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  1. A lot is being made of DNA and blood typing these days and every bad idea we’ve ever been saddled with has been sold to us as a good idea, and we blindly fall in line. I get a distinct impression this is another plot hatched by the usual gang of idiots to separate the positive blood lines from the negatives because our blood is of no use to their un-evolved, negative blood line due to deliberate (anti-nature) inbreeding.

    I contend that if their blood is un-evolved, perhaps some other key elements found in greater humanity are also not evolved, or lesser evolved. They are parasites and they walk among us as if they are us, but they are not us… and they are in control of everything. I have written on this, please read and draw your own conclusions…

    Rh factor is a protein found in the red blood cells of roughly 85% of the human population. The term Rh is based on a mistaken assumption that Rh positive blood identified a common factor between rhesus monkeys and the vast majority of humanity on earth. While It was soon realized that this was not the case, the original terms (Rh factor and anti-Rh) coined by Landsteiner and Wiener, although being misnomers, have continued in common usage. The heteroantibody was renamed anti-LW (after Landsteiner and Wiener), and the human alloantibody was renamed anti-D.4

    Rh positive blood will carry the D antigen and it will be absent in a Rh negative type. Rh negative shows up primarily among cultures who limit their bloodlines to close family members. Rh negative blood is an indication there is something awry in the clotting ability of the red blood cells in either an increase in clotting or the reduced ability to clot (Hemophilia).

    This, in my opinion, is an even greater issue than who is a jew because jew may not be specific eough… blood line is fairly specific and we are being controlled by a blood line… there is no mistaking that… jew is just a part of it. Look at a map of blood types globally – you get a feel that it is just a bloody family melee going on in the middle east.


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