Europe, others will say it was all about religion. Some will blame the Capitalists, some will blame the Socialists, some will say it was the Freemasons, others will blame the Catholic Church, or the Jews, the Germans, Brits, Woodrow Wilson, Henry Ford, etc. etc.
    While there were certainly Jews who contributed funds for the war, many more Jews were involved in trying to prevent and end it. Many of the activists in the US and GB working against the war were Jews: socialists, anarchists, IWWs, communists etc. were fighting against conscription and for ending the war, many wound up in prison or deported for their activities. In Germany, two of the most outspoken opponents of the war–Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg–were murdered by militarists in Berlin, for speaking out against the war.

    • I or the author of this piece is not denying there many have been ‘good Jews’ who were against the war; as there will be now against WW3. But this does not escape the FACT that it was completely instigated and orchestrated and funded by International Jewry. This is undeniable. How much side stepping and excuses must we keep giving when heaps and heaps of historical evidence is all pointing to IJ(?)

  5. Whitewraithe

     /  September 3, 2013

    Sorry I was late. Very good article.

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