Costume brigade

Two female Police Community Support Officers patrolling Brighton: Fat bobbies to 'escape annual fitness tests'


thank God for uniforms

thank God for those uniform wearers

what would we do without uniforms(?)

what would we do without those who wear uniforms(?)



well, they’re costumes really

if we’re really honest

people wearing costumes

yep, they’re the ones who’ve got authority over us

the costume wearers



costume wearers and special badge carriers

ohh, and those people with fancy clipboards

all those special people

special people with presumed authority



now don’t we feel so secure and safe

with all these costume wearers

the neon-clad brigades – all over the place

The police ‘officers’, the parking wardens, the community support ‘officers’, tickets inspectors

the costume brigade

all keeping us lot in line



just look at all their gadgets

lots n lots of equipment

gas sprays, pepper sprays, tazars, handcuffs, cable ties, truncheons, special radios

in case one of us lot dares

dares to be awkward, different, inconvenient

naughty by daring not to conform



thank you uniform wearers

we’re glad you don’t feel you’re selling out

we’re glad you think you are serving the community

thanks for making us feel so safe


you’re worth every penny


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