Invasion of the box-head people


“As an experiment in social engineering – if the government (International Jewry) decided to gradually implement a new law (statute guised as a law) that we all had to wear boxes on our heads – for public safety, all for our benefit. About 85% of the stupified, subservient sheople would automatically unquestionably comply. 


And then if ‘the government’ also introduced a snob appeal; providing bronze, silver, gold and platinum-rated boxes, with limited editions; the non-thinking conditioned repeaters would rush to get their head boxes with delight.


Laughable as this sounds – this is the depth and  seriousness at which the collective mind control is now at. 

We have to question – what could the masses NOT be conditioned to accept(?)”

~ Digger

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  1. These wonderful boxes could protect the sheople from all sorts of things. I can see all the selling features now – ‘Cures shyness’, ‘No flies on me’, ‘Stops skin cancer’, ‘Avoid your nasty neighbour’, ‘Hides horrid skin conditions in a flash’, ‘One size fits all’…. You’ve really got to get these on the market quick before Tesco or M&S spot the potential.

    Sadly you are quite right that our high street shops are totally full of useless plastic crap and it’s only there because the idiot majority will waste their hard-earned (or ill-gotten) money to buy it. It’s not funny at all.

    And even sadder than that, I can’t think of anything that the jews couldn’t inflict upon the hypnotised masses. Just like a Japanese game show. Jews already manipulate and blackmail nations to make wars and kill their innocent neighbours. They poison us with their toxic medications and the sick say ‘thank you’ before they die. The diseased and dying give every penny they can to robber charities. They contaminate our food and wreck our weather and nobody notices. They damage our children’s brains with filthy perversions and the public always pays the price. Sick world full of sick people controlled by demons.

    We have to keep holding up that mirror and hope they will look in it and see what they have become.

    • Thank you so much SG. This is an amazingly accurate and well-expressed take on things. Sad as it is.

      Thank you very much again for your contribution.

  2. It’s quite a coincidence that you’ve penned this accurate and poignant piece now because this is exactly what’s been on my mind lately. I’ve been thinking about how tens of thousands of people visit Shankesville, Pennsylvania where the govt. says Flight 93 crashed on 9/11 after a heroic effort by the passengers to get control of the plane. The only problem is that the only thing found in Shankesville was a hole in the ground. There was no plane, dead bodies, nothing. I guess the plane evaporated. They’ve built a shrine there but no one seems to question the idiocy of all this. They just line up like machines to worship a hole (which has probably been filled in by now ).

    I realized how true The Emperor Has No Clothes was for teaching the most important lesson for our times. Truly, if the govt. showed a man completely naked but told the people “This man is dressed in the latest fashion which all the stores are selling now. Do you like this outfit?”, the people would say “He looks stunning. The clothes are a perfect fit.” They will literally believe anything that an authority figure tells them. It’s very eerie.

    • Thank you Patty,

      Interesting what you say about Shankesville – made me chuckle your comment that people go a visit a hole in the ground.

      Good point about the Emperor with no clothes.

      Typically great comment Patty – thanks so much for contributing.

  3. russ hook

     /  August 15, 2013

    Thanx SG! I am pleased to meet a vegetarian (Non-hypocrite) like you. Until the rest of the toxic/violent sheeple cease and desist the SLAUGHTER of TRILLIONS of innocent animals every year, they DESERVE what they are getting! I have ZERO sympathy for them.

  4. Thank you too Russ. Sheeple are subjected to so much violence every day in their ‘jollywood’ entertainment or their ‘crimewatch’ programmes, they are so numb to what is real and what isn’t, their brains just switch off once the jewnews comes on and they are shown some selected dead bodies along with their propaganda. They can’t handle the real thing, but are encouraged to get sentimental over a cute puppy or send money to save a tiger. They’ll tuck into their toxic BBQ burgers without a thought for the cruel industry they are supporting. Agree with you, impossible to feel for them as they succumb to cancers and heart disease, ignorance isn’t an excuse in this case, there’s a huge amount of information out there. Plenty are waking up thank goodness, the rest are hypnotised and brainless.

    Loved the hole in the ground jibe Patty. These idiots are terrified of looking stupid by questioning what they are told – Mossad must be laughing their socks off. Quite unbelievable – or it should be!

  1. Boxheads

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