Please explain

Cuervo vs Herradura

You say human beings need to eat meat to survive. You say it is our natural staple diet. You say it is essential to eat flesh in order to gain full nutritional sustenance.

Then please explain to me how I’ve worked perfectly fine for over quarter of a century as a carpenter on a predominantly plant-based diet?


Please explain why there are international olympic athletes who do not eat meat?


Could you please explain to me why there are healthy elderly people who are life-long vegetarians?


Please explain to us why there are recognised competition martial artists who do not eat a flesh diet?

Would you mind explaining how veggies bring up perfectly healthy vibrant children on a predominantly plant-based diet?


Could you explain how there are millions of vegetarians of all blood groups and gene types who live perfectly healthy lives?


Please explain then why millions of people across the globe in many cultures and environments abstain from flesh in their diet and they live perfectly healthy lives?

Please explain why as a vegetarian my mind is very active, sharp and creative; and I’m able to analysis and apply logic and deeper understanding to the world and situations around me?


If the conspiracy is that vegetarianism is promoted in order to pacify the populace; then why is the animal rights movement such a powerful force, with an enormous amount of proactive, energetic and intelligent members?  


How come our whole anatomical and physiological body – teeth, jaws, stomach acids, intestinal track, etc are all geared towards fruit and vegetation; with meat being suitable only as emergency food?


Consequently why then does it show our ancestors were naturally not in fact hunter-gatherers, but more foragers and opportunist scavengers?

You keep stating that meat is necessary in our diets because our brains are 77% cholesterol; but why do you conveniently fail to mention that we naturally manufacture cholesterol in our livers? How on earth do you think all vegetarian mammals manufacture their cholesterol and protein – do you think they sneak off down to the butchers?


Anyway, if you maintain we need animal fats in our diets – why are you so obsessed with flesh eating? Why can’t you accept we can obtain animal fats through compassionately-sourced, biodynamic dairy produce; just as lacto-ovo-vegetarian cultures have done for eons?


Please explain why there are competitive weight-lifters winning titles who eat only plant-based diets?


Please could you then clarify why vegetarians statistically live a healthier longer life?

Please explain to us if we apparently do not function without meat; why throughout history have there been so many eminent scientists, health physicians, poets, writers, scholars with active and creative minds who were vegetarians?



Other than your pathetic, nonsensical, academic excuses for your UNNECESSARY conditioned addiction and vested interests ….



Please could you explain these many anomalies




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  1. russ hook

     /  August 14, 2013

    Thanx Digger, and explain why most meatheads are so unhealthy, fat, and ST000PID! (;

    • Russ you do make me chuckle :-). I have to say, many of my friends are meatheads and as much as I find their eating habits frustrating – I luv’em. I don’t want to get into yet more divisions…….we have enough already. But I intermittently post these ‘animal rights/veggie’ type posts, just to remind the Truthing community that we have to steer towards a consciousness mindset and care about ALL sentient beings.

      Thank you for your energy and contribution.

  2. Your arguments are good and you have won me over, Digger.
    Two months ago I decided to stop eating animal foods of any kind, and became a vegan.

    I must admit I have hated every second of it though. Food has gone from something I enjoyed to something I absolutely hate. I used to be a decent cook, and prepare food for family and friends. Now I just eat to keep alive, and follow lists of all the various veggies I have to eat to get the nutrients the body needs.

    You are absolutely right when you say that our struggle is hard and demands big sacrifices. Hopefully it benefits my karma though.

    • Welcome to DFT Ribbung,

      Thank you for your feedback, but I won’t to ensure you and others that I’m not really about trying to win an argument – honestly. I may have tried that 30 odd years ago. But now it’s just that I want the people who are seeking Truth and in the ‘Truth movement’ to see the bigger picture……that’s all it is. I/we just want people to become more conscious about our actions and non-actions. If I purchase this product – how does it affect others?. We just want people to be conscious (awareness) that that red packet which people pick up in the supermarket is radically different to the packet of pasta they pick up and put in their supermarket trolly. We just want them to realise that that red packet was once part of a living sentient being, who fundamentally wanted the same as we do – to be left in peace in it’s own environment. It felt pain, suffering and fear, and enjoyed comfort just like us.

      It’s really not about winning. Me right, you wrong stuff – that would just be my ego and getting wrapped up in my identity (I AM a veg*an).

      Secondly I am saddened you feel you are losing out by not having meat. Please look at the abundance of amazing nutritious, vibrant tasty veggie dishes out there. You can still have animal products – just try to obtain eggs, dairy from ethically sourced places, even though many vegans will not be in alignment with this. I’d prefer more people just adopted compassion than were obsessed about being vegan.

      But the alternatives for cow’s milk these days are amazing. Try coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk, etc.

      Maybe join a local veggie group for inspiration. Plus there are heaps of amazing recipes on line.

      Good luck with your new ethical stance.

      Thank you for contributing.


    • Thank you for this site. I have read about this over three decades ago ………….but it still does not explain why millions of us are breaking these so-called rules. I am not saying we should not eat any animal fats, but just keep the cruelty and killing out – simple. A society without compassion is a fallen society.

  3. xtimla

     /  August 16, 2013

    yes my fren but lettuce not forget that man also functions quite well on a meat based diet such as the people of the great white north,the buffallo hunters,those who live of a 85 percent fish based diet(amazonian indians ).The real reason I try to not east meat (try not to lol)is the way the animals are treated and it mayhaps rub off on one who partakes of it).I find I do not function well if I cannot have at least dairyi need a herd of goats like my fren in colortado.gut milk.well digger i can feel what you say since i get the same shit fro people.aint it soooooo kalawatani?regards

    • Yep, I agree, I have never suggested we cannot function on a more natural meat diet. My whole premise is the filthy unnatural slaughter houses $$$£££. And more specifically, people’s caviler attitude towards how they obtain their meat……that they just do not think about it. It’s just a red product in a packet to them. That’s what gets me. Hunting and butchering one’s own meat is a completely different issue. It is more honest, even if I personally do not agree with it.

      Tn conclusion – we as humans need to tune into consciousness/awareness.

      • xtimla

         /  November 8, 2014

        well I would have to agree with you,and in fact they get us to be complicit in their crimes against nature (such as slauaghter houses) and degrade us while they go about their evility,and yes i have killed animals and ate them. but the more i think on killing animals especially mammals to eat them the more i think it isnt necesarily a good way to go about living here.becuase as you say it can be avoided, but keeping your own cows and farmstock for eggs milk and cheese is soem thing i would do,all comercialization of wild resources (fishing )should be abolished,all it does is depelete till exhasted then move on it s bad way,,ok regards.

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